Joshua Chapter 15

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Di Land of Judah

  1. Na dis be di share of di tribe of di pikins of Judah by dia families—From di border of Edom for di Desert of Zin wey dey for di south side, nahin be di end of di south border.
  2. Dia south border start from water-side of di Salt Sea, from di place where di water curve go inside con dey face south.
  3. E con go di south side reach Maalehacrabbim. E kontinu go reach Zin, con pass go up to di south side reach Kadeshbarnea. Den e pass Hezron, e go up go Adar, con turn go Karkaa.
  4. E still pass go reach Azmon, e reach di rivers of Egypt, con end for di big-river. Na dis be di border for south.
  5. Di border for di east na di Salt Sea, far go reach di mouth of River Jordan. Di border for north start from di place where di water curve and where di mouth of River Jordan dey pour enta di Dead Sea.
  6. Di border go up to Bethhoglah, con kontinu for di north side of Betharabah go reach di Stone of Bohan wey be di son of Reuben.
  7. Di border still go up to Debir from bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Achor, con turn face di north side of Gilgal wey dey before you go up to Adummin wey dey for di south side of bottom-of-di-mountain. Di border kontinu pass near di waters of Enshemesh, con end for En Rogel.
  8. E con go up from bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Ben-hinnon [son of Hinnom]—con go di south side of di Jebusite city wey be Jerusalem: and di border kontinu go reach up of di mountain wey dey before bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Hinnom, for di west side, wey dey for di end of bottom-of-di-mountain of giants for di north side.
  9. Dem draw di border from on top of di hill reach Nephoah where water dey rush, con move go di cities of mountain Ephron; and dem draw di border reach Baalah wey be Kirjathjearim:
  10. Naso e con turn face di west side from Baalah go Mountain Seir, and e pass go di side of mountain Jearim wey be Chesalon, for di north side, con go down to Bethshemesh, and e kontinu go Timnah.
  11. Di border go out to di side of Ekron for di northside: and di border kontinu go reach Shicron, e pass along mountain Baalah, con kontinu go Jabneel. And di border end for di big-river [sea].
  12. Di west border na di water-side of di Great Sea. Na dis bi di borders wey dey around di pipo of Judah, by dia families.

Caleb Take-over Hebron Plus Judah

13. Based-on wetin Baba-God tok, Joshua give Caleb wey be di son of Jephunneh, portion among di pipo of Judah; di city of

Arba wey be Hebron [Arba na di ancestor of Anak].

14. Caleb pursue di three sons of Anak from Hebron; Sheshai, Ahiman plus Talmai—wey be di pikin of Anak.

15. From there he march against di pipo wey dey live for Debir [wey dem bin dey call Kiriathsepher].

16. So Caleb tok sey, “I go give my daughter Acsah to marry di man wey go attack, con take over Kiriathsepher.”


Othniel wey be di son of Kenaz, Caleb broda, con take-over di city; so Caleb give am hin daughter Acsah to marry.

18. E con happun sey, wen she come meet Othniel, she ask Othniel to allow her ask her papa for land. Wen she komot from her donkey, Caleb ask her sey, “Wetin you wan make I do for you?”

19. So she ansa am, “Give me blessing. Since you don give me land for di south, give me land wey dey flow wit water sef.” So he give her land wey get water wey dey flow from di up side, and land wey get water wey dey flow from ground.

Di Cities Of Judah

20. Na dis be di land of di tribe of pikins Judah, family by family:

21. Di cities wey dey for di border di tribe of Judah for di south side—wey dey near di border of Edom na: Kabzeel, Eder, and Jagur,

22. Kinah, Dimonah, plus Addah.

23. Kedesh, Hazor, plus Ithan.

24. Ziph, Telem, plus Bealoth.

25. And Hazor, Hadattah, Kerioth, plus Hezron [wey be Hazor],

26. Amam, Shema, plus Moladah.

27. Hazar gaddah, Heshmon, plus Bethpelet.

28. And Hazarshual, Beersheba, plus Biziothiah.

29. Baalah, Iim, and Ezem.

30. Eltolad, Kesil, plus Hormah,

31. And Ziklag, Madmannah, plus Sansannah,

32. Lebaoth, Shilhim, Ain, plus Rimmon—dem be twenty nine cities plus villages all togeda.

33. And for di lowland; Estaol, Zoreah, plus Ashnah,

34. Zanoah, En-Gannim, Tappuah, plus Enam,

35. Jarmuth, Adullam, Socoh, and Azekah,

36. Shaaraim, Adithaim, plus Gederah, and Gederothaim—fourteen cities plus dia villages.

37. Zenan, Hadashah, and Migdalgad.

38. Dilean, Mizpah, plus Joktheel.

39. Lachish, Bozkath, plus Eglon.

40. Cabbon, Lahmas, and Kitlish.

41. Gederoth, Beth Dagon, Naamah, plus Makkedah—sixteen cities plus dia villages.

42. Libnah, Ether, plus Ashan,

43. Iphtah, Ashnah, and Nezib.

44. Keilah, Aczib plus Mareshah—nine cities plus dia villages.

45. Ekron wit di towns and villages,

46. From Ekron, even go reach di big-river [sea]—all di towns near Ashod, togeda wit di villages wey dey round.

47. Ashod wit her towns and dia villages; plus Gaza wit her towns plus dia villages, far go reach di rivers of Egypt and di water-side of di Great Sea.

48. For di mountains: Shamir, Jattir, plus Socoh.

49. Dannah, plus Kiriathsannah [wey be Debir].

50. Anab, Eshtemoth, and Anim.

51. Goshen, Holon plus Giloh—eleven cities plus dia villages.

52. Arab, Dumah, and Eshan,

53. Jamin, Bethtappuah, plus Aphekah.

54. Humtah, plus Kiriatharba [wey be Hebron], and Zior—nine cities plus dia villages.

55. Maon, Carmel, Ziph, plus Juttah,

56. And Jezreel, Jokdeam, plus Zanoah.

57. Kain, Gibeah plus Timnah—ten cities plus dia villages.

58. Halhul, Beth Zur, and Gedor,

59. Maarath, Beth Anoth, plus Eltekon—six cities plus dia villages.

60. Kiriathbaal [wey be Kiriathjearim], plus Rabah—two cities plus dia villages.

61. For inside di desert—Betharabah, Middin, plus Secacah,

62. And Nibshan, plus di City of Salt, and Engedi—six cities plus dia villages.

63. As for di Jebusites wey dey live for Jerusalem, di pikins of Judah no fit pursue dem komot, but di Jebusites stay wit di pipo of Judah for Jerusalem till today.


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