Judges Chapter 3

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  1. Na dis be di nations wey Baba-God leave, to test all di pipo of Israel wey neva experience any war for Canaan.
  2. He do dis tin only to teach di pikin-pikin-pikin of Israel how to sabi fight war—pipo wey neva experience war before]:
  3. Di five kings of di Philistines, all di pipo of Canaan, di pipo of Sidon, di Hivites wey dey live for di mountains of Lebanon—from di Mountian of Baalhermon reach di doormot of Hamath.
  4. Baba-God leave dem for there to test di pipo of Israel—to see if dem go obey wetin Baba-God tell dem—di command wey Baba-God bin give dia papa-papa-papa tru Moses.
  5. Di pipo of Israel live among di pipo of Canaan, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, plus Jebusites.
  6. Dem marry dia daughters, con give dia own daughters to dia sons to marry, and dem even serve dia gods.


7. Di pipo of Israel do evil tin for Baba-God eyes, dem fashi Baba-God wey be dia Oga, con dey serve Baalim plus Asherahs.

8. Baba-God con dey vex for Israel like faya, sote he sell dem enta di hands of Cushan-Rishathaim wey be di king of Mesopotamia, and di pipo of Israel serve Cushan-Rishathaim for eight years.

9. But wen dem cry to Baba-God, he give dem pesin wey save dem—Othniel wey be di son of Kenaz, Caleb junior broda—wey save dem.

10. Di Spirit of Baba-God enta am, and he con be di judge of Israel. He carry Israel go fight war. And Baba-God put Cushan-Rishathaim wey be di king of Mesopotamia —for Othniel hand. Naso he win Cushan-Rishathaim.

11. So peace con dey for di land for forty years, until Othniel wey be Kenaz pikin—con kpeme.


12. Di pipo of Israel do evil tin again for Baba-God eyes, and becos dem do dis evil tin, Baba-God give Eglon wey be di king of Moab—di pawa to control di pipo of Israel.

13. He tell di Amonites plus di Amalekites to join am. Eglon con attack Israel, and dem take-over di City of Palm Trees.

14. Di pipo of Israel serve Eglon wey be di king of Moab for eighteen years.

15. So di pipo of Israel cry to Baba-God again and he give dem pesin wey go save dem—Ethud, man wey dey use left hand, na di pikin of Gera wey be from Benjamin. Di pipo of Israel send am to go give gift to Eglon di king of Moab.

16. But Ethud bin make one knife wey long reach one and half feet. He sharp di two sides of di knife. He con tie am for hin right lap under hin cloth.

17. He give di gift to Eglon wey be di king of Moab—na man wey be thick ororbor.

18. Afta Ehud give am di gift, he tell di pipo wey epp am carry di gift—sey make dem dey go.

19. Around di stone images near Gilgal, he turn back, con tok sey, “I get secret message for you oh king.” Di king con tok sey make everi pesin dey silent. Naso all hin servants komot from where di king dey.

20. Ethud con waka go meet Eglon as he dey sidon alone for di parlour wey dey up, and Ethud tok sey, “I get message from Baba-God for you. As king Eglon stand up from hin chair,

21. naso Ethud use hin left hand take drag di knife from hin right lap, con shuuk am inside di king belle.

22. Even di hand of di knife enta inside di belle wit di sharp side of di knife, wey komot from di king back—sote Ethud no fit drag di knife come out, becos di fat for di man body don cover di knife. And di king body burst out.

23. Naso Ethud komot tru di balcony, con close di doors of di upstairs room, and he lock dem.

24. Afta Ethud don komot, di servants come, con see sey di doors of di parlour lock, naso dem tok sey, “Di king must dey chill for inside hin room.”

25. Dem wait sote dem con taya, but wen he no gree open di door of di parlour, dem con carry one key take open di door. Na for there dem see sey dia king don die for ground.

26. Ethud don komot as dem bin dey wait. He pass di stone images con escape go Seirah.

27. Wen he reach there, he blow trumpet for di mountain of Ephraim, and di pipo of Israel follow am go down as he dey lead dem.

28. He tell dem sey, “Make una follow me, becos Baba-God don put Moab wey be una enemies—for una hand.” So dem follow am, dem seize di low side of river Jordan wey dey lead to Moab, and dem no let any pesin cross.

29. Around dat time, dem kill ten thousand pipo of Moab—all dia strong men wey get pawa; no single man escape.

30. Dat day nahin Moab fall for Israel hand, and peace con dey for di land for eighty years.


31. Afta Ethud, one man wey dem dey call Shamger wey be di son of Anath. Shamger kill six hundred Philistine wit malu-stick, and hinsef save di pipo of Israel.


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