1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 15

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Saul Second Sin For Gilgal

  1. Samuel con tell Saul sey, “Na me be di pesin wey Baba-God send to anoint you to rule hin pipo Israel, so now make you listen to di message from Baba-God.
  2.  Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty dey yarn: ‘I go punish Amalek becos of wetin dem do to di pipo of Israel, wen dem waylay Israel as dem dey komot from Egypt.
  3. Now, make you go attack Amalek, con scata everitin wey belong to dem kpatakpata. Make you no sorry-for dem; kill both men and women, pikin, and even pikin wey dem just born, malu, sheep, camels plus donkeys.’ ”
  4. So Saul call di men, con gada dem for Telaim—two hundred thousand ground fighters, plus ten thousand men from Judah.
  5. Saul and hin army go one city of Amalek, con position for bottom-of-di-mountain.
  6. He con tell di Kenites sey, “Make una komot from di pipo of Amalek so dat I no go kill una along wit dem; becos una show good-heart to all di pipo of Israel wen dem bin dey komot from Egypt.” So di kenites komot from di pipo of Amalek.
  7. Naso Saul kill di pipo of Amalek from Havilah reach Shur—for di east of Egypt.
  8. He carry Agag alive—Agag wey be di king of Amalek, and he use sword take kill all hin pipo kpatakpata.
  9. But Saul and hin army no kill Agag, and di best of hin sheep plus malu, di fat malu and di small sheep—plus everi beta tin. Dem no gree scata dis tins kpatakpata, but dem kill and scata anytin kpatakpata—wey dem no like and wey useless.

Baba-God Shenk Saul As King

10. Naso message from Baba-God come meet Samuel:

11. “I no dey happy sey I make Saul king, becos he don turn komot from my side, and he no gree do wetin I tell am to do.” Samuel mind con dey worry am, and he cry to Baba-God tru-out di night.

12. Early di next day, Samuel stand up go meet Saul, but dem tell am sey, “Saul don go Carmel to build statue to honor hinsef, and he con go Gilgal.”

13. Wen Samuel reach where he dey, Saul con tok sey, “Make Baba-God bless you! I don do wetin Baba-God tell me to do.”

15. But Samuel tok sey, “Wetin con be dis noise of sheep and malu wey I dey hear for my ears?”

16. Naso Saul ansa am, “Di sojas carry dem from di Amalekites, dem no kill di best sheep plus malu so dat we go sacrifice dem to Baba-God your Oga, but we kill and scata di rest of dem kpatakpata.”

17. Samuel con tell Saul sey, “Stop! Make I tell you wetin Baba-God tell me yesterday night.” Saul con ansa am, “Tell me.”

18. So Samuel tok sey, “Even though you bin small for your own eyes, abi you no turn to di head of di tribes of Israel? And Baba-God anoint you as king of Israel?

19. Baba-God send you message, he tok sey, “Go, make you scata those wicked pipo kpatakpata—di Amalekites; fight dem until you don kill all of dem finish.’ So why you no gree obey Baba-God?

Why you jump on top of dia properties wey una obtain from dem, con do evil tin for Baba-God eyes?”

20. So Saul tell Samuel sey, “But I obey Baba-God, I go where Baba-God send me. I kill di Amalekites kpatakpata but I carry Agag dia king—come back.

21. Di sojas carry sheep plus malu from wetin dem obtain, we keep di best of wetin we for scata kpatakpata—we keep am for Baba-God, so dat we go sacrifice dem to Baba-God your Oga for Gilgal.”

22. But Samuel ansa am: “Abi na burnt offerings plus sacrifice dey make Baba-God happy pass make pesin obey Baba-God voice? See, to obey beta pass make pesin give sacrifice, and to do wetin dem tell you, beta pass rams wey be ororbor.

23. Disobedience be like di sin of witch, and coconut-head [stubbornness] bad like di sin of worshipping idols. So becos you don fashi Baba-God word, he don fashi you as king sef.”

24. Naso Saul tell Samuel sey, “I don do bad tin. I don disobey wetin Baba-God tell me to do, and wetin you tell me to do. I bin dey fear di pipo, con follow dia voice.

25. Now I dey beg you, forgive my sin and make you follow me go back, so dat I go fit worship Baba-God.”

26. But Samuel tell Saul sey, “I no go follow you go back. You don fashi wetin Baba-God tok, and Baba-God don fashi you as king of Israel!”

27. As Samuel turn to komot, naso Saul hold hin cloth, and di cloth con tear.

28. So Samuel tell Saul sey, “Today, Baba-God don tear di kingdom of Israel komot from you, and he don give am to one of your neighbour—to pesin wey beta pass you.

29. Baba-God wey be di pawa and levels of Israel—no dey lie or dey change hin mind; becos he no be man wey dey change mind.”

30. Saul con ansa am, “I don do bad tin. But abeg respect me now, for front of di senior-men of my pipo and for front of Israel; come back wit me, so dat I go worship Baba-God your Oga.”

31. So Samuel go back wit Saul, and Saul worship Baba-God.

32. Naso Samuel tok sey, “Carry Agag di king of Amalekites come meet me for here.” So Agag come meet am wit hope—he con reason sey, “Surely di pain of death don pass me.”

33. But Samuel tok sey, “As your sword don make women no get pikin, naso your mama sef no go get pikin among women.” Naso Samuel cut Agag to pieces for Baba-God front, for Gilgal.

34. So Samuel komot go Ramah, but Saul go hin house for Gilbeah of Saul.

35. Until di day wey Samuel die, he no gree go visit Saul again, but Samuel cry becos of Saul. And Baba-God no happy sey he make Saul king of Israel.


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