Joshua Chapter 24

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Di Agreement For Shechem

  1. Naso Joshua gada all di tribes of Israel come Shechem. He call di senior-men, chiefs, judges plus officials of Israel—and dem show demsef for Baba-God front.
  2. Joshua con tell all di pipo sey, “Dis na wetin Baba-God, di God of Israel dey yarn: Before-before una papa-papa-papa, even Terah wey be Abraham papa and Nahor live for di oda side of di River Euphrates and dem worship oda gods.
  3. But I carry una papa-papa-papa Abraham, from di land afta di River, and I carry am tru-out di land of Cannan, con give am plenty pikin-pikin-pikin. I give am Isaac.
  4. I give Issac Jacob plus Esua.  I give di mountain of Seir to Esua as hin property, but Jacob and hin sons go Egypt.
  5. “Naso I send Moses plus Aaron, and I punish di Egyptians wit wetin I do for there, and I carry una komot las-las.
  6. Wen I carry una ancestors komot from inside Egypt, una con reach di Red sea. Di Egyptian pursue una ancestors wit dia horse-moto and dia horse-riders—far-far go reach di Red Sea.
  7. But dem cry to Baba-God for epp, and he put darkness between di pipo of Egypt and una; he use di water take cover dem and di water swallow dem. Una korokoro eyes see wetin Baba-God do to di Egyptians. Naso una con stay for di desert for long time.
  8. “I carry una enta di land of di Amorites wey dey stay for di east side of River Jordan. Dem fight una, but I put dem for una hand. I scata dem from una front, and una claim dia land.
  9. Wen Balak wey be di son of Zippor, di king of Moab, con arrange to fight against Israel, he sey make dem call Ballam wey be di son of Beor—to curse una.
  10. But I no gree listen to Balaam, so he con dey bless una everi time, and I save una from Balak hand.
  11. “Naso una cross River Jordan, con reach Jericho. Di pipo of Jericho fight una—and di Amorites sef fight una, even di Perizzites, di pipo of Cannan, Hittites, Girgashites, Hivites and Jebusites, but I put dem for una hands.
  12. I send hornets go for una front, wey pursue even two kings of di Amorites komot from una front—no be wit una sword or wit una bow and arrow.
  13. So I give una land wey una no work for, and cities wey una no build, and una stay inside dem, con chop from di grape-farms and olive plantations wey una no plant.
  14. “Now make una dey fear Baba-God and make una worship am wit all faithfulness plus truth. Make una throway di gods wey una papa-papa-papa bin dey worship for di oda side of River Euphrates and for inside Egypt, and make una serve Baba-God!
  15. But if e be like bad tin for una to worship Baba-God today, den make una choose who una go dey serve today, whether na di gods of una ancestors for di oda side of di River? Or di gods of di Amorites, wey una dey stay for dia land so? But as for me and my family, na Baba-God wey go dey serve.”
  16. Naso di pipo ansa am sey, “Lai-lai, we no go fit fashi Baba-God con dey worship oda gods!
  17. Na Baba-God awa Oga hinsef carry us and awa papa-papa-papa komot from Egypt, from di land where we bin dey serve as slaves, and he do those ogbonge signs for awa korokoro eyes to see. He guard us for all awa waka-waka, and among all di nations wey we pass for road.
  18. Naso Baba-God pursue all di nations komot from awa front, even di Amorites wey bin dey live for di land. We sef go serve Baba-God, becos nahin be awa God.”
  19. So Joshua tell di pipo sey, “Una no fit serve Baba-God. Na Holy God, na jealous God. He no go forgive una if una turn komot from am or commit sins.
  20. If una fashi Baba-God, con dey serve foreign gods, he go turn, con carry gbege put on una, con end una life, afta he don do beta tins for una.”
  21. But di pipo tell Joshua sey, “Lai-lai, we go serve Baba-God.”
  22. Naso Joshua tok sey, “Una be witness against unasef sey una don choose to serve Baba-God.” Dem con ansa am sey, “Yes, we be witness.”
  23. So Joshua tok sey, “So now, make una throway una foreign gods wey dey among una, and make una turn una heart to Baba-God wey be di God of Israel.”
  24. And di pipo tell Joshua sey, “We go serve Baba-God awa Oga, and na hin voice we go obey.”
  25. On dat day, Joshua make agreement wit di pipo, for there for Shechem—he give dem laws and commandments wey dem go follow.
  26. So Joshua write all dis tins inside di Book of di Law of Baba-God. Naso he carry big stone, con set am up for there, under di oak tree near di holy-place of Baba-God.
  27. He con tell all di pipo sey, “See! Dis stone go be witness against us. E don hear all di word wey Baba-God don follow us yarn. E go be witness against una, so dat una no go turn komot from  Baba-God.”
  28. Naso Joshua send di pipo komot, everi one of dem to dia own land.

Joshua Plus Eleazar Kpeme

29. Afta dis tins, Joshua wey be di son of Nun, and servant of Baba-God, con die wen he be hundred and ten years old.

30. So dem bury am for di land wey Baba-God promise am—for Timnathserah for mountain of Ephraim, for di north side of mountain Gaash.

31. Israel serve Baba-God tru-out di life of Joshua, and all di days of di senior-men wey live long pass Joshua—and wey experience everitin wey Baba-God do for Israel.

32. Na for Shechem dem burry Joseph bones—wey di pipo of Israel carry komot from Egypt. Dem bury am for one land wey Jacob bin buy from di sons of Hamor wey be di papa of Shechem, for hundred pieces of silver: and di land con belong to all di pikins of Joseph.

33. Naso Eleazar wey be di son of Aaron die, and dem bury am for Gibeah wey dem share give hin son Phinehas for di mountain of Ephraim.


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