Judges Chapter 7

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Gideon Win Di Pipo of Midian

  1. Early mor-mor, Jerubbaal [wey be Gideon] and all hin men camp near di well of Harod. Di pipo of Midian con camp for di north side of where dem dey—for bottom-of-mountain, near Moreh.
  2. Naso Baba-God tell Gideon sey, “Your men too plenty for me to put Midian for your hand. So dat Israel no go dey make-mouth for me sey na her own pawa nahin save her.
  3. So tell di pipo now sey, ‘Any pesin wey dey shake wit fear fit dey go back, con komot from Mountain Gilead.’ ” So twenty-two thousand men komot and ten thousand men remain.
  4. But Baba-God tell Gideon sey, “Di men still too much. Carry dem go di water side, and I go test dem for you for there. If I tok sey, “Dis one go follow you go, den he go go; but if I tok sey, “Dis one no go follow you go,’ den he no go follow you go.”
  5. So Gideon carry di men go di water side. Na for there Baba-God tell am sey, “Separate those pipo wey drink di water wit dia tongue like dog, from those wey kneel down to drink.”
  6. Three hundred of di men drink wit dia hands wey dem form like cup, con use dia tongue drink like dogs. All di odas kneel down dey drink wit dia mouth inside di stream.
  7. So Baba-God tell Gideon sey, “Na dis 300 men wey drink water wit dia tongue nahin I go take save you, con make you win di Midianites. Tell all di oda men to dey go house.”
  8. Gideon send di rest of di pipo of Israel back to dia house, but Gideon keep di oda three hundred men—wey con collect di food wit trumpets from di odas. And di camp of di pipo of Midian dey under dem for bottom-of-di-mountain.
  9. Dat night, Baba-God tell Gideon sey, “Get up, go down make you go fight dia army, becos I go put dem for your hand.
  10. But if you dey fear to attack, go di enemy camp wit your servant Purah,
  11. con listen to wetin dem dey tok. Afta dat, your spirit go ginger to attack di camp.” So him and Purah hin servant, con go near di enemy camp.
  12. Di pipo of Midian, Amalek, and di oda pipo from di east bin settle down for bottom-of-di-mountain, dem plenty like grasshoppers. Dem no fit count dia camels as dem plenty like sand-sand for beach.
  13. Gideon reach there just as one man dey gist hin padi about hin dream. He tok sey, “I dream one dream. One round bread con fall inside di camp of Midian. E nack di tent well-well sote di tent turn, con scata.”
  14. Hin padi ansa am, “Dis one fit only be di sword of Gideon—Gideon wey be di son of Joash—di Israelite. Baba-God don put di pipo of Midian plus di whole army for hin hand.”
  15. Wen Gideon hear dis dream and wetin di dream mean, naso he con dey worship Baba-God. He go back to di camp of Israel, con halla, “Make una get up! Baba-God don put di army of Midian for una hand.”
  16. He divide di three hundred men to three groups, he give dem trumpets wit empty container wit torch inside am.
  17. He tell dem sey, “Make una watch me, make una do di same tin. Wen I reach near di camp, do exactly wetin I do.
  18. Wen me plus everi pesin wey dey wit me blow awa trumpets, den make una blow una own trumpets from everi side of di camp, con shout, ‘Di sword of Baba-God and di sword of Gideon.’ ”
  19. Gideon plus di hundred men wey dey wit am reach near di camp afta midnight, and e neva too tey afta dem change di guard. Naso dem blow di trumpets, con break di containers wey dem dey carry.
  20. Di oda three groups blow dia trumpets, con break di containers. Dem hold di torch wit dia left hand, con use dia right hand take carry di trumpet to blow. Naso dem con dey shout, “Di sword of Baba-God and di sword of Gideon!”
  21. Everi man hold hin position round di camp, naso all di pipo of Midian run, con dey shout as dem dey run komot.
  22. Wen di three hundred trumpets sound, naso Baba-God make di men wey dey for di whole camp to dey fight demsef wit swords. Di army run go Bethshittah for Zerarah, far-far go reach di border of Abelmeholah near Tabbath.
  23. Dem call di pipo of Israel from Naphtali, Asher plus di whole of Manasseh, and dem pursue di pipo of Midian.
  24. Gideon send messengers tru-out mountain Ephraim—sey, “Make una come down to fight di pipo of Midian, con take-over di water of Jordan before dem—far-far go reach Bethbarah. So dem call all di men of Ephraim come out. Dem seize River Jordan far-far go reach Bethbarah.
  25. Dem still catch two of di leaders of Midian—Oreb plus Zeeb. Dem kill Oreb for di rock of Oreb, and dem kill Zeeb for di wine-factory of Zeeb. Dem pursue di pipo of Midian, con carry Oreb and Zeeb head come back—to meet Gideon for di oda side of Jordan.


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