Judges Chapter 9

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  1. Abimelech wey be di pikin of Jerubbaal go meet hin mama bordas for Shechem, con tell dem plus all hin mama papa family-pipo sey,
  2. ‘Ask all di pipo of Shechem, which one beta for una: make all di seventy sons of Jerubbaal rule una, or only just one man?’ Remember sey I be una flesh and blood.”
  3. Wen hin mama brodas tell di pipo of Shechem all dis tins, dem con agree to follow Abimelech, becos dem tok sey, “Na awa broda.”
  4. Dem give am seventy pieces of silver from di shrine of Baal-Berith, and Abimelech use am take pay some jaguda pipo wey dey do anyhow, and dem agree to follow am.
  5. He go hin papa house of Oprah, con kill hin seventy brodas, di sons of Jerubbaal—on top of one stone. But Jotham wey be di smallest son of Gideon hide, con escape.
  6. Naso all di pipo of Shechem plus Beth Millo con gada togeda under di oak tree, near di pillar for Shechem—to crown Abimelech as king.

Di Parable Of Di Trees

7. Wen dem tell Jotham about dis tin, he climb up, on top of Mountain Gerizim and he shout to dem, “Make una listen to me, pipo of Shechem, so dat Baba-God fit listen to una.

8. One day di trees go anoint one king for demsef. Dem tell di olive tree sey, ‘Be awa king.’

9. But di olive tree ansa dem, ‘Abi make I stop to dey produce ororo wey dem dey use take honor men and gods— so dat dem go make me di chairman of trees?’

10. “Next, di trees con tell di fig tree sey, ‘Come be awa king.’

11. But di fig tree ansa dem, “Abi make I stop to dey produce my nice and sweet frit—so dat dem go make me di chairman of trees?’

12. Naso di trees con tell di vine tree sey, ‘Come be awa king.’

13. “But di vine tree ansa dem sey, “Abi make I stop to dey produce wine wey dey make both gods and men happy—so dat dem go make me di chairman of trees?’

14. Las-las all di trees con tell bramble [plant wey get shuuku-shuuku] sey, ‘Come be awa king.’

15. “But bramble tell all di trees sey, ‘If una true-true anoint me as una king, make una come stay for my shade; but if not, den make faya come out from di bramble [plant wey get shuuku-shuuku], con burn di cedars of Lebanon!’

16. “Now if una don use una church-mind and good mind—take make Abimelech king, and if una don do beta tin to Jerubbaal and hin family, and if una don do am wetin he deserve;

17. Becos my papa fight for una, he risk hin life to save una from di hand of di pipo of Midian,

18. but una don change-am-for my papa family today, con kill hin seventy sons for one stone, and una make Abimelech wey be slave women pikin—king of di pipo of Shechem, becos na una broda.

19. So if una don do tins wit clean-mind for Jerrub-Baal and hin family today, make Abimelech make una happy, and make una happy for Abimelech.

20. But if not, make faya come out from Abimelech, con burn di men of Shechem plus di house of Millo; and make faya come out of di men of Shechem plus di men of Millo, con burn Abimelech”

21. Naso Jotham run, he escape go Beer, and he stay for there becos he dey fear hin broda Abimelech.

As Abimelech Take Fall

22. Afta Abimelech don rule Israel for three years,

23. Baba-God send one evil spirit between Abimelech and di pipo of Shechem, and di men of Shechem no con dey loyal to Abimelech.

24. Baba God do dis tin so dat he go revenge on Abimelech, di wrong tin wey dem do to di seventy sons of Jerub-Baal by shedding dia blood. And to revenge on di pipo of Shechem wey epp Abimelech kill hin brodas.

25. So di pipo of Shechem set trap for Abimelech on top of di mountains, and dem rob any pesin wey dey pass there, so pipo go report dis mata to Abimelech.

26. So Gaal wey be di son of Ebed move wit hin broda enta Shechem, and di men of Shechem con trust am.

27. So dem go dia land to gada di grapes, dem make wine, and dem do party for di shrine of dia god. As dem dey chop and drink, dem curse and yab Abimelech.

