Joshua Chapter 18

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As Dem Take Share Di Rest of Di Land

  1. All di pipo of Israel gada for Shiloh, con set up di worship-place for there. And dem take-over di land.
  2. But e still get seven tribes of Israel wey neva receive dia land.
  3. So Joshua tell di pipo of Israel sey, “How long una go wait, before una go go claim di land wey Baba-God, di God of una ancestors—don give una?
  4. Choose three men from all di tribes. I go send dem go out, make dem go check di land, and to write about di map of di land—based-on on di share of di tribes for di land, and make dem come back to meet me.”
  5. Dem go divide di land to seven parts. Judah go dey for di south side, and di house of Joseph go dey for di north side.
  6. Afta una don write about di map of di land—to seven parts, bring di drawing come meet me for here. I go cast lots for una for front of Baba-God awa Oga.
  7. But di Levites no go get any piece of land among una, becos dia priest work for Baba-God nahin be dia own. Gad, Reuben plus di half-tribe of Manasseh don already receive dia share for di east side of River Jordan. Moses wey be Baba-God servant nahin give am to dem.”
  8. As di men enta road to go write about di map di land, Joshua con tell dem sey, “Make una go check di land, write about di map; and make una come back to meet me so dat I go cast lots for una, for front of Baba-God for Shiloh.
  9. So di men komot, con waka for di whole land. Dem write about di map of di land, town by town, into seven parts, and dem come back to meet Joshua for di camp for Shiloh.
  10. Naso Joshua cast lots for dem for Baba-God front. Na for there Joshua divide di land for di pipo of Israel based-on on dia tribes.

Di Share of Benjamin

11. Di first Lot wey dem cast fall on di pipo of Benjamin, based-on dia families. Dia share of land dey between di tribes of  Judah and Joseph:

12. For di north side, dia border start from River Jordan, di border con go up di side of Jericho for di north side, con go up tru di mountains for di westside, con come out for di desert of Bethaven.

13. From there di border move go Luz, to di side of Luz, wey be Bethel, for di south side; naso di border move go down to Atarothadar, near di hill wey dey for di southside of di Lower Beth-horon.

14. Di border na from di hill wey dey face Bethhoron for di south border, e turn go south along di west side, con come out for Kiriath-baal [wey be Kiriathjearim], one town of di pipo of Judah. Na dis be di west side.

15. Di south side start from di outside of Kiriathjearim for di west, and di border con come out for di well of water of Nephtoah.

16. Di border go down to di end of di mountain wey dey before bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Benhinnom, wey dey for bottom-of-di-mountain of Giants [Rephaim] for di north side, con go down to bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Hinnom, to di side of di Jebusite city for di south, and dey go down to Enrogel.

17. E con curve go north, e go Enshemesh, kontinu go reach Geliloth wey dey face di Pass of Adummim, con move go down to di Stone of Bohan wey be di son of Reuben.

18. E kontinu go di north side of di Arabah, and e go down to Arabah.

19. E con go di north side of Bethhoglah; den di border end for di north side of place where di water curve round for di Salt Sea, for di south end of river Jordan. Na dis be di borders for di south.

20. River Jordan nahin be di border for di east side.  Na dis be di borders of di land wey di families of di tribes of Benjamin receive as dia share.

21. Di tribe of Benjamin get dis cities—family by family: Jericho, Bethhoglah, and bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Keziz,

23. And Betharabah, Zemaraim, Bethel,

24. Avim, Parah, plus Ophrah,

25. Kepharammoni, Ophni plus Gaba—twelve cities plus dia villages.

26. Gibeon, Ramah, and Beeroth.

27. And Mizpah, Kephirah, plus Mozah.

28. And Rekem, Irpeel, plus Taralah.

29. Zelah, Haeleph, di Jebusite city [wey be Jerusalem], Gibeah, plus Kiriath—fourteen cities plus dia villages. Na dis be di share of Benjamin based-on dia families.


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