1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 17

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David Plus Goliath

  1. Now, di Philistines con gada all dia army togeda for fight, dem gada for Shochoh for Judah. Dem set dia camp for Ephes Dammim, between Shochoh and Azakah.
  2. Saul plus di pipo of Israel gada, con camp for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Elah, and dem take dia fighting position—to meet di Philistines.
  3. Di Philistines dey for one mountain for one side, and di pipo of Israel dey for one mountain for di oda side, wit bottom-of-mountain wey dey for dia middle.
  4. E get one champion wey dem dey call Goliath wey come from Gath—naso he come out from di Philistines camp. He tall pass nine feet.
  5. He wear bronze helmet for hin head, and hin fighting-cloth weigh about 57 kg of bronze.
  6. He still wear bronze to guard hin leg. And he carry long-sharp-weapon wey be bronze, for hin shoulder.
  7. Di pole of hin long-sharp-weapon be like di pole wey dey for weaving-machine, and di sharp head of di iron weigh reach 7 kg. Di pesin wey dey carry hin weapon dey for hin front wit hin shield.
  8. Goliath stand con dey shout to all di sojas of Israel, “Why una dey come out to line up for war? Abi no be Philistine I be, abi una no be Saul servants? Choose one man wey go come meet me.
  9. If he fit fight me, con kill me, we go turn to una servants, but if I fight am, con kill am, una go turn to awa servants, con dey serve us.”
  10. Naso di Philistine tok sey, “I dey stand against di armies of Israel today! Send one man come meet me, so dat we go fight togeda!”
  11. Wen Saul hear wetin di Philistine tok, Saul plus all di pipo of Israel con lose hope, and dem con dey shake.
  12. David na di son of Jesse wey be Ephrathite, wey come from Bethlehem for inside Judah. Jesse get eight sons, and for Saul time, Jesse don old and he be senior-man.
  13. Jesse three senior sons bin follow Saul go fight war: Di first born name na; Eliab, di second one name na Abinadab, and di third one name na Shammah.
  14. Na David be di smallest. Di three oldest sons follow Saul.
  15. But David dey come and dey go from Saul, to take care of hin papa sheep for Bethlehem.
  16. For forty days, di Philistine come front everi morning plus evening and he dey show hinsef.
  17. So Jesse tell hin son David sey, “Take di basket of roasted corn, plus di ten bread, and carry dem sharp-sharp go meet your brodas for di army camp.
  18. And carry dis ten cheese go give di commander of thousand men. See howfar your brodas dey, and make you come back to tell me howfar wit dem.
  19. Dem dey wit Saul wit all di men of Israel for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Elah, dem dey fight against di Philistines.
  20. For early mor-mor, David leave di animals wit one shepherd, he carry di load, con enta road as Jesse direct am. He reach di camp as di army dey go out to dia fighting position, and as dem dey sing dia war song.
  21. Israel plus di Philistines don draw dia lines wey dey face each oda. Army against army.
  22. David leave hin tins wey he carry, wit di officer wey dey keep food and oda tins, he run go di war side, and he cut-cap for hin brodas.
  23. As he dey follow dem tok, Goliath wey be di Philistine champion from Gath move go front from di army of di Philistines, con dey challenge di pipo of Israel as he dey always do before. And David hear am.
  24. Wen di pipo of Israel see di man, all of dem run from am wit serious fear.
  25. Di pipo of Israel con dey tok sey, “Una dey see as dis man dey always come out? He dey come out to insult Israel. Di king go give plenty moni to di man wey go kill am. Di king go still give am hin daughter to marry, and he no go let hin papa family dey pay tax for inside Israel.”
  26. David con ask di men wey dey stand near am, “Wetin dem go give di pesin wey kill dis Philistine, con komot dis shame from Israel? Who be dis Philistine wey no circumcise—wey go con dey insult di armies of Baba-God wey dey alive?”
  27. Naso dem tell am di same tin, “Dis na wetin di king go do for di man wey kill am.”
  28. Wen Eliab wey be David senior broda hear am dey follow di men tok, he con dey vex, naso he ask am , “Why you come here? And who you leave those small sheep wit—for inside desert? I know as you dey feel-big and as you wicked for inside your heart—you don come here to watch di fight!”
  29. David con tok sey, “Wetin I don do now, no be only question I just dey ask?”
  30. Naso he turn face anoda pesin, con tok di same mata, and di men ansa am just like before.
