Numbers Chapter 12

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Miriam Plus Aaron Change-am-for Moses

  1. Miriam plus Aaron con start to dey tok against Moses becos of hin African wife, becos he marry from Africa.
  2. Dem con dey ask demsef sey, “Abi na only Moses Baba-God dey follow tok? Abi Baba-God no dey follow us tok sef? Baba-God con hear di mata.
  3. (Moses na man wey dey do hin tins wit jeje, he humble pass any pesin wey dey for di earth.)
  4. Naso Baba-God tok to Moses, plus Aaron, plus Miriam, “Make di three of una come out to di worship-place.” So di three of dem con come out.
  5. So Baba-God come down wit pillar of cloud; he stand for front of di door of di worship-place, he con call Aaron and Miriam. Wen di two of dem waka go front,
  6. he con tell dem sey, “Hear my yarnings: Wen Baba-God prophet dey among una, I dey use visions take show am tins, I dey follow am tok for dreams.
  7. But no be so wit my servant Moses; he dey faithful inside all my house.
  8. I dey follow am tok face to face, korokoro, and no be wit parables; he dey see di image of Baba-God. Why fear no con catch una to bad-mouth my servant Moses?”
  9. Baba-God con vex for dem well-well, naso he komot.
  10. Wen di cloud rise from on top of di worship-place, Miriam just stand for there wit leprosy wey white like snow. Aaron turn look her, con see sey she don get leprosy.
  11. Naso Aaron tell Moses sey, “Abeg my oga, no punish us for di sin wey we commit like mumu, con do di wrong tin.
  12. No let her be like pikin wey die for e mama belle, wey don already rotten for e mama belle.”
  13. So Moses cry to Baba-God, “Oh Baba-God, abeg heal her!”
  14. Baba-God con ansa Moses, “If to sey her papa spit for her face, abi she for no dey for inside disgrace for seven days? Make she dey for outside di camp for seven days; afta dat dem fit carry her come back.”
  15. So dem keep Miriam for outside di camp for seven days, and di pipo no move until dem carry her come back.
  16. Afta dat, di pipo komot from Hazeroth, con settle down for inside di Desert of Paran.


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