1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 12

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Samuel Tok To Di Pipo Of Israel

  1. Naso Samuel tell all di pipo of Israel sey, “See, I don listen to everitin wey una don tell me, and I don give una king.
  2. Now una get king as una leader. As for me, I don old and my hair don white; my sons dey here wit una, and I don dey lead una since wen I be youth till today.
  3. I dey stand for here, make una tok anytin against me, for my front, for Baba-God front, and for front di king wey Baba-God don anoint. Which pesin malu I don collect? Which pesin donkey I don collect? Which pesin I don do ojoro? Which pesin I don oppress?  From which pesin hand I don collect bribe to make me close eyes? If I don do any of dis tins, I go correct am now.”
  4. Naso dem ansa am, “You neva do us ojoro or oppress us, and you neva collect anytin from any pesin hand.”
  5. So Samuel tell dem sey, “Baba-God and di king wey he anoint na my witness today, sey I get clean-hands.” So dem ansa, “Yes, nahin be awa witness.”
  6. Naso Samuel tell di pipo sey, “Na Baba-God choose Moses plus Aaron, con carry una papa-papa-papa komot from Egypt.
  7. So now, make una stand for here, becos I go show una evidence for Baba-God front based-on all di beta tins wey Baba-God don do for una plus una papa-papa-papa.
  8. “Afta Jacob enta Egypt, una papa-papa-papa cry to Baba-God for epp, so Baba-God send Moses plus Aaron wey carry una papa-papa-papa komot from Egypt, con settle dem for dis place.
  9. But dem fashi Baba-God dia Oga; so he sell dem give Sisera wey be di commander of di army of Hazor, and to di hands of di Philistines, plus di king of Moab, wey fight against dem.
  10. Naso dem cry to Baba-God, con tok sey, “We don commit sin; becos we don fashi Baba-God, con dey worship Baalim plus Ashtaroth. But now, save us from di hands of awa enemies and we go serve you.’
  11. Naso Baba-God send Jerubbaal, Barak, Jephthah plus Samuel and he save una from di hands of una enemies wey dey for everi corner, sote una con dey live wit-out fear.
  12. “But wen una see sey Nahash wey be di king of di Ammorites dey move against una, una con yarn me sey, ‘No, we want king wey go rule us’—even though Baba-God una Oga nahin be una king.
  13. Now, na dis be di king wey una don choose, di one wey una ask for; see, Baba-God don set king for una.
  14. If una fear Baba-God, con serve am; if una obey hin voice, and una no turn from wetin he tell una to do—naso una plus una king wey dey reign—go kontinu to dey follow Baba-God wey be una Oga.
  15. But if una no gree obey Baba-God, and if una no gree do wetin he tok, hin hand go dey against una, as e bin take dey against una papa-papa-papa.
  16. “Now make una stand for here, con see di ogbonge tin wey Baba-God go soon do for una korokoro eyes.
  17. Abi no be di time for wheat harvest be today? I go call Baba-God to send thunder plus rain. So dat una go see, con notice sey una don do bad-bad-tins for Baba-God eyes by asking for king.
  18. Naso Samuel call Baba-God, and dat same day, Baba-God send thunder plus rain. So all di pipo con fear Baba-God and Samuel well-well.
  19. So all di pipo tell Samuel sey, “Pray to Baba-God wey be your Oga, for we your servants, so dat we no go kpeme, becos we don add dis evil tin join awa oda sins—by asking for king.”
  20. Samuel con ansa dem sey, “Make una no let fear catch una, una don do all dis evil tins, but make una no turn komot from Baba-God, but make una serve Baba-God wit una full heart.
  21. Make una no turn follow mumu idols. Dem no fit do any beta tin for una, and dem no fit save una, becos dem dey useless.
  22. Becos of hin ogbonge name, Baba-God no go fashi hin pipo, becos body sweet Baba-God to make una hin own pipo.
  23. “But as for me, Baba-God forbid make I commit sin against Am—by stopping my prayers for una. And I go kontinu to teach una wetin dey good, and right.
  24. But make una only fear Baba-God and make una serve am wit truth and wit una full heart. Reason di big tins wey he don do for una.
  25. But if una kontinu to dey do evil tins, both una and una king go sweep komot.”


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