Numbers Chapter 17

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Aaron Walking-stick [staff] Start To Dey Grow

  1. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,
  2. “Follow di pipo of Israel tok and make you collect twelve walking-stick from dem, one from everi of di leaders of di tribe of dia ancestors. Write di name of everi man for dia walking-stick.
  3. Write Aaron name on Levi walking-stick, becos one walking-stick must dey for di head of everi tribe of dia ancestors.
  4. Put dem inside di worship-place, for front of di ark of Baba-God law, where I go meet una.
  5. Di walking-stick wey belong to di man wey I go choose go start to dey grow. Naso I go take stop di complain—wey dem dey complain against you.”
  6. So Moses follow di pipo of Israel tok, and dia princes give am twelve walking-sticks, for everi leader of all di tribes of dia ancestors, and Aaron staff dey among dem.
  7. Moses con put all di walking-stick for Baba-God front, for front of di worship-place.
  8. E con happun sey di next day, Moses enta di worship-place, con see sey Aaron walking-stick don dey grow, Aaron wey represent di house of Levi, and no be only sey e don dey grow, leaf don come out, flower don grow, and di almond fruit don dey ripe!
  9. So Moses carry all di walking-sticks komot from Baba-God front, he show dem to di pipo. Dem look dem, and everi man carry hin own walking-stick.
  10. Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “Put Aaron walking-stick back for front of di Ark, keep am for there as warning for pipo wey wan dey against Baba-God—sey dem go die unless dem stop to dey complain.”
  11. Moses do everitin wey Baba-God tell am.
  12. Di pipo of Israel con tell Moses sey, “We go die! Awa life go end, all of us go kpeme!
  13. Any pesin wey even come near di worship-place of Baba-God go die. Abi all of us go die?”


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