Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Judges Chapter 8

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Gideon Over-pawa Di Pipo Of Midian

  1. So di pipo of Ephraim ask Gideon sey, “Why you dey do us like dis? Why you no call us wen you go fight di pipo of Midian?” And dem challenge am well-well.
  2. But he ansa dem sey, “Wetin I don do if I wan compare mysef wit una? Abi even di remaining grapes of Ephraim harvest no beta pass di whole harvest of Abiezer?
  3. Baba-God give una Oreb plus Zeeb wey be di leader of Midian. Wetin I don do if I wan compare mysef wit una?” Naso dem con stop to dey vex for am afta he tok like dat.
  4. Gideon plus hin three hundred men wey don taya—kontinu to pursue dia enemies—dem reach Jordan and dem cross am.
  5. He con tell di men of Succoth sey, “Give my sojas some bread; dem don taya, but I still dey pursue Zebah plus Zalmunna, di kings of Midian.”
  6. But di princess of Succoth tok sey, “Abi you don already catch di hand of Zebah plus Zalmunna? Why we go give your sojas bread?”
  7. Naso Gideon ansa am sey, “Wen Baba-God don put Zebah plus Zalmunna for my hand, I go tear una body wit shuuku-shuuku and wild flower of di desert.”
  8. From there, he go up to Peniel and he ask dem for di same tin, but dem ansa am just like di men of Succoth ansa am.
  9. So he tell di men of Peniel sey, “Wen I dey come back wit victory, I go break dis una tall-building.”
  10. Now Zebah plus Zalmunna dey for Karkor wit about fifteen thousand sojas, all di men wey remain from di army of di pipo of di east; one hundred and twenty thousand men wey dey fight wit sword don already fall.
  11. Gideon follow di road of those pipo wey dey live for tents, for di east side of Nobah and Jogbehah, and he attack di army wen dem dey like sey notin-dey-happun.
  12. Zebah plus Zalmunna, di two kings of di pipo of Midian run, but he pursue dem, con catch di two kings, and he cos katakata for dia whole army.
  13. Gideon wey be Joash pikin con come back from di war before di sun rise.
  14. He catch one young man of Socoth, con ask am question, and di young man describe di princes of Succoth for am, plus di senior-men—seventy-seven of dem.
  15. So Gideon come, con tell di men of Socoth sey, “Dis na Zebah plus Zalmunna, wey una whyne me about sey, ‘Abi you don already catch Zebah plus Zalmunna? Why I go con give bread to your sojas wey don taya?”
  16. He carry di senior-men of di town, con punish di men of Succoth. He punish dem wit shuuku-shuuku and briers for desert [wild flower plant wey e bodi get sharp part wey fit shuuk].
  17. He still break dia tall-building of Peniel, con kill di men for di city.
  18. He con ask Zebah plus Zalmunna sey, “Which kain men una kill for Tabor?” Dem ansa am sey, “Na men like you, all of dem resemble king pikin.”
  19. Gideon ansa, “Those pipo na my brodas, my own mama pikin. As surely as Baba-God dey alive, if to sey you no kill dem, I for no kill you.”
  20. He turn face Jether wey be hin senior son, con tell am sey, “Kill dem!” But Jether no drag hin sword come out, becos he just be small boy and he dey fear.
  21. Zebah plus Zalmunna con tok sey, “Come, kill us by yoursef. As man be—naso hin pawa be sef.’ ” So Gideon kill di two of dem, con carry di half-moon designs wey dey for dia camel necks.

Gideon Priest-cloth

22. Di pipo of Israel tell Gideon sey, “Be awa king—you, your sons and your pikin-pikin-pikin becos you don save us from di hand of di pipo of Midian.”

23. But Gideon tell dem sey, “Me and my sons no go fit be una king. Na Baba-God go rule una.”

24. And he tok sey, “But e get one tin wey I wan ask una, make all of una give me earrings from di tins wey una obtain from una enemies.” [All di pipo of Ishmeal, dia enemies dey wear gold earrings.]

25. So dem ansa am, “We go give dem wit free-mind.” So dem spread cloth and everi man throw earring put for di cloth—from wetin dem collect from dia enemies.

26. Di weight of di gold earrings wey he ask for con be reach about 20 kilograms, apart from half-moon designs, pendants, plus purple cloth wey di kings of Midian wear, and di chains wey dey around di neck of dia camels.

27. Gideon use di gold take make priest-cloth, con put am for Ophrah wey be hin city. But as di pipo of Israel con start to dey worship di idol, dis tin con turn to trap for Gideon plus hin family.

As Gideon Take Kpeme

28. So di pipo of Median fall for front of di pipo of Israel and dem no raise dia head again. Wen Gideon dey alive, di land enjoy peace for forty years.

29. Jerubbaal wey be di son of Joash go back to hin house go stay.

30. He get seventy sons becos he get plenty wives.

31. Hin side-chick wey dey stay for Shechem born baby-boy for am sef, wey he call Abimelech.

32. Gideon wey be di son of Joash kpeme wen he don old well-well, and dem bury am for hin papa, Joash burial ground—for Oprah of di Abiezrites.

33. E no too tey afta Gideon die, di pipo of Israel start to dey follow Baals like ashawo. And dem make Baalberith dia god.

34. Dem no remember Baba-God wey be dia Oga, wey bin save dem from all dia enemies wey dey for everi corner.

35. And dem no gree show good-heart to di family of Jerubbaal [wey be Gideon] becos of all di beta tins wey he do for Israel.


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