1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 10

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  1. Naso Samuel carry container of ororo, con pour am for Saul head, he kiss am, con tok sey, “Abi Baba-God neva anoint you as leader di pipo wey he don choose?
  2. Wen you leave me today, you go meet two men near Rachel grave for Zelzah—for di border of of Benjamin. Dem go tell you sey, ‘Dem don see di donkeys wey you dey fyne. And now your papa don stop to dey tink about di donkeys, and he dey worry about you. He dey ask sey, ‘Wetin I go do about my son?’
  3. “You go move komot from there and wen you reach di smooth-land of Tabor, you go see three men dey come meet you, wey dey go worship Baba-God for Bethel. One go dey carry three small goats, anoda one go dey carry three bread, and di third one go dey carry bottle of wine.
  4. Dem go greet you, con give you two bread—wey you go collect from dem.
  5. Afta dat, you go reach di hill of Baba-God where one Philistine soja camp dey,  as you dey waka near di city, you go meet some prophets wey dey come down from di worship-place wit music instrument; lyres, sheke-sheke, flutes, plus harps wey dem dey play for dem, and dem go dey prophesy.
  6. Baba-God spirit go come on you, and you go prophesy wit dem; and you go change to different pesin.
  7. Once dis signs happun, do anytin wey your hand like to do, becos Baba-God dey wit you.
  8. Dey go for my front to Gilgal. I go surely come down come meet you to sacrifice burnt offerings, and to sacrifice peace offerings, but you must wait for seven days until I come meet you, to show you wetin you go do.”

Saul As King

9. As Saul turn to leave Samuel, Baba-God change Saul heart, and all dis signs happun dat day.

10. Wen dem reach Gibeah, some prophets wey dey move togeda meet am; naso Baba-God spirit enta hin body, he con join dem dey prophesy.

11. Wen those pipo wey bin know Saul before, con see am dey prophesy wit di prophets, dem ask each oda sey, “Wetin be dis wey don happun to Kish pikin? Abi Saul sef dey among di prophets?”

12. One of those pipo wey dey stay for there con ansa am sey, “Who be dia papa [abi any pesin fit be prophet—no mata who dia papa be]?”Nahin make dem start to dey tok dis proverb sey, “Abi even Saul sef na prophet?”

13. Afta Saul stop to dey prophesy, he move go di worship place.

14. Now Saul uncle ask him and hin servant sey, “Where una dey since?” So Saul ansa am sey, “We bin dey fyne di donkeys.” But wen we see sey we no fit fyne am, we con go meet Samuel.”

15. Saul uncle con tok sey, “Abeg tell me wetin Samuel tell you.”

16. Naso Saul ansa am, “He tell us sey dem don see di donkeys.” But he no gree tell hin uncle wetin Samuel tell am, sey he go be king.

17. Samuel gada di pipo of Israel togeda for Baba-God—for Mizpah.

18. He con tell di pipo of Israel sey: “Dis na wetin Baba-God, di Oga of Israel tok, ‘I carry Israel komot from Egypt, and I save una from di pawa of Egypt, and from di hands of all di kingdoms wey dey oppress una.

19. But now, una don fashi una God today—wey save una by hinsef, from everi kasala and gbege, and una don tell am sey, ‘Now, give us king wey go rule us,’ So now make una come gada for Baba-God front by una familes and tribes.”

20. Wen Samuel gada all di tribes of Israel near am, he choose di tribe of Benjamin.

21. Naso he come make di tribe of Benjamin come front, families by families, and he choose Matri families. Las-las he con choose Saul wey be di son of Kish. But wen dem look for am, dem no see am.

22. So dem ask more from Baba-God, “Di man don come here?” And Baba-God tok sey, “Yes, he dey hide hinsef among di bags.”

23. Dem run go carry am come out, and as he stand among di pipo, all of dem dey reach am for hin shoulder, becos he tall.

24. So Samuel tell all di pipo sey, “Una dey see di man wey Baba-God don choose? No pesin be like am among all di pipo.” Naso di pipo con dey shout, “Make di king live long!”

25. Samuel explain to di pipo di laws of di kingship. He write dem down for book, con put am for di holy place. So Samuel discharge di pipo, everi pesin to hin own house.

26. Saul sef go hin house for Gilbeah, some group of men wey Baba-God don touch dia heart follow am.

27. But some pipo wey dey fyne wahala con tok sey, “How dis kain man wan take save us?” dem con dey hate am and dem no gree give am gifts. But Saul no gree tok anytin.


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