Numbers Chapter 20

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Water From Di Rock

  1. On di first month, di whole Israel reach di Desert of Zin, and dem stay for Kadesh. Na for there Miriam die and dem bury her for there.
  2. Water no con dey for di pipo, so dem gada togeda against Moses plus Aaron.
  3. Dem kwanta wit Moses, con tok sey, “We wish sey we die wen awa brodas die for Baba-God front!
  4. Why you con carry Baba-God pipo enta di desert, so dat we plus awa animals go kpeme for here?
  5. Why you carry us komot from Egypt to dis bad place? Di place no get food or fruits, grapes or pomegranates, and water no dey to drink!”
  6. So Moses plus Aaron komot from di pipo wey gada, to di gates of di worship-place, con fall face ground, and Baba-God levels show-face to dem.
  7. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,
  8. “Carry di walking-stick, and make you and your broda Aaron gada di pipo togeda. Tok to di rock as dem dey look, and di rock go pour water come outside. You go bring water from di rock for di pipo so dat dem plus dia animals fit drink.”
  9. So Moses carry di walking-stick from Baba-God front, just as Baba-God tell am.
  10. Him and Aaron gada di pipo togeda for front of di rock and Moses con tell dem sey, “Listen, all of una wey dey turn against Baba-God! Must we bring water for una from dis rock?”
  11. Naso Moses raise hin hand, con nack di rock two times wit di walking-stick. Plenty water rush come out, and di whole pipo plus dia animals con dey drink.
  12. But Baba-God tell Moses and Aaron sey, “Becos una no trust me reach to respect me as holy for front of di pipo of Israel, una no go carry dis pipo enta di land wey I don give dem.”
  13. Na dis be di waters of Maribah, where di pipo of Israel argue wit Baba-God, and where he show hinsef sey he holy among dem.

Edom No Gree Let Israel Pass Road

13. Moses send message from Kadesh to di king of Edom sey: “Dis na wetin your broda Israel dey tok: You know about all di suffer-head wey your broda Israel don face.

14. Awa papa-papa-papa go Egypt, and we stay for there for many years. Di Egyptian do us any how—wit awa papa,

15. but wen we cry to Baba-God, he hear awa cry, and he send one angel to carry us komot from Egypt.

16. “Now we dey for here for Kadesh, one city wey dey for di end of una boder.

17. Abeg allow us pass tru your kontri. We no go pass tru any farm or garden of grapes, or even drink water from any well. We go travel pass di king express-road and we no go turn face right or left until we don waka pass your area.”

18. But Edom ansa: “Una no go fit pass tru dis place; if una try am, we go march come out, con attack una wit sword.”

19. Di pipo of Israel con ansa am sey: “We go pass di main road, and if we or awa animals drink any of una water, we go pay for am. Na only pass we wan pass wit leg—and no oda tin.”

20. Dem con ansa again sey: “We no fit let una pass here.” Naso Edom come out against dem wit big army wey get pawa.

21. Since Edom no let Israel pass tru dia area, Israel con turn komot from dem.

As Aaron Take Kpeme

22. Di whole pipo of Israel komot from Kadesh, con reach di Mountain of Hor.

23. For Mountain of Hor, for di border of Edom—Baba-God con tell Moses and Aaron sey,

24. “Di time don reach for Aaron to join hin ancestors for grave. He no go enta di land wey I dey give di pipo of Israel, becos di two of una disobey my word about di water of Meribah.

25. Bring Aaron and hin son Eleazar go up to Mountain Hor.

26. Komot Aaron priest-cloth, con wear am on hin son Eleazar, Aaron go kpeme for there, con join hin ancestors.”

27. Moses do wetin Baba-God tell am: Dem go up to di Mountain of Hor as all di pipo dey look dem.

28. Moses komot Aaron cloth, con wear am on Eleazar hin son. And Aaron die for there, on top of di mountain. Naso Moses and Eleazar come down from di mountain.

29. Wen all di pipo see sey Aaron don die, di full house of Israel con dey cry for Aaron for thirty days.


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