Judges Chapter 4

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  1. Afta Ethud kpeme, di pipo of Israel con dey do evil tins for Baba-God eyes again.
  2. So Baba-God sell dem enta Jabin hand—Jabin na king of Canaan wey reign for Hazor. Di captain of hin army na Sisera wey dey live for Harosheth Haggoyim.
  3. Becos he get nine hundred horse-moto, and he don oppress di pipo of Israel wit wickedness for twenty years, di pipo of Israel con cry to Baba-God for epp.
  4. Deborah na Prophetess wey be Lappidoth wife—na she dey judge Israel dat time.
  5. Her court dey under di Palm tree of Deborah, between Ramah and Bethel for Mountain Ephraim, and di pipo of Israel dey come meet her to settle dia mata.
  6. She sey make dem go call Barak wey be di son of Abinoam from Kedesh for Naphtali, and she con tell am sey, “Baba-God wey be di Oga of Israel dey command you sey, ‘Go, carry ten thousand men of Zebulun and Naphtali, and make you gada dem for Mountain Tabor;
  7. I go use style carry Sisera come meet you—Sisera wey be di captain of Jabin army. I go carry am come meet you for River Kishon wit all hin horse-moto plus hin sojas, and I go put Sisera for you hands.’ ”
  8. Naso Barak tell Deborah sey, “If you follow me go—I go go, but I no go go if you no follow me go.”
  9. Deborah con tok sey, “Oya, I go follow you go, but no be you get di praise for dis waka wey you wan waka so, na Baba-God go put Sisera for woman hand.” So Deborah follow Barak go Kedesh.
  10. And Barak call Naphtali and Zabulun, ten thousand men follow am, and Deborah follow am go sef.
  11. Now Heber wey be Kenite bin leave di oda Kenites, Heber na di pikin-pikin-pikin of Hobab wey be Moses broda-in-law. He con set hin tent for di smooth-land of Zaanaim near Kadesh.
  12. Wen dem tell Sisera sey Balak wey be di son of Abinoam don climb up go Mountain Tabor,
  13. Sisera gada hin nine-hundred iron horse-moto, plus all di men wey dey wit am, from Harosheth Haggoyim go reach di Kishon River.
  14. Naso Deborah tell Balak sey, “Go, dis na di day wey Baba-God don put Sisera for your hand. Abi Baba-God neva go for front of you?” So Balak go down from Mountain Tabor wit ten thousand men wey follow am.
  15. Wen Barak attack, naso Baba-God make fear catch Sisera wit all hin horse-moto and sojas. Sisera jump komot from hin horse-moto, con run to escape wit leg.
  16. But Barak pursue di horse-moto plus dia army far go reach Harosheth Haggoyim. Dem kill di sojas of Sisera wit sword and no single man remain.
  17. But Sisera use leg run go Jael tent. She be di wife of Heber, di Kenite, becos Jabin di king of Hazor and di family of Heber di Kenite na padi.
  18. Jael go out to meet Sisera, con tell am sey, “Come my oga, come inside straight. No let fear catch you.” So Sisera enta her tent, and she use cloth take cover am.
  19. Naso he tok sey, “Water dey hungry me, abeg give me small water.” So she open bottle of milk, con give am to drink, and she con cover am.
  20. He con tell her sey, “Stand for di doormot of di tent, if any pesin come here, con ask you sey, ‘Any pesin dey for here?’ Make you tok sey, ‘No!’ ”
  21. Sisera taya, con sleep. Naso Jael wey be Heber wife waka go meet am wit hammer plus one nail for her hand. She nack di nail from hin head enta ground. Naso he die.
  22. As Barak dey pursue Sisera, naso Jael come meet am, con tok sey, “Come, I go show you di man wey you dey fyne.” So he follow her, and na for there Sisera lie down wit tent nail wey shuuk hin head.
  23. On dat day, Baba-God over-pawa Jabin wey be di king of Canaan, for front of di pipo of Israel.
  24. Di hand of Israel con dey strong more-more against Jabin wey be di king of Canaan until dem kill am.


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