Numbers Chapter 19

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To Clean Pesin Wey No Dey Clean

  1. Baba-God con tell Moses and Aaron sey:
  2. Dis na wetin di law of Baba-God tok: Tell di pipo of Israel sey make dem bring brown malu wey no get error or comma for body, and wey dem neva use am work for farm.
  3. Give am to Eleazar di priest; make he carry am go outside di camp, and make dem kill am for hin front.
  4. Den make Eleazar di priest take some of di blood for hin finger, con sprinkle am seven times face di front of di worship-place.
  5. Make dem burn di malu as he dey watch—di skin plus di body, di blood and intestines.
  6. Make di priest take cedar wood, hyssop plus scarlet wool, con throw dem inside di faya wey dey burn di malu.
  7. Afta dat, di priest must wash hin clothes, con baff hinsef wit water, den he fit enta di camp, but he no go dey clean until evening.
  8. Di man wey burn am must wash hin clothes sef wit water, con baff wit water, and hinsef no go clean until evening.
  9. Man wey clean go con gada di ashes of di malu, con put am for clean place outside di camp. Make dem keep am for there for di pipo of Israel to use for di water for dia cleaning ceremony. Dem dey do dis ritual to clean dia sin.
  10. Di man wey gada di ashes of di malu must wash hin clothes, and he no go clean until evening reach. Dis na everlasting law for di pipo of Israel, plus any foreigner wey dey live among dem.
  11. “Any pesin wey touch di deadbody of anoda pesin no go clean for seven days.
  12. He must clean hinsef wit di water on di third day and on di seventh day; den he go clean. But if he no clean hinsef on di third day, he no go clean on di seventh day.
  13. Any pesin wey touch di deadbody of any pesin, and he no gree clean hinsef, di pesin don corrupt Baba-God house. Una must cut dat kain pesin komot from Israel. Becos di water of cleaning never sprinkle for hin body, he no clean; hin body wey no clean go remain wit am.
  14. “Dis na di law wey una go use wen pesin die inside house. Any pesin wey enta di house and any pesin wey dey inside am—no go clean for seven days.
  15. And any container wey open for inside di house and wey no cover—no clean.
  16. And if pesin for open field con touch di deadbody of pesin wey dem kill wit sword, or wey die naturally, or if pesin touch human being bone or grave, dat pesin no go clean for seven days.
  17. “For di pesin wey no clean, inside container nahin dem go put some ashes from di cleaning offering of di malu wey dem burn, con pour fresh water inside.
  18. Den man wey clean—go take some hyssop, shuuk am inside di water, con sprinkle di house plus all e properties, plus everi pesin wey dey for there. He must sprinkle any pesin wey don touch human being bone or any pesin wey dem kill, or pesin wey die natural death, or grave.
  19. Di man wey clean go sprinkle di pesin wey no clean on di third and seventh days, and on di seventh day, make he go clean hinsef, wash hin clothes, con baff wit water, and he go clean dat evening.
  20. But if pesin wey no clean—no clean hinsef, dem must cut am komot from hin pipo, becos he don corrupt di holy-place of Baba-God. Dem neva sprinkle di water of cleaning on am, and he no clean.
  21. Dis na law wey go last forever for dem. ‘Di man wey sprinkle di water of cleaning must wash hin cloth sef, and any pesin wey touch di water of cleaning—no go clean until evening.
  22. Anytin wey pesin wey no clean touch, dat tin no go clean, and any pesin wey touch am—no go clean until evening.”


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