1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 11

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Saul Save Jabesh Gilead

  1. King Nahash of di Ammonite go up, con surround Jabesh Gilead. And all di men of Jabesh tell am sey, “Make agreement wit us and we go serve you.”
  2. But Nahash wey be di Ammonite ansa dem sey, “I go make agreement wit una only on one condition—I go pluck di right eye of everi one of una to bring shame to all di pipo of Israel.”
  3. Di senior-pipo of Jabesh con tell am sey, “Give us seven days so dat we go fit send messengers to di whole of Israel; if no pesin come save us, we go surrender to you.”
  4. Wen di messenger reach Gibeah of Saul, con tell di pipo wetin dey happun, all of dem con dey cry well-well.
  5. Around dat time nahin Saul dey come back from farm. He dey for back of hin papa malu, he con ask dem sey, “Wetin dey worry di pipo? Why dem dey cry?” Naso dem tell am wetin di men of Jabesh tell dem.
  6. Wen Saul hear wetin dem tok, Baba-God spirit just enta hin body, and naso he con dey vex like faya.
  7. He carry two malu, he cut dem to pieces, con send di pieces tru-out Israel, he tok sey, “Dis na wetin go happun to di malu of any pesin for Israel, wey no gree follow Saul or Samuel.” Naso di pipo con fear Baba-God, so dem come out wit one mind.
  8. Wen Saul gada dem togeda for Bezek, di men of Israel plenty reach three hundred thousand, and di men of Judah na thirty thousand.
  9. Dem tell di messenger wey come meet dem sey, “Tell di men of Jabesh Gilead, ‘By dis time wey di sun don hot tomorrow, una go get epp,’ ” Wen di messenger go tell di pipo of Jabesh, dem con dey happy.
  10. So dem tell di Ammonites sey, “We go surrender to una tomorrow, and una fit do us anytin wey una feel sey e dey good for una.”
  11. Di next day, Saul separate hin men to three different groups; he con attack di Ammonites wit surprise—before day break, and he kill dem reach wen di day start to dey hot. Di remining pipo wey survive for dia army scata well-well—sote two of dem no even dey togeda.

Dem Confam Saul As King

12. Di pipo con tell Samuel sey, “Who be dat wey ask sey, ‘Na Saul go con dey rule us?’ Carry dis men come meet us and we go kill dem.”

13. But Saul tok sey, “We no go kill any pesin today, becos Baba-God don save Israel today.”

14. So Samuel tell di pipo sey, “Come make we dey go Gilead to confam Saul as king for Baba-God front.

15. So all di pipo go Gilgal. Na for there dem take make Saul king for Baba-God front, for Gilgal. Dem make sacrifice of peace offerings for Baba-God front. So Saul plus all di pipo of Israel celebrate well-well.


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