Numbers Chapter 14

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Israel No Gree Enta Canaan

  1. Dat night, all di pipo of Israel con dey raise dia voice, dey cry.
  2. All di pipo of Israel con complain against Moses plus Aaron, con tell dem sey, “Oh I wish sey we kuku die for Egypt! Or I wish sey we die for inside dis desert!
  3. Why Baba-God dey carry us come dis land, only to come allow us die by sword? Dem go steal awa wives plus all awa pikin if dem win us. E for no beta if we go back to Egypt?”
  4. Dem con dey tell demsef sey, “Make we choose one leader, and make we go back to Egypt.”
  5. Naso Moses plus Aaron fall face ground for front of all di pipo of Israel wey gada for there.
  6. Joshua wey be di son of Nun, plus Caleb wey be di son of Jephunneh, wey dey among those pipo wey dem send go look di land, con tear dia clothes.
  7. Dem con tell all di pipo of Israel wey gada sey, “Di land wey we go look and wey we go check, na beta land.
  8. If we see favour wit Baba-God, he go carry us enta dis land, and he go give am to us, na land wey dey flow wit milk plus honey.
  9. Make una no just turn against Baba-God. Make una no fear di pipo wey dey for di land, becos we go chop dem like bread. Dem no get protection, but Baba-God dey wit us. Make una no fear dem.”
  10. But all di pipo wey gada con dey tok about stoning dem. Naso Baba-God levels show-face like light—to all di pipo of Israel for di worship-place.

Moses Beg Baba-God For Di Pipo

11. Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “How long dis pipo go dey fashi me? How long dem no go gree believe me—upon all di miracle signs wey I don do among dem?

12. I go nack dem down wit disease, con scata dem, but I go make you be di ancestor of nation wey big and strong pass dem.”

13. Moses con tell Baba-God sey, “Naso di Egyptians go hear about am! By your pawa nahin you take komot dis pipo from among dem.

14. And dem go gist di pipo wey dey live for di land about am. Dem don already hear sey dem don see you face-to-face, Baba-God, and sey your cloud dey for on top of dem, and sey you dey move for dia front inside pillar of cloud for day time, and pillar of faya for night time.

15. If you kill dis pipo once, di nations wey go hear about am go tok sey,

16. ‘Baba-God no fit carry dis pipo enta di land wey he swear to give dem; so he kill dem for inside di desert.’

17. “Now abeg, make Baba-God show hin big pawa, just as you don tok:

18. ‘Baba-God no dey quick vex, hin love plenty well-well, and he dey forgive sins well-well, plus di pipo wey disobey am. But he no dey leave di pipo wey commit sin wit no punishment; he dey punish pikin for di sins of dia papa—reach di third plus fourth generations.’

19. Based-on your ogbonge love, abeg forgive di sins of dis pipo, just as you bin sorry-for dem from di time wey dem komot from Egypt till now.”

Baba-God Forgiveness Plus Judgement

20. Baba-God con ansa am sey, “I don forgive dem as you ask.

21. But as surely as I dey live, all di earth go brekete wit di levels of Baba-God,

22. Becos no single one of dem wey see my levels plus my miracle signs wey I do for Egypt and for inside di desert, but con disobey me, con test me ten times;

23. No single one of dem go ever enta di land wey I swear to give dia papa-papa-papa. No one of dem wey use me play go see di land.

24. But my servant Caleb get spirit wey different, and he dey follow me wit all hin heart, I go carry am enta di land wey he bin go, and hin pikin-pikin-pikin go claim di land.

25. Now di Amalekites and di Canaanites dey stay for bottom-of-di-mountain, turn back tomorrow and make una waka face di desert for di road to di Red sea.”

26. Baba-God con tell Moses and Aaron sey:

27. “How long dis wicked community go dey tok against me? I don hear di complain of di pipo of Israel wey dem dey complain against me.

28. So tell dem sey, ‘Baba-God tok sey, as surely as I dey live—anytin wey I hear una tok—nahin I go do for una.

29. Una body go fall for inside dis desert—everi one of una wey be twenty years old go up, wey dem bin count for di census and wey tok against me.

30. No single one of una go enta di land wey I swear to give una, except Caleb wey be di son of Jephunneh, plus Joshua wey be di son of Nun.

31. As for all of una pikin wey una tok sey enemies go steal from una, na dem I go carry enta di land to chop-life for di land wey una don reject.

32. But as for una—una deadbody go fall for inside dis desert.

33. Una pikin go waka-waka for dis desert for forty years and dem go be shepherds (pipo wey dey waka wit malu, goat or sheep), dem go suffer for una unfaithfulness, until di last one of una body fall for inside dis desert.

34. For forty years nahin una go suffer for una sins—one year for everi of di single forty days wey una go check di land. Una go sabi wetin e mean for me to dey against una.

35. Me, Baba-God don yarn, and I go surely do dis tins to dis whole wicked pipo, wey don gada demsef against me. Dem go meet dia end for inside dis desert; na for here dem go kpeme.”

36. So di men wey Moses bin send go look di land, wey come back, come make all di pipo dey tok against Moses, becos dem tok bad tins about di land—

37. all di men wey spread bad news about di land, con die wit disease as Baba-God dey watch dem.

38. Out of all di men wey go look di land, only Joshua wey be di son of Nun, plus Caleb wey be di son of Jephunneh—nahin con dey alive.

Amalek Plus Canaan Beat Dem

39. Wen Moses tell all di pipo of Israel di mata, dem con dey cry seriously.

40. Early di next morning, dem move go on top of di mountain. Dem tok sey, “We don ready for here, we don commit sin, but we go go di land wey Baba-God don promise us.”

41. But Moses tok sey, “Why una dey disobey wetin Baba-God tok? Dis tin no go work!

42. Make una no move go up, becos Baba-God no dey wit una; so dat una enemies go win una.

43. Di Amalekites plus di Canaanites go face una for there. Baba-God no go dey wit una, becos una don fashi am, he no go dey wit una and sword go kill una.”

44. But dem still ginger demsef to go up of di mountain, even though Moses or Baba-God Ark no leave di camp.

45. Naso di Amalekites plus di Canaanites wey dey stay for on top of di mountain—come down, con attack dem, con pursue dem down reach Hormah.


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