Judges Chapter 5

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  1. On dat day, Deborah plus Barak wey be di son of Abinoam con sing dis song:
  2. “Wen di princes wey dey for Israel start to dey lead, and di pipo give demsef wit free-mind [for di fight]—praise Baba-God!
  3. “Oh kings, make una hear dis tin. Listen, una wey be rulers! I go sing to Baba-God, I go sing; I go make music to Baba-God—di Oga of Israel.
  4. “Oh Baba-God, wen you komot from Seir, wen you march from di land of Edom, di earth con dey shake, di heavens pour, di clouds pour water for ground.
  5. Di mountains shake for Baba-God front; dis Sinai, for front of Baba-God, di God of Israel.
  6. “For di days of Shamgar wey be di son of Anath, for di days of Jael—di main roads empty; and pipo wey dey travel dey go pass corner-corner.
  7. Village life for Israel con stop, e stop until me, Deborah, rise up, as mama for Israel.
  8. Wen dem choose new gods, war reach di gates of di city, and dem no see shield or long-sharp-weapon among forty thousand pipo for Israel.
  9. My heart dey wit di princes of Israel, wit di pipo wey give demsef wit free-mind among di pipo. Praise Baba-God!
  10. “Tok about dis tin, una wey dey ride white donkeys; una wey dey sidon for judgement, and una wey dey waka for road.
  11. Far from di noise of di pipo wey dey shoot arrow, listen to di music of di pipo near di wells, dem dey sing about Baba-God good works, di good tins wey he do for di villagers for Israel; naso Baba-God pipo go march go di gates of di city.
  12. ‘Wake up, wake up, Deborah! Wake up, wake up, start to dey sing song! Rise up, Oh Barak! Catch awa enemies, oh son of Abinoam.’
  13. “Baba-God pipo wey remain join wit dia leaders, Baba-God pipo join me fight against strong sojas.
  14. Some come from Ephraim—di land wey bin belong to Amalek; Benjamin dey among di pipo wey follow you, wit your sojas. Di commanders come from Machir, and dem come from Zebulun—those wey dey carry di commander walking-stick.
  15. Di princes of Issachar dey wit Deborah; even Issachar wit Barak, wey dem send go bottom-of-di-mountain. But di tribe of Reuben con get two-mind; dem no fit decide to come.
  16. So why dem stay for house wit di sheep? Abi na to listen to di shepherds whistle for di sheep? Yes, di tribe of Reuben divide, dem no fit decide whether to come or not.
  17. Gilead stay afta Jordan, and Dan, why he waste time wit ships? Di tribe of Asher dey for waterside. Dem dey for beach.
  18. Di pipo of Zebulun risk dia own lives, even Naphtali—for di high places of di fighting-ground.
  19. “Kings come, dem fight, di king of Canaan fight for Taanach near di water of Megiddo, but dem no carry any silver, or any tin wey dem obtain.
  20. Di stars fight from di heavens, dem fight against Sisera as dem dey move for up.
  21. River Kishon sweep dem komot, di river wey don old well-well, di River Kishon. March dey go, my soul, dey strong.
  22. Naso di horses dey jump dey go, dey march di ground wit dia horse-shoe.
  23. Baba-God angel tok sey, “Curse Meroz, curse, swear for di pipo wey dey stay for there. Dem no come epp Baba-God, or come fight for am as sojas.”
  24. “Make Jael be di woman wey get blessings pass, wey be di wife of Heber di Kenite—di woman wey get favour pass any oda woman wey dey live for tent.
  25. He ask for water, and she give am milk; and she use bowl wey dem take dey serve prince take give am butter.
  26. She use her left hand carry di peg of di tent, con use her right hand take carry di workers hammer. She nack Sisera wit di hammer, con scata hin head. Wit heavy hit, naso she break hin head.
  27. He sink for her leg, he fall, na for there he lie down put. He sink for her leg, na for there he take fall; where he sink, na for there he fall, con die.
  28. Sisera mama look from di window; from di net-design nahin she dey watch, she con ask sey, “Why dis horse-moto dey waste time to come, why di tires of hin horse-moto dey do sme-sme to reach here?”
  29. Naso her wise women ansa her, and she repeat dis words to hersef:
  30. “Abi dem no dey fyne and share properties wey dem collect from dia enemies—wit one or two babes for everi man; and clothes wey dem dye go dey for Sisera, wit cloth wey dem dye and design, and two pieces of clothes wey dem dye and design, for di neck of di pesin wey dey obtain hin enemy?’
  31. “So make all your enemies kpeme, Oh Baba-God! But make di pipo wey love you shine like di sun wen e dey rise wit e full pawa.” So peace con dey for di land for forty years.


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