Numbers Chapter 5

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Keeping Di Camp Clean

  1. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,
  2. “Tell di pipo of Israel sey make dem komot any pesin wey get leprosy from di camp, or any pesin wey get any kind of discharge, or pesin wey no clean becos of deadbody.
  3. Komot both man and woman sef; tell dem make dem go outside di camp so dat dem no go corrupt di camp, where I dey live among dem.”
  4. Di pipo of Israel do dis tin; dem send dem go outside di camp. Dem do wetin Baba-God tell Moses to tell dem.

Payment For Wrong

5. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

6. “Tell di pipo of Israel sey: ‘Wen man or woman betray Baba-God by doing wrong tin to anoda pesin, dat pesin dey guilty,

7. di pesin must confess di sins wey e don commit. He must pay back fully for di wrong wey he do, and he must add five percent join am, con give am to di pesin wey he don do wrong tin to.

8. But if dat pesin don die and he no get family-pipo wey dem fit pay for di wrong tin, di payment go belong to Baba-God, and he must give di priest, along wit di ram wey dem go use take sacrifice for hin sins to make am pure.

9. All di holy offerings wey di pipo of Israel dey bring come meet di priest—belong to di priest.

10. Everi pesin holy gift na hin own, and anytin wey dem give di priest belong to di priest.’ ”

Test For Wife Wey Dem Dey Suspect

11. So Baba-God tell Moses sey,

12. “Tok to di pipo of Israel, con tell dem sey: ‘If pesin wife dey waka-waka and she no dey faithful to di man,

13. by sleeping wit anoda man, and her husband no know dis tin, and she cover her bad way make no pesin know (since no witness dey against her, and no pesin don catch her as she dey do her tin),

14. And if her husband start to dey jealous and he suspect hin wife, and she no dey clean. Or if he dey jealous and he suspect her even if she dey clean—

15. Den make he carry hin wife go meet di priest. He must still bring offering of about 1kg of barley flour, but make he no pour any ororo on am, or put any incense on am, becos na offering from husband wey dey suspect hin wife—offering wey suppose make pipo see di truth.

16. “Di priest go bring her make she stand for Baba-God front.

17. Den he go carry some holy water for clay pot, con put some dust from di ground of di worship-place inside di water.

18. Afta di priest don tok sey make di woman stand for Baba-God front, he go loose her hair, con put di offering to remember for her hand (wey be di jeaslousy offering). Di priest go hold di bowl for hin hand wey contain di bitter water wey dey bring curse.

19. Naso di priest go make di woman swear oath, con tell her sey, “If no oda man don sleep wit you and you neva waka-waka, con stain yoursef as you don marry your husband, make dis bitter water wey dey bring curse free you.

20. But if you don waka-waka as you dey marry your husband, and you don stain yoursef by sleeping wit man apart from your husband”—

21. Na for here di priest go make di woman swear di oath of di curse, “Baba-God go turn you to curse among your pipo, wen he make your lap dey rotten, and your belle go swell up.

22. Make dis water wey dey bring curse, enta your body, to make your belle swell up, con make your lap rotten. And di woman go tok sey, “Iseee, iseee.”

23. Di priest go write di curses for book, con wash dem enta di bitter water.

24. He go make di woman drink di bitter water wey dey bring curse, and dis water go enta her, con make her suffer bitter.

25. Di priest go collect di jealousy offering from her hand, he go raise am up for Baba-God front, con put am for di altar.

26. Di priest go pack some of di offering full hin hand as sample offering, and he go burn am on di altar. Las-las he go give di woman di water to drink.

27. Afta he don make her drink di water, e go happun sey if she no clean, and she don cheat on her husband, di water wey dey bring curse go enta inside her, con bitter; her belle go swell up, and her lap go rotten: Naso di woman go be curse among her pipo.

28. But if di woman hand clean and she no do any dirty tin, she go free, and she go born pikin.

29. “ ‘Na dis be di law of jealousy wen woman dey waka-waka, con stain hersef wit anoda man wen she get husband,

30. or wen jealousy spirit enta di man becos he dey suspect hin wife. Di priest go make her stand for Baba-God front and he go use all dis law on her.

31. Naso di husband go dey innocent of any wrong tin, but di woman go use her head take carry her sin.’ ”


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