Joshua Chapter 17

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 Di Oda Half-tribe Of Manasseh

  1. Na dis be di share wey dem give to di tribe of Manasseh. Manasseh na Joseph firstborn. To Makir wey be Manasseh firstborn. Makir nahin be di ancestor of di pipo of Gilead wey receive Gilead from Bashan, becos di Makirites be ogbonge sojas.
  2. So di share na for di rest families of di Manasseh—di families of; Abiezer, Helek, Asriel, Shechem, Hepher plus Shemida. Na dis be di sons of Manasseh wey be di son of Joseph—by dia families.
  3. But Zelophehad wey be di son of Hepher, di son of Gilead, di son of Makir, di son of Manasseh—no get sons, but only daughters. Na dia names be dis: Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah plus Tirzah.
  4. Dem go meet Eleazar wey be di priest, Joshua wey be di son of Nun, plus di leaders [princes], Zelophehad daughters con tok sey, “Baba-God command Moses sey make he give us land as awa property among awa brodas.” So Joshua give dem land along wit di brodas of dia papa, based-on wetin Baba-God tok.
  5. Manasseh get ten portions apart from di land of Gilead plus Bashan wey dey for di oda side of River Jordan;
  6.  becos di daughters of di tribe of Manasseh receive land among di sons, so di land of Gilead belong to di rest of di sons of Manasseh.
  7. Di area of Manasseh na from Ashner to Micmethath wey dey before Shechem. Di border con move go south—for di area of di pipo of Entappuah.
  8. [Manasseh nahin get di land of Tappuah, but Tappuah wey dey for di border of Manasseh belong to di pikins of Ephraim.]
  9. Naso di border move go down for di south of river Kanah; all dis cities of Ephraim dey among di cities of Manasseh. Di border of Manasseh dey for di north side of di river, and e end for di big-river [Mediterranean sea].
  10. For di south—di land belong to Ephraim, for di north—e belong to Manasseh—wit di Mediterranean sea for di west border. Manasseh area reach Asher wey dey for di north side, con reach Issachar wey dey for di east side.
  11. For inside Issachar plus Asher, Manasseh still get; Bethshan, Ibleam plus di pipo of Dor, Endor, Tannach plus Megiddo, togeda wit dia towns wey dey around dem—even three kontris.
  12. But di pipo of Manasseh no fit stay for di towns becos di pipo of Cannan dey for dat land.
  13. But wen di pipo of Israel con dey strong more-more, dem force di pipo of Cannan work for dem, but dem no pursue dem komot from di land kpatakpata.
  14. Di pikins of Joseph con tell Joshua sey, “Why you con give us only one share and portion of di land? We plenty well-well and Baba-God don bless us wit yanfu-yanfu.”
  15. Joshua con ansa dem, “If una plenty well-well and if di mountain of Ephraim too small for una, make una enta di forest con clear land for unasef—for di land of di Perizzite and di giants [Rephaites].”
  16. Di pipo of Joseph con tell Joshua sey, “Di mountain kontri no big reach for us, and all di pipo of Cannan wey dey live for bottom-of-di-mountain get iron horse-moto, both those wey dey for Bethshan and e towns, plus those wey dey for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Jezreel.”
  17. But Joshua tell di house of Joseph; Ephraim plus Manasseh—sey, “Una plenty and una get pawa well-well. Una no go only get one share;
  18. But di mountain go belong to una. Na forest, but una go clear am, and far-far go reach di end go belong to una. Una go pursue di pipo of Cannan komot even though dem get iron horse-moto, and even though dem strong.


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