Numbers Chapter 6

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Di Law Of Pesin Wey Separate Hinsef For Baba-God [Nazirite]

  1. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,
  2. “Tok to di pipo of Israel, con tell dem sey: ‘If man or woman wan make special promise, di promise of Nazirite, to separate hinsef for Baba-God,
  3. he must no drink wine or any kain ogogoro. Di pesin must no drink any drink wey dem make wine grape, or chop fresh grape or dry-grapes.
  4. For all di days wey he dey separate hinsef for Baba-God, he must no chop anytin wey come from grape tree, no be even di skin or di seeds.
  5. “For di whole time wey he promise to separate hinsef, he must no cut hin hair, becos he holy and he separate hinsef for Baba-God. Until di time wey he promise to separate hinsef for Baba-God don complete, he must let hin hair grow like dada.
  6. Dem must no near deadbody for di whole time wey he promise to separate hinsef for Baba-God.
  7. Even if hin own papa or mama or broda or sista kpeme, he must no stain hinsef becos of dem, becos di mark of hin separation to Baba-God dey for hin hair.
  8. Tru-out di period of hin separation he don make hinsef holy for Baba-God.
  9. “ ‘If pesin just die for hin front, di hair wey he don dedicate go corrupt, he must wait for seven days, den he go con shave hin hair. Naso he go take clean from di dead.
  10. Den on di eighth day, he must carry two doves, or two small pigeons to come meet di priest for front of di door of di worship-place.
  11. Di priest go offer one as sin offering, and di oda one as burnt offering to clean am make he pure, becos he don commit sin by seeing deadbody. Dat same day he go make hin hair holy again, con let hair dey grow again.
  12. Becos di deadbody make Baba-God no accept am, di days wey he separate hinsef (as Nazirite) go spoil, so he must make anoda promise to separate hinsef (Nazirite) for Baba-God, and he go dedicate hinsef again. He must bring one year old male lamb as guilty offering wey he go sacrifice to make hinsef pure.
  13. “Now, na dis be di law for di Nazirite wen di time of hin separation don finish. Make dem carry am go di doormot of di worship-place.
  14. For there nahin he go carry hin offering give Baba-God: one year old male lamb wey no get comma for body—for burnt offering, plus one year old female lamb wey no get comma for body—as sin offering, plus one ram wey no get comma for body—as peace offering.
  15. Togeda wit dia seed offering, plus drink offering, and basket of bread wey dem make wit no yeast, cakes wey dem make wit fine flour and wey dem mix wit ororo, thin bread wey dem make wit no yeast and wey dem rob wit ororo.
  16. “Di priest go carry dem go Baba-God front, con offer di sin offering, plus di burnt offering.
  17. Di priest go sacrifice di ram for di peace offering to Baba-God, wit di basket of bread wey dem make wit no yeast. Di priest go still give di seed offering, plus di drink offering.
  18. “Den for di gates of di worship-place, di Nazirite go shave di hair wey be di sign sey he don separate hinsef for Baba-God. He go carry di hair, con put am inside faya wey dey under di sacrifice of di peace offerings.
  19. “Afta di Nazirite don cut hin hair wey be di sign sey he don separate hinsef for Baba-God, di priest go put dis tins for di Nazirite hand: di shoulder of di boiled ram, and one thick bread plus one thin bread from di basket—and di two bread must no go get yeast.
  20. Den di priest go raise dem up as special offering to Baba-God. Dis na holy portion for di priest, along wit di breast of di special offering plus di lap of di holy offering wey di priest raise up for Baba-God front. Afta dis ceremony, di Nazrite fit drink again.
  21. Na dis be di law of di Nazirite wey promise hin offering to Baba-God to separate hinsef. He fit add-join di offering if he get, so he must pay wetin he promise to Baba-God based-on di law of Nazirite, wen he separate hinsef for Baba-God.’ ”

Aaron Blessing

22. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

23. “Tell Aaron and hin sons, sey, ‘Naso you go take bless di pipo of Israel. Tell dem sey:

24. “ ‘Baba-God bless you and he go protect you;

25. Baba-God go make hin face shine on you, con show you hin grace;

26. Baba-God go turn face you, con give you peace.” ’

27. “So dem go put my name on di pipo of Israel, and I go bless dem.”


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