1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 14

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           Jonathan Attack Di Philistines

  1. One day, Jonathan wey be Saul pikin tell di young man wey dey keep hin weapon sey, “Come make we go di oda side for di Philistine camp.” But he no gree tell hin papa.
  2. Saul bin dey stay for outside of di town of Gibeah under one pomegranate tree for Migron. About six hundred men dey wit am.
  3. Among dem na; Ahijadi priest, wey bi di son  Ahitub, Ichabod broda, son of Phinehas, son of Eli di priest of Baba-God wey bin serve for Shiloh, and wey dey wear priest-cloth. Nobody notice sey Jonathan don komot from di camp of Israel.
  4. To reach di Philistines camp, Jonathan con go down to pass tru di middle of di corner of two sharp rocks, wey dem dey call Bozez and Seneh.
  5. Di sharp end of di high rock wey dey for di north—dey for opposite Micmash, and sharp end of di high rock wey dey for di south—dey for opposite Geba.
  6. Jonathan tell di young man wey dey keep hin weapon sey, “Come make we go di camp of those pipo wey no circumcise. Maybe Baba-God fit epp us. Notin fit stop Baba-God from saving pesin—whether dem plenty or small.”
  7. Di young man wey dey keep hin weapon con tok sey, “Do everitin wey you get for mind, carry-go, I dey wit you for anytin wey you wan do.”
  8. Jonathan con tok sey, “Oya come, we go cross go di oda side to meet di men, and make dem see us,
  9. If dem tell us sey, ‘Wait for there until we come meet ua,’ we go stay for where we dey and we no go go meet dem.’
  10. But if dem tok sey, “Make una come meet us,’ we go climb up, becos e go be di sign sey Baba-God don put dem for awa hands.”
  11. So di two of dem show demsef for di Philistines camp. Di Philistines con tok sey, “Look! Di Hebrews dey come out of di holes wey dem bin dey hide put.”
  12. So di men wey dey for di camp con shout for Jonathan and di man wey dey keep hin weapon, “Make una come meet us and we go show una sometin.” So Jonathan tell di man wey dey keep hin weapon sey, “Climb follow me, Baba-God don put dem for di hands of Israel.”
  13. Jonathan climb up wit hin hands and hin legs—wit di man wey dey keep hin weapon for hin back. Jonathan cut di Philistines down, and di man wey dey keep hin weapon follow, con kill di oda ones.
  14. For dat first attack, Jonathan and di man wey dey keep hin weapon kill about twenty men for one area wey be about half acre of land.
  15. Wetin happun shock di whole army—those wey dey for camp, and those wey dey for field, and those wey dey for di oda small-small camps, plus di group of sojas wey dey raid. Naso di earth con dey shake [earth-quake]: sote everi where con dey shake.

        Di Pipo of Israel Win Di Philistines

16. Di men wey dey watch for Saul for Gibeah of Benjamin, con look, naso dem see sey di army dey melt komot—and dem scata for everi corner.

17. Naso Saul tell di men wey dey wit am sey, “Gada di sojas, and see di pipo wey don leave us.” Wen dem gada di sojas, con look. Dem notice sey Jonathan and di man wey dey keep hin weapon—no dey for there.

18. So Saul tell Ahijah sey, “Carry Baba-God ark come.” [Dat time Baba-God ark dey wit di pipo of Israel].

19. As Saul dey follow di priest tok, di katakata wey dey for di Philistine camp con dey plenty more-more. So Saul tell di priest sey, “Hold your hand, wait first!”

20. Naso Saul and hin men con gada dey go war front. Dem meet di Philistine inside katakata as dem dey kill demsef wit dia own sword.

21. Even di Hebrews wey don bin join di Philistines army before-before, wey join dem from di places wey dey around, con change dia mind and dem join Saul, Jonathan plus di rest of di pipo of Israel.

22. Wen all di pipo of Israel wey bin dey hide for di mountain of Ephraim hear sey di Philistines don dey run, dem join di fight, con seriously dey pursue di Philistines.

23. Naso Baba-God take save Israel dat day, and di fight kontinu to dey hot even reach Bethaven.

Saul Oath

24. Now di men of Israel fight sote dem taya dat day, becos Saul make dem take

oath sey, “Make curse dey on any pesin wey chop before evening—before I revenge on my enemies.” So no pesin chop anytin dat day.

