Joshua Chapter 20

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Cities of To Kpanji [Hide]

  1. Naso Baba-God tell Joshua sey:
  2.  Tell di pipo of Israel sey, “Make una choose cities for hiding—wey I tell una about, tru Moses
  3. So dat any pesin wey kill pesin by mistake and wey e no know—go fit run go there to hide from di pipo wey wan revenge for blood.
  4. Wen e run go one of di cities, e go stand for front of di gate of di city, con explain hin mata to di chiefs of dat city. Naso dem go carry am enta dat city, con give am place wey e go stay wit dem.
  5. If di pipo wey dey revenge for blood pursue am come there, make di chiefs no give dem di pesin wey kill by mistake, becos e kill hin neighbour by mistake—no be sey he bin hate hin neighbour before.
  6. He go stay for dat city, until he stand for front of di pipo make dem judge am for court, and until di high priest wey dey serve dat time die. Den di pesin fit go back to hin home town, back to di city wey di pesin run from.”
  7. So dem choose Kedesh wey dey inside Galilee for di mountain Naphtali, Shechem for mountain Ephraim, plus Kiriatharba [wey be Hebron] for di mountain of Judah.
  8. For di oda side of Jordan—near Jericho, for di east side, dem choose Bezer for di desert—for di smooth-land, from inside di tribe of Reuben, plus Ramoth inside Gilead wey dey inside di tribe of Gad, and Golan for inside Bashan—from di tribe of Manasseh.
  9. Any of di pipo of Israel or any foreigner wey dey live among dem, wey kill pesin by mistake fit run go dis cities wey dem choose, and di pipo wey dey revenge becos of blood no go kill di pesin until di pesin go court for judgement for front of di pipo.


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