Numbers Chapter 25

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Moab Whyne Israel

  1. As Israel dey stay for Shittim, di men con start to dey sex anyhow wit di women of Moab.
  2. Di women invite dem come dia sacrifice to dia gods. Di pipo chop, con bow down for front of dia gods.
  3. So Israel join dem dey worship Ball of Peor. So Baba-God con dey vex for dem like faya.
  4. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Take all di leaders of di pipo, con hang dem under sun as Baba-God dey look, so dat Baba-God go stop to dey seriously vex for Israel.
  5. So Moses tell di judges of Israel sey, “Everi one of una wey join to worship di Baal of Peor—must die.”

Di Ginger Of Phinehas

6. Naso one of di men of Israel bring one Midianite woman, as Moses and all di pipo of Israel wey dey cry for di doormot of di worship-place dey look.

7. Phinehas see am. Phinehas na di son of Eleazar, di son of Aaron di priest. Wen he see am, he komot from di pipo wey gada, con carry long-sharp-weapon for hin hand.

8. He follow di man enta hin house. Naso he use di long-sharp-weapon take shuuk di man and di Midian woman—and di long-sharp-weapon pass tru her belle. Naso di disease wey dey catch di pipo of Israel, con stop.

9. But those pipo wey die becos of di disease na 24,000.

10. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

11. “Phinehas wey be di son of Eleazar, di son of Aaron di priest, don make me stop to dey vex for di pipo of Israel; becos of hin seriousness for me among di pipo, sote I no end di pipo of Israel as I dey jealous.

12. So tell am sey I dey make my agreement of peace wit am.

13. Him and hin pikn-pikin-pikin go get agreement wit me wey go last well-well as priest, becos he serious for hin God, con epp Israel sacrifice for dia sins.”

14. Di name of di Israel pesin wey he kill wit di Midianite woman na Zimri wey, be di son of Salu. Na leader of one family, from di tribe of Simeon.

15. And di name of di Midian woman wey he kill na Cozbi wey be di daughter of Zur—na chief of one Midian tribe.

16. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

17. “Treat di Midianites as enemies and kill dem,

18. becos dem do una like enemies wen dem play una wayo, for di mata of Peor and dia sista Cozbi, di daughter of one Midian prince—di woman wey dem kill wen di disease come becos of Peor.”


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