Joshua Chapter 16

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Di Share of Ephraim Plus West Manasseh

  1. Di share of di pikins of Joseph start from river Jordan, near Jericho, to di waters of Jericho for di east, con move from there pass di desert wey go up from Jericho, pass di mountain of Bethel.
  2. E kontinu from Bethel [wey be Luz], con pass along to di border of Arkites to Ataroth.
  3. E come down for di west side to di area of di Japhletites, far go reach Lower Beth-horon. E kontinu go Gezer, con end for di Mediterranean sea.
  4. So Manasseh plus Ephraim wey be di sons of Joseph receive dia land.
  5. Na dis be di border of di pikins of Ephraim, family by family: Di border of dia land start from Atarothaddar for di east side of Upper Beth-horon,
  6. Di border kontinu reach di big-river [sea], for Micmethath for di north side, e con turn go di east side, go Taanath-shiloh, con pass near am for di east side of Janohah;
  7. E con go down from Janoah go Ataroth, and Naarah, e reach Jericho, con come out for River Jordan.
  8. From Tappuah di border go west to river Kanah, and e end for di big-river [sea]. Na dis be di share of land of di sons of Ephraim by dia families.
  9. Di separate cities for di sons of Ephraim dey among di land of di pikins of Manasseh—all di cities plus dia villages.
  10. Dem no pursue di pipo of Canaan komot, wey dey live for Gezer; but di pipo of Cannan dey live among di pipo of Ephraim, dem turn dem to dia servants—till today.


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