Numbers Chapter 23

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Di Prophecies Of Balaam

  1. Naso Balaam tell Balak sey, “Build seven altar here for me, con prepare seven malu plus seven rams for me.
  2. Balak do wetin Balaam tell am, and di two of dem sacrifice one-one malu, plus one-one ram for everi of di altars.
  3. Naso Balaam tell Balak sey, “Stay for here, for di side of your burnt offering, as I go waka go front small. Maybe Baba-God fit come meet me. And I go tell you anytin wey he tell me.” He con waka go di empty high side of di mountain.
  4. Baba-God meet am, and Balaam con tok sey, “I don arrange seven altars, and on everi altar, I don sacrifice malu plus ram.”
  5. Baba-God con put message for Balaam mouth. He tell am sey, “Go back to meet Balak, con give am dis message.”
  6. So he go back to meet Balak, con see am dey stand near hin burnt sacrifice wit all di princes of Moab.
  7. Naso Balaam start to dey prophesy: “Balak wey be di king of Moab carry me come from Aram, from di mountains of di east. He tell me sey, ‘Come, curse Jacob for me; come tok against Israel.’
  8. How I go take curse pesin wey Baba-God neva curse? Or how I go bad-mouth pesin wey Baba-God no send me to bad-mouth?
  9. I dey see dem from di highest part of di rocks, I dey look dem from di highest place. I see pipo wey separate demsef, and dem no dey mix wit oda nations.
  10. Di pikin-pikin-pikin of Jacob be like dust. Who fit count only one fourth of dem? Make I die like man wey get clean-heart; make my life end like dia life.”
  11. Balak con tell Balaam sey, “Wetin you don do to me? I carry you come here make you curse my enemies, but na so-so blesings you dey bless dem!”
  12. He con ansa am, “Abi I no go tok wetin Baba-God put for my mouth?”

Balaam Second Prophecy

13. Naso Balak tell am sey, “Follow me go anoda place where you fit see dem; you go see only small part of dem, but no be all of dem. And na from there you go take curse dem for me.”

14. So he carry am go di fields of Zophim, on top of Pisgah, and he build seven altars for there, con sacrifice one-one malu and one-one ram for everi of di altar.

15. Balaam con tell Balak sey, “Stay for here, for near your burnt offering, make I go front small to meet Baba-God.”

16. Baba-God meet Balaam, and he put message for hin mouth, “Go back to Balak to give am dis message.”

17. So he go meet Balak, con see am dey stand near hin burnt offering wit di princes of Moab. Balak con ask am sey, “Wetin Baba-God tok?”

18. Naso Baalam start to dey prophesy: “Rise up Balak and make you listen; hear me, son of Zippor.

19. Baba-God no be man wey he go con dey tok lie, or human being wey dey change hin mind. Abi he go tok sometin wey he no go do? Abi he go promise and fail?

20. See, Baba-God don tell me to bless dem; and he don bless dem, and I no fit change am.

21. “He no see any bad tin inside Jacob, and he no see any bend-bend way inside Israel. Baba-God wey be dia Oga dey wit dem; di shout of di king dey among dem.

22. Na Baba-God carry dem komot from Egypt; and he dey fight for dem like strong malu for bush.

23. True-true, no curse fit work against Jacob, and no otumorkpor fit dey against Israel. Now dem go tok dis one about Jacob and Israel, ‘See wetin Baba-God don do for dem!’

24. See, di pipo go stand up like ogbonge lion; con carry body like young lion. Dem no dey rest until dem kill dia meat, con drink di blood of wetin dem kill.”

25. Naso Balak tell Balaam sey, “No curse dem at all or bless dem at all!

26. Balaam con ansa am, “Abi I no tell you sey I must do everitin wey Baba-God tell me?”

Balaam Third Prophecy

27. Naso Balak tell Balaam sey, “Come make I carry you go anoda place. Maybe Baba-God fit happy to allow you curse dem for me for there.”

28. Balak con carry Balaam go on top of mountain Peor, from where pesin fit see di desert from up.

29. So Balaam tell Balak sey, “Build seven altars for me for here, con prepare seven small-malu plus seven rams—for me.”

30. Balak do wetin Balaam tell am to do, and he sacrifice one-one malu, and one-one ram on everi altar.


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