Judges Chapter 10

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  1. Afta di time of Abimelech, e get one man wey con rise from Issachar—Tola wey be di son of Puah, di son of Dodo wey rise to save Israel. He dey stay for Shamir for di Mountain of Ephraim.
  2. He lead Israel for twenty-three years; he con die, and dem bury am for Shamir.


3. Afta am, Jair of Gilead—wey lead Israel for twenty-two years.

4. He get thirty sons wey dey ride thirty donkeys. Dem get thirty cities for Gilead wey dem call Havvothjair till today.

5. Wen Jair die, dem bury am for Kamon.


6. Di pipo of Israel do evil tin for Baba-God eyes again. Dem serve Baalim plus Ashtaroth, and di gods of Syria, di gods of Sidon, di gods of Moab, di gods of Ammon, plus di gods of di Philistines. Di pipo of Israel fashi Baba-God and dem no gree serve am again.

7. So Baba-God con dey vex for dem. He sell dem put for di Philistines hands and di hands of Ammonites.

8. And dat year, dem oppress and stress di pipo of Israel. Dem oppress all di pipo of Israel for eighteen years for di east side of River Jordan, for di land of di Amorites, for inside Gilead.

9. Di Amorites still cross River Jordan to fight against Judah, Benjamin plus di house of Ephraim, and Israel con dey inside serious wahala.

10. Di pipo of Israel cry to Baba-God sey, “We don sin against you, we fashi awa God con dey worship di Baals.”

11. Naso Baba-God ansa dem, “Abi I no save una from di Egyptian, di Amorites, and from di Philistines?

12. Di pipo of Sidon, di pipo of Amalek and di pipo of Maon oppress una and una cry to me for epp, abi I no save una from dia hands?

13. But una don fashi me, con dey serve oda gods, so I no go save una again.

14. Make una cry go meet di gods wey una don choose. Make dem save una wen yawa gas!”

15. But di pipo of Israel tell Baba-God sey, “We don commit sin. Do us anytin wey you tink sey be di best, but abeg save us now.”

16. Naso dem komot dia foreign gods wey dey among dem, and dem con dey serve Baba-God. So hin souls feel pain becos of di suffer-suffer of Israel.

17. Naso di pipo of Ammon gada togeda con camp for Gilead. So di pipo of Israel gada demsef togeda, con camp for Mizpah.

18. Di leader of di pipo of Gilead con tell demsef sey, “Any pesin wey start di attack against di pipo of Ammon nahin go be di head of everi pesin wey dey live for Gilead.”


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