1st Samuel

1 Samuel Chapter 22

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David Four Hundred Men

  1. David komot from Gath, con escape go inside di rocks of Adullam. Wen hin brodas and hin papa family hear about di mata, dem go meet am for there.
  2. All di pipo wey dey face palava, pipo wey dey owe moni, plus all di pipo wey no dey happy wit wetin dey sup—gada round David, and he con turn to dia leader. About four hundred men con dey wit am.
  3. From there, David komot go Mizpah for Moab, and he tell di king of Moab sey, “Abeg let my papa and my mama come stay wit you, until I sabi wetin Baba-God wan do for me?”
  4. So he carry dem go meet di king of Moab, and dem stay wit am as long as David dey hide for inside rock.
  5. But di prophet of Gad con tell David sey, “No hide for dis strong-place, komot and make you dey go Judah.” So David komot, con reach di forest of Hereth.

Saul Kill Di Priests

6. So Saul hear gist sey pipo see David plus hin men. Saul wey carry long-sharp-weapon for hin hand sidon under one tree, for di hill for Gibeah—wit all hin servants wey stand near am.

7. Naso Saul tell all hin servants wey stand round am sey, “Men of Benjamin, make una hear me! Abi Jesse pikin go fit give all of una land and grape-farms? Abi he fit make all of una commanders of thousands, and commanders of hundreds?

8. Why all of una don plan codedly against me? No pesin tell me wen my pikin make agreement wit Jesse pikin. No one of una dey sorry-for me, or tell me sey my own pikin dey ginger my servant against me, to fyne chance to kill me—as e be so today!”

9. So Doeg wey be Edomite, dey stand wit Saul servants, he con tok sey, “I bin see Jesse pikin dey come meet Ahimelech wey be di son of Ahitub for Nob.

10. Ahimelech pray to Baba-God for David, he give am food plus Goliath sword, di Philistine.”

11. Naso di king sey make dem go call Ahilelech di priest—wey be di son of Ahitub, plus di whole of hin papa family—wey be di priests for Nob. So dem come meet di king.

12. Saul con tok sey, “Listen now, son of Ahitub.” So Ahitub ansa am, “Yes, my oga, I dey for here.”

13. Saul tell am sey, “Why you con plan codedly against me, you plus Jesse pikin. You give am food and sword, and you epp am tok to Baba-God, sote he don dey raise against me, and to fyne chance to kill me—as e be today?”

14. Ahimelech ansa di king, “Which of your servants loyal reach David wey be di king son-in-law, wey dey handle business for you, and wey dem respect well-well for your house?

15. Abi na dat day be di first time wey I dey pray to Baba-God for David? No be di first time! Make di king no carry mata put for my head or any of my papa family, becos me your servant no sabi anytin at all about dis whole mata.”

16. But di king tok sey, “You must surely die, Ahimelech, you plus di whole of your papa family.”

17. Naso di king tell di guards wey dey near am: “Make una turn, con kill Baba-God priests, becos demsef don dey support David. Dem know sey David dey jakpa [run] but dem no gree tell me.” But di king servants no get mind to raise dia hand to kill Baba-God priests.

18. Di king con tell Doeg sey, “Turn make you kill di priests.” So Doeg wey be Edomite turn, con kill dem. He kill eighty-five priest dat day—men wey wear priest-cloth.

19. He [Saul] still use sword kill di pipo of Nob, di town of di priests. He kill di men and women, dia small-small pikin, plus di pikin wey dem just born, plus dia malu, donkeys and sheep.

20. But Abiatha escape. Na Ahimelech son, and di grand-pikin of Ahitub. He con run go meet David.

21. He tell David sey Saul don kill Baba-God priests.

22. Naso David tell Abiathar sey, “Dat day, wen Deog wey be Edomite dey for there, I know sey he go surely tell Saul. Na me cos di death of your papa whole family.

23. Stay wit me, no let fear catch you, di man wey wan kill you, wan kill me sef. You go dey safe wit me.”


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