Numbers Chapter 36

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Di Properties of Zelophehad Daughter

  1. Di heads of di families of di sons of Gilead wey be di son of Makir, di son of Manasseh, wey be from di families of di sons of Joseph—come, con tok for front of Moses plus di senior-men wey be di leaders of di pipo of Israel families.
  2. Dem tok sey, “Baba-God tell my oga sey make he share di land wit lot* among di pipo of Israel, and Baba-God tell awa oga sey make he give di land of Zelophehad awa broda—to hin daughters.
  3. Now if to sey dem con marry men from oda Israel tribes; naso dia property go take komot from awa papa-papa-papa properties, con go add-join di tribe wey dem marry enta. Naso part of di land wey we receive go komot from us.
  4. Wen di Jubilee year reach, dia portion of land go add-join di new tribe wey dem marry enta, and we go lose di land of di tribe of awa papa-papa-papa.”
  5. So Baba-God tell Moses sey make he tell di pipo of Israel: “Wetin di tribes of di sons of Joseph tok na correct tin.
  6. Na wetin Baba-God tok about Zelophehad daughters be dis: Dem fit marry any pesin wey dem like, as long as dem marry from di family of di tribe of dia papa.
  7. No property from Israel go pass from one tribe to anoda tribe, becos everi pipo of Israel go keep di tribal land wey dem receive from dia papa-papa-papa.
  8. Everi woman wey receive land for any Israel tribe, must marry pesin from di family of di tribe of her papa, so dat all di pipo of Israel fit enjoy di properties of dia papa.
  9. Make no property pass from one tribe to anoda tribe, so dat everi tribe for Israel go keep di land wey dem receive.”
  10. So Zelophehad daughters do wetin Baba-God tell Moses.
  11. Zelophehad daughters—Mahlah, Tirzah, Hoglah, Milcah, plus Noah con marry dia cousins from dia papa side.
  12. Dem marry from di families of di di sons of Manasseh wey be di son of Joseph, and dia properties stay for di family of di tribe of dia papa.
  13. Na dis be di commands and laws wey Baba-God give—tru Moses, to di pipo of Israel for di smooth-lands of Moab, near River Jordan, near Jericho.


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