Joshua Chapter 23

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Joshua Last Word To Di Pipo Of Israel

  1. E con happun sey afta e don tey well-well wey Baba-God don give Israel rest from all di bad-belle pipo wey dey around dem. Joshua wey don old by dat time,
  2. con call di whole of Israel—di senior-men, chiefs, judges plus officials—and he tell dem sey: “I don old well-well.
  3. Una don see everitin for unasef—wetin Baba-God don do to all di nations becos of una, na Bab-God una Oga fight for una.
  4. See, I don use lot take share all di land of di nations wey remain, con give una tribes as una property—di land of di nations wey I take-over—from River Jordan, go reach Mediterranean Sea for di west side.
  5. Baba-God wey be una Oga go pursue dem komot from una way. He go push dem komot from una front, and una go claim dia land, as Baba-God wey be una Oga bin promise una.
  6. “Make una strong kakaraka, and make una get full-mind to follow and to do everitin wey dem write inside di Book of di Law of Moses, and make una no turn go corner—left or right.
  7. Make una no mix wit dis nations wey remain among una; make una no call di names of dia gods or use dem take swear. Una must no worship dem or bow down to dem.
  8. But una must hold Baba-God tight—wey be una Oga, just as una don take hold am tight reach today.
  9. “Baba-God don pursue big nations wey get pawa komot from una front; and no pesin fit stand una till today.
  10. One of una man go pursue one thousand pipo, becos Baba-God una Oga nahin dey fight for una, just as he don promise una.
  11. So make una calm down to love Baba-God wey be una Oga.
  12. “But if una turn komot from Baba-God in any way, con dey do padi wit di pipo wey survive from di nations wey still dey among una, and if una con dey marry dem, and dey mix wit dem,
  13. den make una dey sure sey Baba-God wey be una Oga no go pursue dis nations komot again from una front. Instead, dem go turn to traps for una, koboko for una back, and shuuku-shuuku for una eyes, until una kpeme from dis beta land wey Baba-God una Oga don give una.
  14. “Now I go soon follow di way of all di earth. Wit all una hearts and all una souls, una know sey no single one of di beta promises wey Baba-God give una don fail. Everi promise don happun; no single one of dem wey neva happun.
  15. But just as everi beta promise wey Baba-God promise una don come to pass, naso Baba-God go carry all di evil tins put on una, until he don scata una komot from dis beta land wey he don give una,
  16. if una break di agreement of Baba-God wey he give una, and una go worship oda gods, con bow down to dem. Naso Baba-God vex go burn una, and una go sharply kpeme from di beta land wey he don give una.”


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