1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 13

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      Samuel Change-am-for Saul

  1. Saul na thirty year old wen he be king, and he be king for Israel for forty two years.
  2. Saul choose three-thousand men from Israel; two thousand dey wit am for Micmash and for di mountain of Bethel, and one thousand dey wit Jonathan for Gibeah for Benjamin. He con send di rest of di men back to dia house.
  3. So Jonathan attack and he win some Philistine sojas wey camp for Geba. Di tori spread sharp-sharp among di Philistines. So Saul blow di trumpet for di whole land, con tok sey, “Hebrews, make una hear dis tin!”
  4. So di whole of Israel here di news sey Saul don attack di Philistine camp for Geba, and di Philistines con hate di pipo of Israel pass even before. So dem call di whole Israel army to join Saul for Gilgal.
  5. Di Philistines gada demsef togeda to fight di pipo of Israel wit 30,000 horse-moto, plus 6,000 horse-riders, plus plenty sojas like sand-sand for beach! Dem camp for Micmash for di east of Bethaven.
  6. Wen di men of Israel see sey dem dey for tight corner, and dia army don dey face di heat from dia ememy, dem try to hide for inside rocks, bushes, big-stones, on top of mountains, holes and inside wells.
  7. Some Hebrew even cross River Jordan to di land of Gad plus Gilead. Saul still dey for Gilgal, and all di sojas wey dey wit am dey shake wit fear.
  8. He wait for seven days, di time wey Samuel set, but Samuel no come Gilgal, and Saul men con dey scata.
  9. Naso Saul tok sey, “Make una bring di burnt offering come meet me, plus di peace offerings.” Naso Saul sacrifice di burnt offering.
  10. E con happun sey as he sacrifice di burnt offering finish, naso Samuel just show-face, and Saul con go greet am.
  11. Naso Samuel ask am sey, “Wetin be dis wey you don do so?” Saul con ansa am sey, “Wen I see sey di men don dey scata from me, and you no gree show-face for di time wey you set, and di Philistines don dey gada for Micmash.
  12. So I reason sey, ‘Now, di Philistines go come down against me for Gilgal, and I neva fyne Baba-God favour.’Nahin make I force mysef to sacrifice di burnt offering.”
  13. So Samuel tell Saul sey, “You don do mumu tin, you no gree do wetin Baba-God your Oga—tell you to do. Baba-God for stand your kingdom for Israel forever.
  14. But now, your kingdom no go last, Baba-God don fyne one man wey he like for hin heart and he don choose am as leader of hin pipo, becos you no gree do wetin Baba-God tell you to do.”
  15. Naso Samuel komot from Gilgal, con go Gibeah for Benjamin, and Saul count di men wey dey wit am, and dem be about six hundred men.

Israel No Get Weapon

16. Saul and hin son Jonathan plus di men wey dey wit dem dey stay for Gibeah for inside Benjamin, as di Philistines camp for Micmash.

17. Group of sojas wey dey raid, con dey komot from di Philistines camp in groups of three-three. One of dem face Ophrah for di area of Shaul.

18. Anoda group face Bethhoron, and di third one face di way wey dey near di border wey dey face bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Zeboim, for di desert area.

19. Dem no see one single blacksmith for di land of Israel, becos di Philistines no want make di pipo of Israel make sword or long-sharp-weapons.

20. So di pipo of Israel con dey go meet di Philistines to sharp dia blade for digging ground, hoes, axes, plus sickles.

21. Dem charge one small coin [two-third of one shekel*] to sharp blades for digging, pick-axe, forks, axes, and to sharp di mouth of di malu-stick.

22. So wen di day of war reach, no single sojas wey dey wit Saul and Jonathan carry sword or long-sharp-weapon [spear] for dia hand, except Saul and hin son Jonathan.

23. Now some Philistines sojas con go di passage of Michmash.


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