Judges Chapter 6

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  1. Di pipo of Israel con do evil tins again for Baba-God eyes, so Baba-God put dem for di hands of di pipo of Midia for seven years.
  2. Di pawa of Midian oppress dem well-well, sote di pipo of Israel con dey arrange house for demsef for inside rock, mountains and strong-places.
  3. Any time wey di pipo of Israel plant for dia farm, di pipo of Midian, Amalek and oda pipo from di east go come attack dem.
  4. Dem go camp for di land, con spoil dia farm reach Gaza, and dem no go leave anytin alive for Israel—sheep or malu, or donkeys.
  5. Dem come wit dia malu and dia tents, and dem plenty like grasshoppers; dem plus dia camels plenty well-well like sand-sand. Dem enta di land to scata am.
  6. Midian con make di pipo of Israel poor sote dem con dey cry to Baba-God for epp.
  7. Wen di pipo of Israel cry to Baba-God becos of di pipo of Midian,
  8. Baba-God con send prophet to dem wey tell dem sey, “Dis na wetin Baba-God, di Oga of Israel dey tok: I carry una komot from Egypt, komot from di land where we bin dey as slaves.
  9. I save una komot from di pawa of Egypt, and from di hand of all di pipo wey dey oppress una. I pursue dem komot from una front, con give una di land.
  10. I con tell una sey, ‘Na me be Baba-God una Oga; make una no fear di gods of di Amorites wey una dey live for dia land.’ But una no gree listen to me.”
  11. Baba-God angel come, con sidon under di oak for Ophrah, wey belong to Joash di Abiezrite, where hin son Gideon dey komot di seeds from wheat for one wine-factory, to hide am from di pipo of Midian.
  12. Wen Baba-God angel show-face to Gideon, he tell am sey, “Baba-God dey wit you, strong gallant man.”
  13. So Gideon ansa am sey, “But oga, if Baba-God dey wit us, why all dis tins con dey happun to us? Where all di ogbobge miracles wey awa ancestors bin tell us about—wen dem tok sey, ‘Abi no be Baba-God carry us komot from Egypt?’ But Baba-God don fashi us now, con put us for Midian hand.”
  14. Di Oga turn face am, con tell am sey, “Go wit di pawa wey you get, and make you save Israel from di hand of Midian. Abi no be me dey send you?”
  15. Gideon con ask am sey, “But Oga, how I go take save Israel? My family na poor pipo for Manasseh, and na me be di smallest for my family.”
  16. So di Oga ansa am sey, “I go true-true dey wit you, and you go kill all di pipo of Midian as if you dey fight one man.”
  17. Gideon ansa am, “If I don see favour for your eyes, give me sign sey na you dey true-true dey follow me tok.
  18. Abeg no komot until I come back, con carry offering give you.” And di Oga tok sey, “I go wait until you come back.”
  19. Gideon enta inside go arrange small goat. He use from di basket of flour take bake some bread wit no yeast. He carry di meat for basket, con put di soup for inside pot, he carry dem come out, and he give am to Baba-God angel under di oak tree.
  20. Baba-God angel con tell am sey, “Take di meat plus di bread wit no yeast, con put am on top of dis rock, and pour di soup on top of am.” So Gideon do wetin di angel tell am.
  21. Baba-God angel con touch di meat plus di bread wey dem make wit no yeast—wit di end of di stick wey dey for hin hand. Naso faya burn from di rock, con burn di meat plus di bread wey dem make wit no yeast. So Baba-God angel con disappear.
  22. Wen Gideon con sabi sey na Baba-God angel, he shout, “Las-las, Almighty God! I don see Baba-God angel face to face!”
  23. But Baba-God tell am sey, “Make peace dey wit you! No let fear catch you. You no go kpeme.”
  24. So Gideon build altar for Baba-God for there, con call am, ‘Baba-God na Peace.’ Until today, e still stand for Ophrah of di Abiezrites.
  25. Dat same night, Baba-God con tell am sey, “Carry di second malu from your papa animals, di one wey be seven years old. Break your papa altar of Baal for ground, con cut down di image of Asherah wey dey near am.
  26. Den make you build correct altar for Baba-God your Oga on top of dis rock. Use di wood of di image wey you break—take set faya to offer di second malu as burnt offering.”
  27. So Gideon take ten of hin servants, con do wetin Baba-God tell am. But becos he dey fear hin family-pipo plus di men of di city, he do am for night instead of afta-noon.

Gideon Scata Di Altar of Baal

28. Wen di men of di city wake up for mor-mor, dem see sey Baal altar don scata wit di image of Asherah wey don break near am. And dem see di second malu wey pesin sacrifice for di new altar wey dem build.

29. Dem con ask demsef sey, “Who do dis tin?” Wen dem torch-light di mata well-well, dem con yarn dem sey, “Gideon wey be di son of Joash nahin do am.”

30. Naso di men of di city con dey ginger Joash sey, “Carry your pikin come out. He must die, becos he don break down Baal altar, con cut di image of wood wey dey near am.”

31. But Joash ansa di plenty pipo wey gada against am, “Abi na una go fight for Baal? Abi una dey try to save am? Any pesin wey dey fight for am go die before morning reach! If Baal na god, make he fight for hinsef wen pesin break hin altar.”

32. So dat day, dem call Gideon “Jerub-Baal,” wey mean sey, “Make Baal fight wit am, becos he break down Baal altar.”

33. Now all di pipo of Midian, plus di pipo of Amalek, and di oda pipo from di east con join dia pawa, dem cross to di oda side of River Jordan, and dem camp for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Jezreel.

34. Naso Baba-God Spirit enta Gideon, and he blow trumpet to call di Abiezrites to follow am.

35. He send messenger tru-out Manasseh, he call dem to carry weapon, he call Asher sef, Zebulun plus Naphtali, so dat dem sef go meet am.

36. Gideon con tell Baba-God sey, “If you go save Israel wit my hand, as you don promise—

37. See, I go put some wool for di harvest ground dis night. If di wool wet wit dew for morning but di ground dry, den I go sabi sey you go epp me save Israel as you bin promise.”

38. See naso e con happun. Gideon stand up for early mor-mor di next day, he squeeze di wool and he press one full bowl of water.

39. Naso Gideon tell Baba-God sey, “No vex for me. Make I ask you for one more tin. Abeg make I do one more test wit di wool. Dis time make di wool dry but make di ground wet.”

40. Baba-God do am dat night. Na only di wool dry for morning, but di ground wet wit dew.


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