Numbers Chapter 33

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Di Movement of Di Pipo Of Israel

  1. Na dis be di waka wey di pipo of Israel waka, wen dem komot from Egypt wit dia armies, and Moses plus Aaron dey lead dem.
  2. As Baba-God tell am, Moses write how dem take waka. Na so dem take travel from place to place.
  3. Di pipo of Israel move from Rameses on di fifteenth day of di first month, na di day afta di Passover. Dem march go out wit full-mind as all di Egyptians dey look dem.
  4. Di Egyptians bin dey bury dia firstborn wey Baba-God kill among dem; and Baba-God punish dia gods sef.
  5. Di pipo of Israel komot from Rameses, con settle down for Succoth.
  6. Dem komot from Succoth, con settle down for Etham, for di corner of di desert.
  7. Dem komot from Etham, dem turn again go Pihahiroth, to di east side of Baalzephon, con settle down near Migdol.
  8. Dem komot from Pihahiroth, dem pass tru di Red Sea, dem enta inside di desert, con settle down for Marah afta three days waka.
  9. Dem komot from Marah, con go Elim where dem settle down, becos dem see twelve places where water dey flow, plus seventy palm trees.
  10. Dem komot from Elim, con settle down near di Red Sea.
  11. Dem komot from di Red Sea, con settle down for di Desert of Sin.
  12. Dem komot from di Desert of Sin, con settle down for Dophkah.
  13. Dem komot from Dophkah, con settle down for Alush.
  14. Dem komot from Alush, con settle down for Rephidim, where water no dey for dem to drink.
  15. Dem komot from Rephidim, con settle down for di Desert of Sinai.
  16. Dem komot from di Desert of Sinai, con settle down for Kibroth-hattaavah.
  17. Dem komot from Kibroth-hattaavah, con settle down for Hazeroth.
  18. Dem komot from Hazeroth, con settle down for Rithmah.
  19. Dem komot from Rithmah, con settle down for Rimmon Perez.
  20. Dem komot from Rimmon Perez, con settle down for Libnah.
  21. Dem komot from Libnah, con settle down for Rissah.
  22. Dem komot from Rissah, con settle down for Kehelathah.
  23. Dem komot from Kehelathah, con settle down for Mountain Shepher.
  24. Dem komot from Mountain Shepher, con settle down for Haradah.
  25. Dem komot from Haradah, con settle down for Makheloth.
  26. Dem komot from Makheloth, con settle down for Tahath.
  27. Dem komot from Tahath, con settle down for Terah.
  28. Dem komot from Terah, con settle down for Mithcah.
  29. Dem komot from Mithcah, con settle down for Hashmonah.
  30. Dem komot from Hashmonah, con settle down for Moseroth.
  31. Dem komot from Moseroth, con settle down for Benejaakan.
  32. Dem komot from Benejaakan, con settle down for Horhaggidgad.
  33. Dem komot from Haggidgad, con settle down for Jotbathah.
  34. Dem komot from Jotbathah, con settle down for Abronah.
  35. Dem komot from Abronah, con settle down for Ezion Geber.
  36. Dem komot from Ezion Geber, con settle down for di Desert of Zin, wey be Kadesh.
  37. Dem komot from Kadesh, con settle down for mountain Hor, for di border of Edom.
  38. As Baba-God command, Aaron di priest go up of mountain Hor, and na for there he die, on di first day of di fifth month of di forty years afta Israel komot from Egypt.
  39. Aaron bin live for one hundred and twenty three years old wen he die for di mountain of Hor.
  40. Di Cannaan king wey dey stay for South of Canaan, con hear sey di pipo of Israel dey come.
  41. Dem komot from Mounatin Hor, con settle down for Zalmonah.
  42. Dem komot from Zalmonah, con settle down for Punon.
  43. Dem komot from Punon, con settle down for Oboth.
  44. Dem komot from Oboth, con settle down for Ije Abarim, wey dey near di border of Moab.
  45. Dem komot from Ije (Ije Abarim), con settle down for Dibon Gad.
  46. Dem komot from Dibon Gad, con settle down for Almon Diblathaim.
  47. Dem komot from Almon Diblathaim, con settle down for di Mountains of Abarim, near Nebo.
  48. Dem komot from di Mountains of Abarim, con settle down for di smooth-land of Moab, near Jordan, near Jericho.
  49. For there for di smooth-land of Moab nahin dem settle down, along Jordan from Beth-Jeshimoth to Abel Shittim.
  50. As dem camp for near River Jordan for di smooth-land of Moab near Jericho, Baba-God con tell Moses sey,
  51. “Tell di pipo of Israel sey, ‘Wen una cross River Jordan enta Canaan,
  52. pursue everi pesin wey dey stay for di land from una front. Scata all dia images wey dem carve, and dia idols wey dem cast, con scata all dia shrines.
  53. Make una pursue di pipo komot from di land, con settle down put for there, becos I don give una di land as una own.
  54. You must share di land among di families by casting lot* and based-on dia size. Big land nahin di big tribes go get, and small land nahin di small tribes go get. Everi man land go dey for di place where di lot* fall put. Based-on di tribes of una ancestors nahin una go take share di land.
  55. “ ‘But if una no pursue di pipo wey dey stay for di land komot, di pipo wey una leave go cos wahala like small sharp wood for una eyes and shuuku-shuuku for una body, and dem go fight against una.
  56. And I go do una wetin I bin plan to do to dem.”


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