Numbers Chapter 18

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  1. Naso Baba-God tell Aaron sey, “You, your sons and your papa family from di tribe of Levi nahin I go hold for any wrong tin wey dem do against holy-place. But na only you wit your sons I go hold for any wrong tin wey connect to di priests.
  2. Bring your fellow Levites from di tribe of your papa-papa-papa, to join you and to epp you wen you and your sons dey serve for di worship-place.
  3. Dem go do dia work for una, and dem go do all di work for di worship-place, but dem must no go near di holy properties of di holy place for di altar, or both you and dem go die.
  4. Make dem join you to do di work of taking care of di worship-place—all di work for inside di worship-place—and make no oda pesin come near where una dey.
  5. Na you dey in charge of taking care of di holy place and di altar, so dat Baba-God no go vex for di pipo of Israel again.
  6. Me mysef don choose your brodas, di Levites from among di pipo of Israel to dey epp una. Dem be gift to una—wey Baba-God give una for di service for hin house.
  7. But only you and your sons go serve as priest, and na una go dey handle everitin for di altar, plus everitin wey dey happun for back of di curtain. I dey make una priests as special gift for una to serve me. Any pesin wey no be priest wey come near di holy-place must die.”

Offerings [Tithes] For Priests Plus Levites

8. Baba-God con tell Aaron sey, “Me mysef nahin put you in charge of di offering wey dem dey carry come give me; all di holy offerings wey di pipo of Israel dey give me, I dey give you and your sons as una portion forever.

9. You go collect di share of di most holy offering wey dem dey keep from di faya: from all di gifts wey dem bring come meet me as di most holy offering, whether na seed offering, or sin offering, or guilty offering, dat part belong to you and your sons.

10. Make una chop am for di most holy place; everi man among di priests fit chop am. Na sometin wey holy for una.

11. “All di holy offerings plus special offerings wey di pipo of Israel dey give, along wit di offering wey dem raise up for front of my altar—belong to you and your sons plus your daughters forever. Everi pesin wey clean for your house fit chop am.

12. “I dey give you all di finest ororo, plus all di beta new wine, and di wheat wey dem dey give Baba-God as di firstfruits of dia harvest.

13. Na you get all di firstfruits of di land wey dem dey bring for Baba-God. Everi pesin wey dey for your family wey clean, fit chop inside am.

14. Na you get everitin for Israel wey dem dey give to Baba-God.

15. Na you get di first pikin of everi belle wey dem dey offer to Baba-God, both man and animals. But you must allow dem buy back everi first pikin of man, plus everi firstborn of any animal wey no clean.

16. Wen dem be one month old, make dem buy di pikin back for five pieces of silver, based-on di official weight of silver (wey be di same as 20 gerahs).

17. But make dem no buy back di first pikin of malu, sheep, plus goats; dem dey holy and dem belong to me. Sacrifice dem. Sprinkle dia blood for di altar, con burn dia fat as offering wey dem make wit faya, na sweet scent wey Baba-God like.

18. Di meat from dem belong to you, like di breast plus di right lap wey dem raise go up as special offering for front of di altar.

19. “I dey give you and your sons, and your daughters forever—all di holy offerings wey di pipo of Israel dey carry come meet me. Dis na agreement wey no fit break (agreement of salt), wey I don make wit you and your pikin-pikin-pikin forever.”

20. Baba-God con tell Aaron sey, “You no go get any property for dia land, and you no go get any share among dem; na me be your share and your property among Israel.

21. “I dey give di Levites all di tithe for Israel as dia property, as payment for dia work wey dem dey do as dem dey serve for di worship-place.

22. From now on, di pipo of Israel must no go near di worship-place, or dem go pay for dia sin, and dem go die.

23. Na di Levites go do di work for di worship-place, and Baba-God go hold dem for any wrong tin wey dem do for Baba-God house. Dis na everlasting law for una, wey una go keep from generation to generation. Di Levites no go receive any land among di pipo of Israel.

24. I don give di Levites as dia property, di tithes wey di pipo of Israel dey bring to Baba-God. Na wetin make me tok about dem sey: “Dem no go get any property among all di pikins of Israel.’ ”

25 . Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

Di Tithes For Di Levites

26. “Follow di Levites tok and make you tell dem sey, “Wen una collect di tithes from di pipo of Israel, di tithes wey I dey give una as una property, una must give ten percent of di tithe as offering to Baba-God as special offering—na di tithe of di tithes.

27. Baba-God go count dis offering as una harvest offering, as if na di first seed from una own harvest ground or wine from una wine-factory.

28. Una sef must give Baba-God offering from all di tithes wey una dey collect from di pipo of Israel. From di tithes, una must give Baba-God holy share to Aaron di priest.

29. From everitin wey dem give una, una must bring di best part, wey holy pass, come meet Baba-God.

30. “Tell di Levites sey: ‘Wen una don raise up di best part as una offering, di rest part go be as if e come from una own harvest ground or wine-factory.

31. Una Levites, plus una family fit chop di rest of am any where, becos na una pay for una work for di worship-place.

32. Baba-God no go reason sey una do bad tin by collecting hin tithe, if una raise up di best part of am as offering, (if una give di best part to di priests). Dey careful make una no treat di holy gifts of di pipo of Israel like ordinary tin. If una do like dat, una go kpeme.”


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