Judges Chapter 1

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           Israel Fight Di Pipo Of Canaan Wey Remain

  1. Afta Joshua kpeme, di pipo of Israel con ask Baba-God sey, “Who go be di first to go fight for us against di pipo of Canaan?
  2. Baba-God ansa dem sey, “Na Judah go go up; I don put di land for dia hands.”
  3. Naso di men of Judah tell di pipo of Simeon wey be dia brodas—sey, “Make una come follow us enta di territory wey dem share give us, to fight againts di pipo of Canaan. We sef go follow una enta una own share of di land.” So di pipo of Simeon follow dem.
  4. Wen Judah attack, Baba-God put di pipo Canaan plus di Perizzites for dia hand, and dem kill ten thousand men for Bezek.
  5. Na for there dem see Adonibezek for Bezek, con fight am, and dem kill di pipo of Canaan plus di Perizzites.
  6. Adonibezek run, but dem pursue am con catch am, and dem cut hin thick-fingers plus hin big toes komot.
  7. Naso Adonibezek  tok sey, “Seventy kings wit dia thick-fingers plus dia big toes wey I cut komot, bin dey chop wetin fall under my table; Baba-God don pay me back for wetin I do.” So dem carry am go Jerusalem and na for there he die.
  8. Di men of Judah attack Jerusalem con take-over di city sef. Dem kill everi pesin for di city wit sword, con burn di city.
  9. Afta dat, di men of Judah go fight di pipo of Canaan wey dey stay for di mountains, di south, plus bottom-of-di-mountain.
  10. Dem move against di pipo of Canaan wey dey live for Hebron [before-before di name of Hebron na Kirijatharba]. And dem take-over di pipo of Sheshai, Ahiman plus Talmai.
  11. From there dem move go fight di pipo wey dey live for Debir [before-before di name of Debir na Kiriathsepher].
  12. Naso Caleb tok sey, “I go give my daughter Acsah—to marry di man wey go attack Kriathsepher, con take over am.
  13. Onthniel wey be di son of Kenaz, Caleb junior broda, take-over di city; so Caleb give hin daughter Acsah, to marry Kenaz [her cousin].
  14. One day wen she come meet Onthniel, she ask am to allow her ask her papa for land. Wen she come down from her donkey, Caleb ask her, “Wetin I fit do for you?”
  15. She ansa am, “Give me blessing. Since you don give me land for di south, give me land wey dey flow wit water sef.” Naso Caleb give her land wit water wey dey flow from di up side and water wey dey flow for down.
  16. Naso di sons of Moses fada-in-law, di Kenite, con go up to di City of Palms Trees—wit di men of Judah, to live among di pipo of di Desert of Judah wey dey for di south of Arad.
  17. Naso di men of Judah follow di pipo of Simeon wey be dia brodas. Dem attack di pipo Canaan wey dey stay for Zephath. Dem scata di city kpatakpata. So dem call di place Hormah.
  18. Di men of Judah still take-over Gaza, Ashkelon plus Ekron—everi city wit e territory.
  19. Baba-God dey wit di men of Judah. Dem claim di land of di pipo wey dey live for di mountain, but dem no fit pursue di pipo wey dey stay for bottom-of-di-mountain, becos dem get horse-moto wey dem make wit iron.
  20. Dem give Hebron to Caleb as Moses bin tok—So Caleb pursue di three sons of Anak komot from there.
  21. Di pipo of Benjamin no fit pursue di Jebusite komot—wey dey stay for Jerusalem; so di Jebus pipo dey live for there wit di pipo of Benjamin till today.
  22. Now di house of Joseph attack Bethel and Baba-God dey wit dem.
  23. Wen di house of Joseph send men go spy Bethel [wey dem bin dey call Luz],
  24. Di pipo wey dem send go spy, con see one man dey come out from di city, and dem tell di man sey, “Show us how we go fit enta di city and we go show you good-heart.”
  25. So he show dem how to enta di city, and dem kill di pipo of di city wit sword but dem save di man and hin whole family.
  26. Di man komot go di land of di Hittites where he build one city, con call am Luz, and di name of di city till today.

Dem No Take-over Di Land Finish

27. But Manasseh no pursue di pipo of Bethshan or Taanach or Dor, or Ibleam or Megiddo and di villages wey dey around dem, becos di pipo of Canaan stay for di land.

28. Wen Israel con strong, dem force di pipo of Canaan to do slave work, but dem no pursue dem komot kpatakpata.

29. And di pipo of Ephraim no pursue di pipo of Canaan we dey stay for Gezer, so di pipo of Canaan kontinu to live for there among dem.

30. Even di pipo of Zebulun no pursue di pipo of Canaan wey dey live for Kitron or Nahalol; but dem force dem to do slave work.

31. Di pipo of Asher no pursue di pipo wey dey live for Aczib, Helbah, Aphek, or Rehob,

32. but di pipo of Asher live among di pipo of Canaan for di land, becos dem no pursue dem komot.

33. Di pipo of Naphtali no pursue those pipo wey dey live for Bethshemesh or Bethanath; so di pipo of Naphtali live among di pipo of Canaan for di land, but di pipo of Naphtali force di pipo wey dey live for Bethshemesh plus Bethanath—to do slave work for dem.

34. Di Amorite push di pipo of Dan go di mountain, and dem no allow dem come bottom-of-di-mountain.

35. So di Amorite live for mountain Heres, Aijalon, plus Shaalbim, but wen di sons of Joseph con get pawa more-more, dem force di Amorites to work as slaves.

36. Di boundary of di Amorite na from di way wey go up to Akrabbim—from di rock go up.


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