28. Naso Gaal wey be di son of Ebed tok sey, “Who be Abimelech and who be Shechem wey we go con dey serve am. Abi no be Jerub-Ball pikin, and no be Zabul be hin officer? Serve di men of Hamor, Shechem papa! Why we go serve Abimelech?

29. If to sey Baba-God put dis pipo under my control! I go komot Abimelech. I go tell Abimelech sey, ‘Call your whole army come out!’ ”

30. Wen Zebul wey be di govnor of di city hear wetin Gaal wey be di son of Ebed tok, he con dey vex well-well.

31. He send messengers to Abimelech codedly—sey, “Gaal wey be di son of Ebed and hin brodas don come Shechem, and dem dey gada di city against you.

32. So now, for night, you and your men go come wait for field codedly.

33. Wen sun rise for mor-mor, stand up, con attack di city. Wen Gaal and hin men come fight you, do am anytin wey your hand fit do am.”

34. So Abimelech plus all hin sojas move for night, con hide for coded place near Shechem wit four groups.

35. So Gaal wey be di son of Ebed komot, and he con dey stand for front of di gate of di city. Naso Abimelech and hin sojas komot from where dem bin dey hide put.

36. Wen Gaal see dem, he tell Zebul sey, “See, pipo dey come down from on top of di mountains!” Zebul con ansa am sey, “You dey see di shadows of di mountains as if dem be men.”

37. But Gaal halla again, “See, pipo dey come down from di middle of di land, and some group of pipo dey come from di smooth-land of Meonenim.”

38. Naso Zebul tell am sey, “Where your big-big tok now, you wey tok sey, ‘Who be Abimelech wey we go con dey under am?’ No be di men wey you bin dey yab be dis? Go out make you go fight dem!”

39. So Gaal lead di pipo of Shechem and dem fight wit Abimelech.

40. Abimelech pursue am and he run.  Naso Abimelech fall and wound plenty of dem reach front of di gate.

41. Abimelech stay for Arumah, and Zebul pursue Gaal plus hin broda komot from Shechem.

42. Di next day, di pipo go out to dia farms, and dem tell Abimelech.

43. So he carry hin men follow-body, he divide dem to three groups, con set surprise-attack from di field. Wen he see di pipo dey come out from di city, he stand up to attack dem, con kill dem.

44. Abimelech and di sojas wey dey wit am rush go front of di gate of di city. Naso di oda two groups rush go meet di pipo for field, and dem nack dem down.

45. Tru-out dat day, Abimelech fight against di city, until he take-over di city, con kill di pipo. Naso he scata di city, and he pour salt for di place

46. As di pipo of di tall-building of Shechem hear wetin happun, dem enta inside dia strong-house for di worship-place of El-Berith.

47. Wen Abimelech hear sey dem don gada for there,

48. Him and all hin men go up to Mountain Zalmon. He carry axe, con cut one branch from di trees. He carry put for hin shoulder. He con tell di men wey dey wit am, “Sharp-sharp, make una do wetin una see me dey do!”

49. So all di men con dey cut branches follow Abimelech. Dem carry di branches put for di strong-house. Dem con start to dey burn di place wit di pipo wey dey for inside. So all di pipo wey dey for inside di tall-building of Shechem con die. Dem be about one thousand men plus women.

50. Afta dat, Abimelech go Thebez, he surround am, con take-over am.

51. But e get one strong tall-building inside di city wey all di men plus women and all di pipo run go hide put. Dem lock demsef inside, con climb up to di roof of di tall-building.

52. Abimelech go di tall-building, con attack di place. He con go di gate of di tall-building—to burn am down wit faya.

53. Naso one woman wey dey upstairs throw grinding stone on top of Abimelech head, and hin head break.

54. He sharply call di pesin wey dey keep hin weapon, con tok sey, “Drag your sword make you come kill me, so dat men no go tok sey, ‘Na woman kill am.’ ” So hin servant use sword take shuuk am, and and he die.

55. Wen di pipo of Israel see sey Abimelech don die, all of dem go back to dia house.

56. Naso Baba-God take pay back Abimelech for di wickedness wey he do by killing hin seventy brodas.

57. Baba-God still make di men of Shechem pay for dia wickedness. Di curse of Jotham wey be di son of Jerubbaal fall on dem.


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