  31. Pipo hear wetin David tok, and dem report di mata to Saul, and Saul sey make dem go call David come.
  32. So David tell Saul sey, “Make no pesin heart dey cut becos of dis Philistine, me your servant go go fight dis Philisitine.”
  33. Saul con tell David sey, “You no go fit go meet di Philistine, con fight wit am, you just be small boy, but he don dey fight since wen he be youth.”
  34. But David tell Saul sey, “E don tey wey me your servant dey keep hi papa sheep. Wen lion or bear bin come, con carry one of di sheep from among di animals,
  35. I follow am, con fight am, and I save di sheep from hin mouth. Wen di wild animal turn face me, I hold am for e bear-bear, I nack am, con kill am.
  36. Your servant don kill both lion and bear, dis pagan [uncircumcised] Philistine go be like one of dem, becos he don insult di armies of di God wey dey alive.”
  37. David still tok sey, “Di God wey save me from di hand of lion and from di hand of bear—go save me from di hand of dis Philistine.” Naso Saul tell David sey, “Go and Baba-God go dey wit you.”
  38. So Saul wear David hin own army cloth, bronze helmelt, plus fighting-cloth.
  39. David wear dem, con hang hin sword. So he waka small to see as di tin be, becos he neva wear dat kain tin before. Naso David tell Saul sey, “I no fit wear dis tins go, I neva wear dem before.” Naso David komot dem from hin body.
  40. He carry hin walking-stick for hin hand, he choose five smooth stones from di stream, he put dem for hin small bag. Naso he carry only hin walking stick, plus hin catapult, he con dey waka go fight di Philistine.
  41. Goliath dey waka come front, and di pesin wey dey carry hin shield dey for hin front, and naso dem dey waka come meet David.
  42. Wen di Philistine look, con see David well, sey na just small boy, he no like am, becos David na just young handsome guy.
  43. Goliath con tell David sey, “Abi I be dog wey you dey come meet me wit sticks?” Naso di Philistine curse David wit hin gods.
  44. He tok sey, “Come here, and I go give your body to di birds wey dey fly for sky, and to di wild animals for land!”
  45. So David tell di Philistine sey, “You dey come fight me wit sword plus long-sharp-weapon, but I dey come fight you wit di name of Baba-God Almighty—of di armies of Israel, wey you don curse.
  46. Today, Baba-God go put you for my hand, and I go nack you down, con cut your head komot. Today, I go give di deadbody of di Philistine army to di birds wey dey fly for sky and to di wild animals of di earth, and di whole world go sabi sey Baba-God dey for Israel.
  47. Naso all di pipo wey gada for here go sabi sey no be by sword or weapon nahin Baba-God take dey save pesin, but di fight belong to Baba-God, and he go put all of una for awa hands.”
  48. As Goliath come front to attack David, naso David con dey run fast-fast go meet di army of di Philistine, to face Goliath.
  49. So David shuuk hin hand inside hin bag and he carry one stone come out. He put di stone for di catapult con shoot am. Naso di stone nack di Philistine for di middle of hin head, con enta hin head, and he fall yakata wit hin face for ground.
  50. So David win Goliath wit catapult and stone; wit-no sword for hin hand, he nack di Philistine down, con kill am.
  51. So David run, con stand on top of Goliath. He carry Goliath sword from where he keep am. Afta he kill am, he use di sword take cut hin head komot. And wen di Philistines see sey dia champion don kpeme, dem run.
  52. Naso di men of Israel plus Judah run come front wit loud shout, con pursue di Philistines reach bottom-of-di-mountain and di gate of Ekron. Di pipo wey wound among di Philistines fall for di road to Shaaraim—even reach Gath plus Ekron.
  53. Wen di pipo of Israel come back from pursuing di Philistines, dem collect everitin wey dey for inside dia camp.
  54. David carry Goliath head, con carry am come Jerusalem, and he put Goliath weapon for hin tent.
  55. As Saul watch David dey go out to meet di Philistine, he tell Abner well be di commander of di army sey, “Abner, which pesin pikin be dat young man?” Abner con ansa am sey, “As surely as you dey live, oh king, I no know.”
  56. Di king con tok sey, “Ask which pesin pikin be dis young man be.”
  57. As David just come back from killing di Philistine, Abner carry am, con go meet Saul, wit Goliath head for David hand.
  58. Saul ask am, which pesin pikin you be young man?” So David tok sey, na me be di son of your servant—Jesse of Bethlehem.”


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