Numbers Chapter 11

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       Di Pipo Con Dey Complain

  1. Now di pipo con dey complain about dia suffer-head, and wen Baba-God hear dem, he con start to dey vex for dem. Naso faya from Baba-God burn some of dem wey dey near di end of di camp.
  2. Wen di pipo cry to Moses, Moses pray to Baba-God and di faya calm down.
  3. So he name di place, Taberah—becos faya from Baba-God burn some of dem.
  4. E get some foreigners wey dey travel wit di pipo of Israel. Naso meat con dey hungry dem sote even di pipo of Israel sef con dey complain sey, “If only we fit see meat to chop!
  5. We remember di fish wey we chop for Egypt wey we no dey pay for—we remember di cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, plus garlic.
  6. But now awa soul dey dry go, we no see anytin apart from dis manna*!”
  7. (Manna be like coriander seed wey get white-yellow color.
  8. Di pipo waka round dey gada di seeds. Dem grind am wit grinding stone, or dem use mortar take pound am. Dem cook am for pot, or use am take make cake. E con dey taste like bread wey dem bake wit fresh ororo.
  9. Di manner fall down for di camps wit di dews for night.
  10. Naso Moses hear di pipo of everi family dey cry, everi one of dem dey for dia doormot. Baba-God vex well-well, and Moses sef no happy.
  11. He con ask Baba-God sey, “Why you carry dis kain wahala put for your servant head? Wetin I don do wey make you vex—sote you con put all di load of dis pipo for my head?
  12. Abi na me born all dis pipo? Abi na me carry dem for belle? Why you dey tell me sey make I carry dem for my hand, as papa wey dey take care of pikin take dey carry hin small pikin—to di land wey you swear to give dia papa-papa-papa?
  13. Where I go fit get meat for all dis pipo? Dem no wan stop to dey cry to me sey, ‘Give us meat to chop!’
  14. I no fit carry dis pipo by mysef, di wahala too heavy for me.
  15. If na like dis you wan do me, abeg kukuma kill me now-now-now for here—if I don see favour for your eyes, and no let me see suffer-head.”

Di Seventy Senior-men

16. Baba-God con tell Moses sey: “Bring seventy of di senior-men of di pipo of Israel, wey you know as leaders and officers among di pipo. Make dem come di worship-place, so dat dem go stand wit you for there.

17. I go come down, con follow you tok for there, and I go komot di spirit wey dey inside you, con put am inside dem. Dem go epp you carry di wahala of di pipo so dat no be only you go carry am.

18. “Tell di pipo sey: ‘Make una clean unasef, becos una go get meat to chop tomorrow. Una bin dey cry, and Baba-God hear una cry, “Who go give us meat to chop? E bin beta for us wen we bin dey Egypt!” Now Baba-God go give una meat, and una go chop am.

19. Una no go chop am for just one day, or two days, or five, or ten or twenty days,

20. but for one full month—until e come out from una nose and una go con hate am—becos una don fashi Baba-God wey dey wit una, and una cry for hin front, con tok sey, “Why we even komot from Egypt?” ’ ”

21. But Moses tok sey, “I dey wit six hundred thousand men for ground, and you dey tell me sey, ‘I go give una meat chop for one full month!’

22. Even if we kill di sheep and malu, e no go belleful dem? Abi dem go chop belleful even if dem catch all di fish wey dey for inside di water for dem?

23. Baba-God con ansa Moses sey, “Abi Baba-God hand dey too short? Now you go see whether wetin I tell you go happun or not.”

24. So Moses komot go out to tell di pipo wetin Baba-God tok. He gada seventy of dia senior-men, con tok sey make dem stand round di worship-place.

25. Naso Baba-God come down inside cloud, con dey follow am tok, and he carry di spirit wey dey inside Moses, con put di spirit inside di seventy senior-men. Wen di spirit possess dem, dem start to dey prophesy—but dis tin no happun do dem again.

26. But two men wey dia names na Eldad and Medad, still stay for inside di camp. Dem bin write dia names among di senior-men, but dem no go outside di worship-place. But di spirit still catch dem, and dem prophesy inside di camp.

27. One young man run, con go tell Moses, “Eldad plus Medad dey prophesy inside di camp.”

28. Joshua wey be di son of Nun, wey dey epp Moses for work since wen he be youth, con tok sey, “Moses my oga, stop dem!”

29. But Moses ansa am sey, “Abi you wan epp me dey jealous? I wish sey all Baba-God pipo na prophets and make Baba-God put hin spirit on dem!”

30. Naso Moses and di senior-men of Israel go back to di camp.

Di Quails [Birds] From Heaven

31. Now Baba-God send one strong-breeze wey bring quails [birds] from di big-river. E carry dem come round di camp reach three feet from ground, dem plenty for ground reach one day waka go any side.

32. Tru-out di day and night, and tru-out di next day, di pipo go out, con dey gada quails [bird]. Everi pesin gada about ten baskets. Naso dem spread dem all round di camp.

33. But even as di meat still dey for dia teeth, and before dem chew am, naso Baba-God vex for di pipo like faya, and he use bad disease take nack dem.

34. So he name di place Kibroth Hattavah [Graves of longatrot], becos na for there dem take bury di pipo wey wish for di food from Egypt.

35. From Kibrothhattaavah di pipo travel go Hazeroth, con stay for there small.


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