1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 16

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Samuel Anoint David

  1. Naso Baba-God tell Samuel sey, “How long you go dey cry for Saul, since I don reject am as king of Israel? Carry ororo full your horn and make you enta road; I dey send you go meet Jesse of Bethlehem. I don choose one of hin sons as king.”
  2. But Samuel tok sey, “How I go take go there? Saul go hear di gist and he go kill me.” Baba-God con tok sey, “Carry small-malu wit you, and tok sey you don come make sacrifice to Baba-God.
  3. Invite Jesse come di sacrifice, and I go show you wetin you go do. You go anoint di pesin wey I tell you hin name.”
  4. Samuel do wetin Baba-God tok. Wen he reach Bethlehem, di senior-men of di town con dey shake wen dem see am. Naso dem ask am sey, “Shebi you come wit peace?”
  5. Samuel ansa, “Yes, na peace I carry come; I don come sacrifice to Baba-God. Make una clean unasef, con follow me go do di sacrifice.” Naso Samuel do di ritual for cleaning for Jesse plus hin sons, con invite dem for di sacrifice.
  6. Wen dem reach there, Samuel see Eliab, so he con reason sey, “Surely, di pesin wey Baba-God don choose nahin dey stand here for Baba-God front.”
  7. But Baba-God tell Samuel sey, “No dey reason di way he be, or as he take tall reach, becos I don reject am. Baba-God no dey look di tins wey man dey look. Man dey look as pesin take fine reach for outside, but Baba-God dey look inside pesin heart.”
  8. So Jesse call Abinadab, con tok sey make he waka pass Saul front. But Samuel tok sey, “Baba-God no choose dis one sef.”
  9. Naso Jesse con tok sey make Shammah waka pass, but Samuel tok sey, “Baba-God no still choose dis one.”
  10. Jesse tok sey make seven of hin sons waka pass Samuel front, but Samuel tell am sey, “Baba-God no choose all dis ones.”
  11. So Samuel ask Jesse, “Na dis be all di pikin wey you get” Jesse con ansa am, “E still get di smallest one, but he dey take care of sheep.” So Samuel tok sey, “Make dem go call am come; we no go sidon until he show-face.”
  12. So he tok sey make dem call am, con carry am come inside. David na black handsome guy wey get fine eyes. Naso Baba-God tell Samuel sey, “Stand up make you anoint am—na di guy be dis.”
  13. So Samuel carry di horn of hin ororo, con anoint David for front of hin brodas, and from dat day go, Baba-God Spirit enta David. So Samuel komot go Ramah.

David Turn to Saul Musician

14. Naso Baba-God Spirit komot from Saul, and evil spirit from Baba-God con dey worry am.

15. So Saul servant tell am sey, “See, evil spirit from Baba-God dey worry you.

16. Make my oga command hin servants wey dey here—make dem fyne pesin wey sabi play harp [music instrument] well-well. He go play any time wey di evil spirit from Baba-God enta you, and you go dey alright.”

17. So Saul tell hin servants sey, “Fyne pesin wey dey play well, con carry am come meet me.”

18. One of di servants ansa am, “I don see one of Jesse pikin—Jesse of Bethlehem. Hin pikin sabi play di harp [music instrument] well-well. He be man wey get-mind and he sabi fight well-well. He sabi reason well, na fine boy sef, and Baba-God dey wit am.

19. Naso Saul send messengers go meet Jesse, con tok sey, “Send your pikin David, come meet me—wey dey take care of your sheep.”

20. So Jesse bring donkey wey he load wit bread, bottle of ogogoro and one small goat, con send dem wit hin pikin David, go meet Saul.

21. David come meet Saul, con dey serve am. Saul like am well-well, and David con dey epp am carry hin weapon.

22. Naso Saul send message go meet Jesse sey, “Allow David serve for my palace becos I like am well-well.”

23. Any time wey di bad spirit from Baba-God enta Saul body, David go carry hin music instrument [harp], con start to dey play di strings wit hin hand. Naso Saul go dey feel alright, and di evil spirit go komot from hin body.


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