Numbers Chapter 15

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Laws About Sacrifices

  1. Baba-God tok to Moses sey,
  2. “Follow di pikins of Israel yarn, con tell dem sey, ‘Afta una enta di land wey I dey give una,
  3. and una wan give Baba-God offering wey una make wit faya; sheep, ram, goat, or malu—as sweet scent wey Baba-God go like—whether na burnt offerings, or sacrifices for special promises to Baba-God, or offering from free-mind, or festival offering—
  4. So di pesin wey dey bring hin offering to Baba-God go bring seed offering carry seed of one kilogram of fine flour mix wit one and half liter of ororo.
  5.  For everi lamb wey di pesin offer as burnt offering or special sacrifice, di pesin must bring one liter of wine as drink offering.
  6. “Wen dem dey offer ram, 1.8kg of fine flour wey dem mix wit 1.4 liters of ororo nahin dem go offer as seed offering,
  7. togeda wit 1.4 liters of wine as drink offering. Di scent of di sacrifice dey make Baba-God happy.
  8. “Wen una prepare small-malu as burnt offering or sacrifice, for special promise to Baba-God, or peace offerings to Baba-God,
  9. seed offering of 2.7kg of fine flour wey dem mix wit 1.8 liters of olive ororo nahin dem go offer wit di small-malu,
  10. togeda wit 1.8 liters of wine as drink offering, for offering wey dem make wit faya, and sweet scent wey dey make Baba-God happy.
  11. Naso dem go take offer everi single small-malu, ram, sheep, or small-goat.
  12. Wen dem offer more dan one animal, make dem add-join di offering wey dem dey offer follow am—based-on dia numbas.
  13. “Everi pesin wey be Israel pikin must do dis tins like dis, wen dem dey give offering wey dem make wit faya—as sweet scent wey Baba-God go like.
  14. If any pesin among una generations, or if foreigner or any pesin wey dey stay among una—dey bring offering wey dem make wit faya—as sweet scent wey Baba-God go like, he must do di same tin wey una dey do sef.
  15. Di pipo of Isreal go get di same law, both for una, and for di foreigners wey dey live among una, dis na law wey go last forever for una generaions. Una plus di foreigners go be di same to Baba-God.
  16. Di same laws and tradition nahin una go use for unasef and di foreigners wey dey live among una.’ ”
  17. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,
  18. “Follow di pipo of Israel tok, and make you yarn dem sey: ‘Wen una enta di land wey I dey carry una go,
  19. And una chop di food from di land, carry one portion go meet Baba-God as special offering.
  20. Carry cake go meet Baba-God from di flour wey una mix—as holy offering to Baba-God; just like di offering from di harvest ground, naso una go take carry am up.
  21. Tru-out di generations wey go come, una go carry dis offering to Baba-God from di first flour wey una mix.

Offering For Sin Wey Pesin Commit Wit-out Knowing

22. “But if una no know, con forget to

do all dis tins wey Baba-God command tru Moses—

23. And if una and una pikin-pikin-pikin for future no gree do everitin wey Baba-God tell Moses to tell una—from di day wen Baba-God give di law—

24. And if una make dis mistake wit-out knowing, and di community no know about am, den di whole community go offer small-malu for burnt offering, as sweet scent wey Baba-God like. Dem must offer am wit di seeds, plus di drink offering, based-on wetin Baba-God tell Moses, plus one he-goat for sin offering.

25. Di priest go make sacrifice to clean di sins of all di pipo of Israel, and Baba-God go forgive dem, becos dem no know, so dem go bring dia offering as sacrifice wey dem make wit faya to Baba-God, and dem go bring dia sin offering come meet Baba-God, becos of di wrong tin wey dem do wey dem no-know about.

26. Baba-God go forgive di whole pipo of Israel, plus di foreigners wey dey live among dem, becos all di pipo join commit di sin wey dem no-know about.

27. “But if just one pesin commit sin wey he no-know, di pesin must offer one year old she-goat as sin offering.

28. For Baba-God front nahin di priest go make sacrifice to clean di sins wey di pesin commit as he no-know, and Baba-God go forgive am.

29. Na one and di same law una go use for everi pesin wey commit sin wey he no-know about, whether na among di pikin of Israel or foreigner.

Law For Korokoro Sin

30. “But any pesin wey commit korokoro sin by breaking di law, whether na di pikin of Israel or foreigner, con downgrade Baba-God, dem must cut am komot from di pipo of Israel.

31. Becos he don fashi Baba-God word, con break hin command, dem must cut dat pesin komot from hin pipo; hin sin go dey for hin head.’ ”

Punishment For Breaking Di Sabbath

32. As di pipo of Israel dey for inside di desert, dem con see one man dey gada wood on Sabbath day.

33. Those pipo wey see am dey gada wood con carry am come meet Moses plus Aaron and di pipo wey gada.

34. Dem arrest am, becos dem no really know wetin to do to am.

35. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Di man must die. All di pipo wey gada must stone am outside di camp.”

36. So all di pipo wey gada carry am go outside di camp, con stone am to death, just as Baba-God tell Moses.

Fine Rope Wey Dem Design For Corner of Clot

37. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey,

38. “Follow di pipo of Israel tok, make you tell dem sey: ‘Una must design fine ropes for di corners of una cloth, tru-out una generations, con tie blue rope put.

39. Wen you see di fine rope wey una design for di corner of una cloth, una go remember—con obey all di laws of Baba-God, instead of following una own mind and una own eyes wey dey shuuk, wey dey carry una dey waka like ashawo wey no dey faithful.

40. Den una go remember to obey all my laws, so dat una go holy for Baba-God.

41. Na me be Baba-God wey be una Oga, and na me carry una komot from Egypt to be una God. Na me be Chineke—una God.’ ”


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