Numbers Chapter 31

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Revenge On Di Pipo Of Midian

  1. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,
  2. “Revenge on di pipo of Median for wetin dem do to di pipo of Israel. Afta you don do am nahin you go kpeme.”
  3. So Moses tell di pipo sey, “Make some of una men carry weapons to fight di pipo of Midian, and to revenge for Baba-God on dem.
  4. Send one thousand men to fight dem, from everi tribe of Israel.”
  5. So twelve thousand men carry weapon to fight, one thousand from everi tribe, and twelve thousand from all di pipo of Israel.
  6. Moses con send dem go fight, one thousand from everi tribe, along wit Phinehas wey be di son of Eleazar di priest wey dey in charge of di holy tins plus di trumpet wey he go blow dey for hin hand.
  7. Dem fight di pipo of Midian just as Baba-God bin tell Moses, and dem kill everi man.
  8. Among di pipo wey dem kill na: Evi, Rekem, Zur, Hur, plus Reba—di five kings of di Midian. Dem even use sword take kill Balaam—wey be di son of Beor.
  9. Naso di pipo of Israel catch di women of Median, wit dia pikin, con carry all dia sheep, malu, plus all dia properties.
  10. Dem burn all di cities wey di pipo of Median dey stay—wit faya, even dia fine houses.
  11. Dem carry all dia properties wey dem collect from dem, plus di pipo and animals.

Dem Come Back From War

12. Dem carry di pipo wey dem catch, plus di properties wey dem obtain—come meet Moses and Eleazar di priest, and di pipo Israel gada near dia camp for di smooth-land of Moab, opposite Jordan, near Jericho.

13. Moses, Eleazar di priest plus all di leaders of di pipo go meet dem outside di camp.

14. Moses con dey vex wit di officers of di army—di commanders of thousands, plus di commanders of hundreds—wey come back from di war.

15. Naso he ask dem sey, “Why una allow all dis women to live?

16. Na dis women dey follow Balaam—to turn di pipo of Israel komot from Baba-God for di tin wey happun for mountain Peor, sote disease nack Baba-God pipo.

17. Now kill all di boys, and kill everi woman wey no be virgin.

18. But make una keep everi girl wey still be virgin for unasef.

19. “All of una wey don kill pesin or touch deadbody—must stay outside di camp for seven days. On di third and seventh days, una must clean unasef plus di pipo wey una catch.

20. Make una clean everi cloth plus everitin wey be leather, goat hair or wood.”

21. Naso Eleazar di priest tell di sojas wey go fight, “Dis na wetin di law wey Baba-God give Moses:

22. Only di gold, silver, bronze, iron, tin, lead,

23. plus anytin else wey fit stand di heat of faya must pass tru faya, and dem go clean. But una must clean am sef wit di water of cleaning. And anytin wey no fit stand di heat of faya must pass tru water.

24. Make una wash una cloth on di seventh day and una go clean. Den una fit enta di camp.”

Sharing of Di Properties Wey Dem Obtain

25. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

26. “You plus Eleazar di priest, and di head of di families of di pipo of Israel go count all di pipo plus animals wey una carry come back from di war.

27. Share di properties to two parts, between di sojas wey go fight, and di rest for di community.

28. From di part wey belong to di sojas, keep one out or everi five hundred prisoners for Baba-God as hin share, and do di same tin for di malu, donkeys, sheep, plus goats.

29. Give dem to Eleazar wey be di priest as special offering to Baba-God.

30. From di part wey di rest pipo of Israel go take, take one out of everi fifty prisoners and di same amount for di malu, sheep, donkeys, plus goats and oda animals. Give dem to di Levites wey dey in charge of Baba-God house.”

31. So Moses plus Eleazar di priest do wetin Baba-God yarn Moses.

32. Di properties wey remain from wetin di men collect from dia enemies na 675,000 sheep,

33. 72,000 malu,

34. 61,000 donkeys,

35. And 32,000 women wey neva sleep wit man before.

36. Di half share of di pipo wey fight di war na: 337,500 sheep,

37. of which 675 na Baba-God share.

38. 36,000 malu, of which 72 na Baba-God share

39. 30,500 donkeys of which 61 na Baba-God share;

40. 16,000 virgin girls, of which 32 belong to Baba-God.

41. Moses give all di share wey belong to Baba-God to Eleazar wey be di priest, just as Baba-God tell am.

42. Half of wetin dem collect from dia enemies belong to di pipo of Israel, and Moses separate am from di half wey belong to di sojas.

43. Di half wey belong to di pipo na: 337,500 sheep and goats,

44. 36,000 malu,

45. 35,000 donkeys

46. And 16,000 pipo.

47. From di half share wey di pipo collect. Moses take one from everi fifty prisoners plus animals and he give dem to di Levites wey dey maintain Baba-God worship-place. Moses do all dis tins based-on wetin Baba-God tell am.

48. Naso di sojas wey dey control di groups of di army—di commanders of thousands and di commanders of hundreds—go meet Moses.

49. Naso dem tell am sey, “Your servants don count di sojas wey dey under awa command, and no single one of dem dey miss.

50. So we don carry offering come meet Baba-God, di gold materials wey everi one of us collect—jewelries of gold, chains, bangles, rings, earrings, and necklaces—wey we go use take sacrifice for awa sins make Baba-God make us pure.”

51. Moses plus Eleazar di priest con accept di gold wit all di oda jewelries and designs.

52. All di gold wey di commanders of thousands plus di commanders of hundreds—give to Baba-God as gift, weigh pass 200 kg.

53. Everi soja bin obtain property for hinsef.

54. Moses plus Eleazar di priest accept di gold from di commanders of thousands and di commanders of hundreds, con carry am enta di worship-place to remember Baba-God sey di pipo of Israel belong to am.


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