Numbers Chapter 21

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Dem Scata Arad

  1. Wen di Canaanite king of Arad wey dey stay for di south, hear sey di pipo of Israel dey come di road of Atharim, he attack Israel, con catch some of dem.
  2. Naso Israel make promise to Baba-God, sey: “If you go make all dis pipo fall inside awa hand, we go scata dia cities kpatakpata.”
  3. Baba-God listen to di voice of Israel, con put Canaan for dia hand. Dem scata Canaan kpatakpata plus dia cities; so Israel name di place Hormah.

Di Bronze Snake

4 . Dem travel from Mountain of Hor, along di road to di Red Sea, to go round Edom. But di pipo no con get patience becos of di road;

5. Dem bad-mouth Baba-God, con bad-mouth Moses, dem tok sey, “Why you carry us komot from Egypt to kpeme inside desert? Food no dey for here! Water sef no dey! And we hate dis mumu food!”

6. Naso Baba-God send snakes wey get poison among dem; di snakes bite di pipo—sote plenty of dem die.

7. Di pipo come meet Moses, con tok sey, “We do bad tin wen we bad-mouth Baba-God and you. Pray sey make Baba-God carry di snakes komot from us.” So Moses pray for di pipo.

8. Naso Baba-God yarn Moses sey, “Make one snake like snake wey get poison, con hang am for pole; and e go happun sey, any pesin wey snake bite, and di pesin con look di snake wey you hang for pole—go survive.”

9. So Moses make one bronze snake, con hang am for pole. Wen di snakes bite any pesin and di pesin look di bronze snake, dem go live.

From Mountain Hor To Moab

10. Naso di pipo of Israel carry-go, con settle down for Oboth.

11. Naso dem komot from Oboth, con settle down for Ijeabarim, for inside di desert wey face Moab for where di sun take dey rise.

12. From there dem move go front, con settle down for di bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Zered.

13. Dem komot from there, con settle down for di oda side of Arnon, wey be di desert wey stretch from di border of di Amorite. Di Arnon river nahin be di border between Moab and di Amorites.

14. Nahin make di Books of di Wars of Baba-God tok about di town of “Di town of Waheb for di area of Suphah, and di river of Arnon,

15. wit di small-river wey stretch reach Ar, wey dey along di border of Moab.”

16. From there, dem kontinu reach Beer, for di well where Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Gada di pipo togeda and I go give dem water.”

17. Israel con dey sing dis song: “Oh well, make your water flow! Make we celebrate wit songs!

18. Di well wey awa leaders dig; awa leaders use dia walking-stick take point where we go dig di well.” So di pipo of Israel komot from di desert, con go Mattanah.

19. From Matthanah dem go Nahaliel, from Nahaliel dem go Bamoth.

20. And from Bamoth wey dey for bottom-of-di-mountain for Moab—to on top of Pisgah wey dey face Jeshimon [down for di desert].

        Dem Win Sihon Plus Og

21. Israel send message to tell Sihon wey be di king of Amorites:

22. “Make we pass tru your kontri. We no go turn face any farm or any garden of grapes, or drink water from any well. We go travel pass di main-road of di king until we don pass tru your area.”

23. But Sihon no gree let Israel pass tru hin area. He gada hin whole army, con march enta di desert to attack Israel for Jahaz.

24. But Israel kill dem wit sword, con take-over dia land from River Arnon reach River Jabbok, but only far reach di Amonites, becos dia border strong.

25. Israel take-over all di cities of di Amorites, con stay for inside dem, even Heshbon and all di villlages wey dey around am.

26. Heshbon na di city of Sihon wey be di king of di Amorites, wey bin fight against di former king of Moab, and wey collect all hin land, far-far reach River Arnon.

27. Nahin make di poets tok sey: “Come Heshbon, and make una build am again; make dem repair di city of Sihon.

28. “Naso faya dey rise from Heshbon, faya from di city of Sihon. E burn Ar of Moab, plus di rulers wey dey stay di high place of Arnon.

29. Wahala for una, chai Moab! Una don scata, chai pipo of Chemosh (di god)! Una gods don leave hin sons as refugees, and di king Sihon of Amorite catch una women as prisoners.

30. But we don shoot dem down (wit arrows); Heshbon don scata reach Dibon. We don dabaru dem far reach Nophah, wey stretch reach Medeba.”

31. So Israel settle down for di land of di Amorites.

32. Afta Moses don send pipo go spy Jazer, di pipo of Israel take-over di villages wey dey around, con pursue di Amorite wey dey stay for there komot .

33. Naso dem turn, con follow di road wey face Bashan, naso Og wey be di king of Bashan and hin whole army march out go meet dem to fight dem for Edrei.

34. Baba-God tell Moses sey, “No fear am, becos I don put am for your hand, wit hin whole army and hin land. Do am wetin you do Sihon di king of di Amorites, wey bin dey stay for Heshbon.”

35. So dem kill am down togeda wit hin sons plus hin whole army and dem no leave any pesin to survive am. Naso dem claim di land.


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