Numbers Chapter 8

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Di Setting of Di Lamps

  1. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,
  2. “Tell Aaron sey, ‘Wen you set di seven lamps, con light dem, position dem so dat dia light go shine for front of di lamp stand.’ ”
  3. Aaron con do like dat; he set up di lamps so dat dem shine dia light face front on di lampstand, just as Baba-God bin tell Moses.
  4. Naso dem take make di lampstand: Dem make am from gold wey dem hammer—from bottom to di top, plus di flowers design, based-on di pattern wey Baba-God show Moses.

Seperate Di Levite

5. Baba-God con tell Moses sey:

6. “Separate di Levites from among di pipo of Israel, con clean dem.

7. Do dis tin to make dem clean: Sprinkle di water of cleaning on dem; den make dem shave dia whole body, con wash dia whole clothes, naso dem go take clean.

8. Make dem carry small-malu wit e seed offering, and fine flour wey dem mix wit ororo; and you go take di second small malu for sin offering.

9. Bring di Levites come front of di worship-place, con gada di whole pipo of Israel togeda.

10. You go bring di Levite come Baba-God front, and make di pipo of Israel lay dia hands on dem.

11. So Aaron go offer di Levites for Baba-God front—as special offering from di pipo of Israel, naso he go take bless dem to do di work of serving Baba-God.

12. “Di Levites go put dia hand on di malu head, and you go use one for sin offering to Baba-God, con use di oda one as burnt offering, to sacrifice for di Levites—to make dem pure for Baba-God.

13. Make di Levites stand for front of Aaron and hin sons. Raise your hand up to offer dem to Baba-God as special offering.

14. Naso you go take separate di Levites from di pipo of Israel, and di Levites go belong to me.

15. “Afta you don make di Levites clean, dem fit enta inside di worship-place to do dia work, becos you don make dem clean, and offer dem to me as special offering.

16. Na dem go fully serve me from among di pikin of Israel. I don take dem as my own to replace di firstborn—di first pikin wey be boy from everi Israel woman.

17. Everi firstborn of Israel belong to me, both men or animal. Wen I kill all di firstborn for Egypt, I separate dem for mysef.

18. And I don choose di Levites instead of all di firstborn pikin from di pipo of Israel.

19. From all di pikins of Israel, I don give di Levites as gifts to Aaron and hin sons, to do di work for di worship-place for di pipo of Israel, and to do sacrifice to make dem pure, so dat disease no go catch di pikins of Israel wen dem go near di holy-place.”

20. Moses, Aaron plus all di pipo of Israel do di Levites everitin wey Baba-God tell Moses about di Levites.

21. Di Levites make demsef clean, con wash dia clothes, and Aaron offer dem to Baba-God as special offering. He con do sacrifice to make dem pure.

22. Afta dat, di Levites con go do dia work for di worship-place as dem dey epp Aaron plus hin sons. So Moses do di Levites wetin Baba-God tell Moses sey make do.

23. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

24. “Na dis be di rule wey di Levites must follow: Dem must start to dey serve for di worship-place wen dem be  25 years,

25. and from fifty years, dem go stop to dey serve, and dem no go serve again.

26. Dem fit epp dia brodas do dia work for di worship-place, but dem must no do di work. Naso you go do about di works of di Levites.”


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