25. Di whole army enta one forest, and dem see honey for ground.

26. Wen dem enta inside di forest, dem see honey, but dem no gree touch am becos all of dem fear di oath wey dem take.

27. But Jonathan bin neva hear sey hin papa make di pipo take oath, so he use di stick wey dey for hin hand, con shuuk am inside di honeycomb. He raise hin hand to hin mouth, and hin eyes con dey shine.

28. Naso one of di sojas tell am sey, “Your papa don make dis army take serious oath sey, ‘Curse go dey for di head of any man wey chop today!’ ” So di men taya sote dem wan faint.

29. Jonathan con tok sey, my papa don cos wahala for all of us. See as my eyes dey shine wen I put small of dis honey for my mouth.

30. How e for beta reach if to sey di men bin use free-mind take chop some of di tins wey dem collect from di enemies today. Abi we for no kill more of di Philistines?”

31. Dat day, di pipo of Israel kill di Philistines from Micmash reach Aijalon, so dem con taya.

32. Dat evening, dem rush di tins wey dem collect from dia enemies and dem kill di sheep, goats, malu, plus di small-malu, and dem kill dem for ground, con chop dem wit-out removing di blood.

33. Naso one pesin tell Saul sey, “See, di men dey sin against Baba-God as dem dey chop di meat wey still get blood inside am.” Saul con tok sey, “Una don do wrong tin, make una fyne one big stone, con roll am come here.”

34. Naso he tok sey, “Make una go out among di men, con tell dem sey, ‘Make everi single one of una bring dia malu and sheep come meet me, and kill dem for here, con chop dem. Make una no commit sin against Baba-God by eating meat wey get blood inside am.’ ” So everi pesin carry hin malu come dat night, con kill dem for there.

35. So Saul build altar for Baba-God; na di first altar wey he build for Baba-God.

36. Naso Saul tok sey, “Make we follow di Philistines for night, con obtain dem till morning reach, and we go kill all of dem.” Dem ansa am sey, “Do anytin wey you tink36.Nasobe di best.” But di priest tok sey, “Make we ask Baba-God for here first.”

37. So Saul ask Baba-God, “Make I follow di Philistines? You go put dem for di hands of di pipo of Israel?” But Baba-God no ansa am dat day.

38. So Saul tok sey, “Make una come here, all of una wey be leaders of di army, and make we see which sin we don commit today.

39. As surely as Baba-God dey live—di God wey save Israel, even if na my pikin Jonathan commit di sin, he must die.” But no single one of di men tok one single word.

40. Saul con tell all di men of Israel sey, “Make una stand for there, me and my son Jonathan go stand for here.” Di men con ansa am sey, “Do wetin you tink sey be di best tin for you.”

41. Naso Saul pray to Baba-God—di God of Israel sey, “Give me di correct ansa.” Naso dem cast lot, and Jonathan plus Saul nahin di lot choose, and di pipo con dey innocent.

42. Saul tok sey, “Now make una cast di lot again and choose between me plus Jonathan.” And dem see sey na Jonathan get fault.

43. Naso Saul tell Jonathan sey, “Tell me wetin you don do.” So Jonathan tell am sey, “I just taste one small honey wit di end of my stick wey dey for my hand. And now must I die?”

44. Saul con tok sey, “Make Baba-God deal wit, con even kill me—if you no surely die Jonathan.”

45. But di men con tell Saul sey, “Abi Jonathan go con die, pesin wey don save Israel? Lai-lai! As surely as Baba-God dey alive, no single hair from hin head go fall for ground, becos na Baba-God epp am do wetin he do today.” So di men save Jonathan and dem no kill am.

46. Naso Saul con stop to dey pursue di Philistines, and di Philistines go back to dia own land.

47. Afta Saul take position as ruler of Israel, he fight against dia enemies for everi corner: Moab, di Ammonites, Edom, di kings of Zobah, plus di Philistines. And any where Saul face, he punish dem.

48. He gada hin army, con kill di Amalekites, and he save Israel from di pipo wey dey rob dem.

Saul Family

49. Saul sons na; Jonathan, Ishvi plus Malkishua. He get two daughters. Di name of hin senior daughter na Merab, and di junior one name na Michal.

50. Hin wife name na Ahinoam wey be di daughter of Ahimaaz. Di name of di commander of Saul army na Abner. Abner na di son of Ner—Saul uncle.

51. Saul papa name na kish, and Abner papa Ner, na di son of Abiel.

52. All di days of Saul life, dem fight bad wars wit di Philistines, and any time wey Saul see man wey get pawa and man wey get-mind, he go carry am join hin army.


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