Numbers Chapter 27

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Zelophehad Daughters                                        

  1. Di daughters of Zelophehad con show. Zelophehad na di son of Hepher, di son of Gilead, di son of Makir, di son of Manasseh, son of Joseph. Di name of di daughters na Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah.
  2. Dem stand near di front of di worship-place, for front of Moses, Eleazar di priest, plus di leaders and all di pipo wey gada—con tok sey,
  3. “Awa papa die for inside desert. He no dey among Korah followers, wey gada demsef togeda against Baba-God, but he die becos of hin own sin, and he no get any son.
  4. Why awa papa name go fade from hin pipo becos he no get son? Give us properties among awa papa family-pipo.”
  5. So Moses carry dia mata go meet Baba-God.
  6. And Baba-God tell am sey,
  7. “Wetin Zelophehad daughters dey tok dey correct. You must surely give dem share as dia property among dia papa family-pipo, con give dem wetin belong to dia papa.
  8. “Tell di pipo of Israel sey, ‘If man die and he no get son, give hin properties to hin daughter.
  9. If di man no get daughter, give di properties to hin brodas.
  10. If di man no get brodas, give hin properties to hin papa brodas.
  11. If hin papa no get brodas, give di man properties to di family pesin wey dey near, and he go claim di land. Dis na wetin di pipo of Israel must do, based-on di law, just as Baba-God yarn Moses.”

Joshua Take Over Moses Position

12. Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “Climb up to mountain Abarim and make you see di land wey I don give di pipo of Israel.

13. Afta you don see am, you sef go join your ancestors, just like your broda Aaron,

14. Becos una turn against my words for inside di Desert of Zin, wen di pipo dey kwanta wit una; both of una disobey my word to respect me sey I holy for dia eyes, for front of di water.” [Na di water of Meribah Kadesh, for inside di Desert of Zin.]

15. Naso Moses tell Baba-God sey,

16. “Make Baba-God, di God of di spirits of all men, choose one man wey go lead dis pipo,

17. Man wey fit lead dem, man wey fit lead dem for war—to carry dem komot and carry dem enta, so dat di pipo of Israel no go be like sheep wey no get shepherd.”

18. So Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Take Joshua wey be di son of Nun, man wey get di spirit, con lay your hand on am.

19. Make he stand for Priest Eleazr front, and front of all di pipo, and make am di leader for front of di pipo.

20. Give am some of your pawa so dat all di pipo of Israel go obey am.

21. Make he depend on priest Eleazar, wey go know Baba-God mind by using di Urim (one of di holy lot* wey dem dey cast) for Baba-God front. Dem go go out wen he tell dem, and dem go enta wen he tell dem to enta, both Joshua plus all di pikin of Israel wey dey wit am—go follow wetin Eleazar tok.

22. Moses do wetin Baba-God tell am to do. He bring Joshua, con tok sey make he stand for front of priest Eleazar, and for front of everi pesin wey gada.

23. So Moses lay hin hand on Joshua, just as Baba-God tell am, con bless Joshua to start hin work as leader.


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