Numbers Chapter 16

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Korah, Datham Plus Abiram

  1. Now Korah, di son of Izhar, di son of Levi, plus men from di tribe of Reuben—Dathan plus Abiram wey be di sons of Eliab, and On wey be di son of Peleth con gada some men.
  2. And dem rise up against Moses wit 250 men of Israel, princes wey dem know well-well, and wey dem choose as members of di council.
  3. Dem come as group to change-am-for Moses and Aaron, con tell dem sey, “Una don do pass unasef! Di whole community dey holy, everi one of dem, and Baba-God dey wit dem. Why una con dey feel like sey una big pass all di plenty pipo?”
  4. Wen Moses here dis tin, he fall face ground.
  5. He con tell Korah and all hin followers sey: “By tomorrow, Baba-God go show who really belong to am and who really holy, and he go make dat pesin come near am. He go make di man wey he choose to come near am.
  6. Make you Korah, plus all your followers do dis tin: Make una take incense-containers,
  7. and make you put faya and incense on dem for Baba-God front tomorrow. Di man wey Baba-God choose nahin go be di holy one. Una wey be Levites don dey do pass unasef!”
  8. Moses still tell Korah sey, “Now listen, una wey be di sons of Levites!
  9. Abi e neva do for una sey di God of Israel don separate una from di rest of di pipo of Israel, con carry una gum-body to do hin work for Baba-God holy place, and to stand for front of di pipo to serve dem?
  10. Korah, Baba-God don carry una gum-body to serve am, you plus all your fellow Levites, but now una dey try to be priest sef.
  11. So you and your followers don gada against Baba-God. Who be Aaron wey una dey complain against am?”
  12. Naso Moses call Dathan plus Abiram, di sons of Eliab. But dem tok sey, “We no go come!
  13. Abi awa mumu neva do sey you carry us komot from di land wey dey flow wit milk plus honey to kill us inside dis desert? And now you wan still dey control us as prince?
  14. And you neva still carry us enta di land wey dey flow wit milk plus honey, or give us land wey we go call awa own, or wey wit fit plant grape-farm. Abi you wan pluck dis men eyes komot? No, we no go come!”
  15. So Moses vex well-well, con tell Baba-God sey, “No accept dia offering, I neva collect dia donkey from dem, and I neva do bad to any single one of dem.”
  16. Moses con tell Korah sey, “Make you and all your follower show-face for Baba-God front tomorrow—you and dem, plus Aaron.
  17. Everi one of una go carry incense-container, con put incense inside am—250 incense-container in total—con carry dem come meet Baba-God. You and Aaron go carry una incense-container come sef.
  18. “So everi man carry hin incense-container, dem put incense and faya on am, con stand wit Aaron plus Moses for di door of di worship-place.
  19. Wen Korah don gada all di pipo against Moses plus Aaron, for di doormot of di worship-place. Naso Baba-God levels show-face wit light to all di pipo wey gada.
  20. Baba-God con tell Moses and Aaron sey,
  21. “Make una separate unasef from di pipo wey gada, so dat I go fit end dem now-now-now.”
  22. But Moses and Aaron con fall face ground dey cry, “Chai Baba-God, God of all di spirits of all men, abi you go dey vex for everi pesin wen only one man commit sin?”
  23. So Baba-God tell Moses,
  24. “Tell di pipo wey gada sey, “Make una shift komot from di tents of Korah, Dathan plus Abiram.’ ”
  25. Moses stand up con go meet Dathan plus Abiram, and di senior-men of Israel follow am.
  26. He warn di pipo wey gada, “Make una shift back from near dis wicked men place! Make una no touch anytin wey belong to dem, or una go die inside dia sins.”
  27. So dem shift komot from di place of Dathan and Abiram dey from everi corner. Dathan and Abiram come out wit dia wives, sons and small-small pikin, con stand for di doormot of dia house.
  28. Moses con tok sey, “Naso una go take know sey na Baba-God send me to do all dis tins, and sey no be my own idea:
  29. If dis men die natural death and di normal tin wey dey happun to men nahin happun to dem, den Baba-God no send me.
  30. But if Baba-God bring sometin wey una neva see before; di earth open e mouth to swallow dem, plus everitin wey belong to dem, and dem enta grave alive, naso una go know sey dis men don make Baba-God vex.”
  31. E con happun sey, as he just tok all dis tins finish, di ground wey dey under dem just open.
  32. Naso di earth open e mouth, con swallow dem wit dia houses, wit dia family, and all Korah men, plus all dia properties.
  33. Dem enta grave alive, wit everitin wey dem get; di earth con close dem inside, and dem kpeme, con komot from among di pipo.
  34. Wen di pipo of Israel hear dem dey cry, all of dem run, con dey shout sey, “Make di earth no go swallow us sef!”
  35. Naso faya burn from Baba-God front, con burn 250 men wey dey offer incense.
  36. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,
  37. “Tell Eleazar wey be di son of Aaron di priest, make he take di incense-containers from di faya, con scata di charcoal far from there, becos di incense-container holy.
  38. Collect di incense-container of di men wey commit sin, con pay for am wit dia lives. Hammer di incense-container to make am flat, and lay dem on top of di altar. Di incense-containers holy becos di pipo offer dem to Baba-God. Dis one na sign to di pipo of Israel.”
  39. So Eleazar wey be di priest collect di 250 bronze incense-container wey di men wey faya kill bin dey use, and dem hammer di bronze to make am flat, so dat dem fit use am take cover di body of di altar.
  40. Dis one go make di pipo of Israel remember sey no stranger, or any pesin wey no be Aaron pikin-pikin-pikin—suppose ever enta Baba-God altar to burn incense. If any pesin try am, di same tin wey happun to Korah plus hin followers—nahin go happun to am. So dem do wetin Baba-God tell Moses to tell dem.

Di Pipo Complain

41. Di next day, all di pipo of Israel con dey tok against Moses plus Aaron. Dem tok sey, “Una don kill Baba-God pipo.”

42. But e con happun sey, wen di pipo gada against Moses plus Aaron, con turn dey face di worship-place, before you know, naso cloud just cover am, and Baba-God levels just show-face.

43. So Moses plus Aaron con go front of di worship-place,

44. and Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

45. “Shift komot from dis pipo wey gada so dat I go fit end dem now-now-now.” Naso dem fall face down

46. So Moses tell Aaron sey, “Take one incense-container, con put incense inside am, along wit faya from di altar, and make you rush go meet di pipo wey gada, to epp dem clean dia sins to make dem pure; Baba-God don vex and di disease don start.”

47. So Aaron do wetin Moses tell am to do, con run enta di middle of di pipo wey gada. Di disease don already start among di pipo, but Aaron offer di incense, con make di pipo clean from dia sins.

48. He stand between di pipo wey dey alive and di all di dead ones, and di disease con stop.

49. But 14,700 pipo die from di disease, to add-join those pipo wey die becos of Korah.

50. So Aaron go back to meet Moses for front of di worship-place, and di disease stop.


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