Numbers Chapter 24

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Balaam Tok About Di Happiness Of Israel

  1. Now wen Balaam see sey belle sweet Baba-God to dey bless Israel, so he no use hin juju like before—to take know wetin Baba-God wan make he do. Instead, he turn con move go di desert.
  2. Wen Balaam look outside, con see sey di pipo of Israel camp tribe by tribe, Baba-God Spirit con enta am,
  3. Naso Balaam start to dey prophesy: “Dis na di message of Ballam wey be di son of Beor, di oracle of pesin wey hin eyes dey see well-well,
  4. di oracle of pesin wey dey hear Baba-God word, wey dey see vision of di Almighty, wey dey bow down to see vision.
  5. “See as una house fine well-well—oh Jacob; and see as where una dey stay—make-sense well-well, oh Israel!
  6. “Like bottom-of-di-mountain wey stretch out, like gardens wey dey near river, like di trees of aloes wey Baba-God plant, and like cedars trees wey dey grow near water.
  7. Water go flow from dia buckets, and dia seeds go dey for plenty-plenty water. Dia king go great pass Agag; and dia kingdoms go get levels.
  8. “Baba-God carry dem komot from Egypt; he dey fight for dem like di pawa of bush malu. Dem chop wicked nations, con break dia bones to pieces, and dem use dia arrows take shuuk dem.
  9. Like lion, Israel dey chill and dey lie down, and like ogbonge lion—who get liver to ginger am? Blessings for any pesin wey bless una, and curse go follow any pein wey curse una.
  10. So Balak con dey vex for Balaam like faya. He nack hin hand togeda con tell Balaam sey, ‘I call you so dat you go curse my enemies, but you con dey bless dem three times.
  11. komot from here now-now-now—con dey go your house! I bin tok sey I go pay you well-well, but Baba-God don make me no pay you again.”
  12. Balaam con ansa Balak sey, “Abi I no tell di messenger wey you send to me sey,
  13. ‘Even if Balak give me hin palace wey brekete wit silver plus gold, I no go fit go anytin on my own, good or bad—or do pass wetin Baba-God tell me—and I must only tok wetin Baba-God tell me’?
  14. Now I dey go back to meet my pipo, but come, make I warn you about wetin dis pipo go do to your pipo for future.”

Balaam Fourth Prophecy

15. Naso he Balaam start to deyprophesy: “Dis na di oracle of Balaam wey be di son of Beor, di oracle of pesin wey hin eyes dey see well-well,

16. di message of pesin wey dey hear wetin Baba-God dey yarn, and wey sabi see di tins wey di Most high wan show am, wey dey see vision from di Almighty, and wey dey bow down to see korokoro vision.

17. I dey look di future, and I see Israel. One Star go rise from Jacob. And staff (ruler) go rise from Israel. He go nack di corners of Moab, con beat all di pipo of Seth.

18. Dem go take-over Edom, plus Seir wey be dia enemy, but Israel go carry-go wit victory.

19. Ruler go come out from Jacob, con kill di pipo wey survive from di city.”

20. Naso Balaam look Amalek, and he tok hin oracle: “Amalek na di first among di nations, but e go turn to scata-scata las-las forever.”

21. Naso he see di Kenites, con tok hin oracle: “Where una dey stay dey secured, una house dey for inside rock;

22. But una go scata wen Asshur [Assyria] go catch una Kenites as prisoners.”

23. He con tok hin oracle: “Ah, who fit live wen Baba-God go do tins las-las?

24. Ships go come from di waters of Cyprus [Kittim]; dem go oppress Asshur [Assyria], plus Eber, and Cyprus sef go scata kpatakpata.”

25. Naso Balaam stand up, con go back to hin place, and Balak go hin own way.


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