Numbers Chapter 13

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Dem Send Pipo To Go Look Canaan

  1. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey,
  2. “Send some men, make dem go look di land of Canaan, wey I dey give di pipo of Israel. Send one-one leader from everi of di ancestor tribes.”
  3. As Baba-God yarn, naso Moses send dem komot from di Desert of Paran. All of dem be leaders of di pipo of Israel.
  4. Na dia names be dis: From di tribe of Reuben—Shammua wey be di son of Zaccur.
  5. From di tribe of Simeon—Shaphat wey be di son of Hori.
  6. From di tribe of Judah—Caleb wey be di son of Jephunneh.
  7. From di tribe of Issachar—Igal wey be di son of Joseph;
  8. From di tribe of Ephraim—Hoshea wey be di son of Nun.
  9. From di tribe of Benjamin—Palti wey be di son of Raphu.
  10. From di tribe of Zebulun—Gaddiel wey be di son of Sodi.
  11. From di tribe of Manasseh [wey be from di tribe of Joseph]—Gaddi wey be di son of Susi.
  12. From di tribe of Dan—Ammiel wey be di son of Gemalli.
  13. From di tribe of Asher—Sethur wey be di son of Micheal.
  14. From di tribe of Naphtali—Nahbi wey be di son of Vophsi.
  15. From di tribe of Gad—Geuel wey be di son of Maki.
  16. Na dis be di names of di men wey Moses send go spy di land. [Moses nahin give Hoshea wey be di son of Nun—di name Joshua.]
  17. Wen Moses send dem go spy Canaan, he tell dem sey, “Make una waka go up to di south side—go di mountains.
  18. Make una see as di land be, and whether di pipo wey dey stay for there get pawa or not, whether dem plenty or small.
  19. Which kain land dem get? Na good land abi na bad land? Which kain cities dem dey live put. If dem dey live for tents abi dem dey live for strong-house?
  20. How dia land be? Na land wey tins dey grow put, or na land wey notin dey grow? Trees dey for di land or not? Make una get full-mind to carry some fruit from di land come back.” [Na di season for di first ripe grapes].
  21. So dem waka go up, con go look di land from di Desert of Zin—far-fa go reach Rehob, near Lebo Hamath.
  22. Dem waka go up to di south side, con reach Hebron, where Ahiman, Sheshai, plus Talmai, di pikin-pikin-pikin of Anak live. [Hebron don dey for seven years before di Egyptian city of Zoan.]
  23. Wen dem reach bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Eshcol, so dem cut one branch wey get some grapes from there. Two of dem carry am wit stick between dem. Dem still carry some pomegranates plus figs.
  24. Dem dey call dat place ‘Bottom-of-di-mountain of Eshcol’ (becos of di bunch of grapes wey di pipo of Israel cut from there.)
  25. Wen di forty days don finish, dem come back from dia waka to go look di land.
  26. Dem come back to meet Moses plus Aaron, plus di whole pipo of Israel wey dey for Kadesh, for inside di Desert of Paran. Na for there dem con tell Moses and Aaron plus di pipo of Israel everitin wey dem see. And dem show pipo di fruit from di land.
  27. Dem tell Moses dis tins: “We enta di land wey you send us go, and di land dey true-true flow wit milk plus honey! Dis na di fruit from there.
  28. But di pipo wey dey stay for there get pawa well-well and dia city get wall and e big well-well. We even see di sons of Anak for there.
  29. Di Amalekites dey live for di south; di Hittites, Jebusites and Amorites dey live for di mountains; and di pipo of Canaan dey live near di Mediterranean Sea, and along di water-side of River Jordan.”
  30. Naso Caleb silence di pipo wey dey tok for Moses front, con tok sey, “Make we go up to take over di land, becos we get enuff pawa to claim am.”
  31. But di men wey follow am go, con tok sey, “We no go fit attack dis pipo, becos dem strong pass us.”
  32. Naso dem take put fear for inside di mind of di pipo of Israel—about di land wey dem go see. Dem tok sey, “Di land wey we go check dey hungry, and e dey chop di pipo wey dey live for there. All di pipo wey we see big well-well.
  33. We see giants for there—di pikin-pikin-pikin of Anak na from giants. We be like grasshoppers for awa own eyes, and dem dey look us like grasshoppers sef.”


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