Leviticus,  1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 18

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David and Jonathan Turn To Padi

  1. Afta David follow Saul tok finish, Jonathan wey be Saul pikin con like David well-well. Naso Jonathan love David like hin own sef.
  2. From dat day, Saul keep David wit am, and he no gee allow am go back to hin papa house.
  3. So Jonathan make agreement wit David, becos he love am like hinsef.
  4. Jonathan komot di clothes wey he dey wear, con carry am give David along wit hin own, hin sword, hin bow, plus hin belt.

Saul Con Dey Jealous David

5. Anytin wey Saul send David to do, David do am wit wisdom—sote Saul con give am high rank for di army. All di pipo plus Saul servants con like David sef.

6. E con happun sey wen di men dey go back, afta David kill di Philistine [Goliath], naso di woman come out from all di cities of Israel, to meet king Saul wit singing plus dancing, wit music of happiness and wit sheke-sheke plus music instruments.

7. As dem dey dance, dem con dey sing sey: “Saul don kill thousands and David kill ten thousands.”

8. Saul con dey vex well-well, di song no make am happy at all. So he reason sey, “Dem don count sey David kill ten thousands, but dem count only thousands for me. Wetin remain wey he go get—if no be di kingdom?”

9. From dat day go, Saul con dey look David wit jealousy.

10. Di next day, evil spirit from Baba-God enta Saul body. He con dey prophesy for hin house as David dey play di music as he dey always do. And Saul hold one long-sharp-weapon for hin hand.

11. Saul con throw di long-sharp-weapon, he reason wit hinsef sey, “I go pin David join di wall wit am.” But David dodge am two times.

12. Naso Saul con dey fear David becos Baba-God dey wit David, but he komot from Saul.

13. So he send David komot from hin side, con make am dey commander of 1,000 men, so David lead di sojas for dia fights, and he carry dem go-come.

14. So David behave hinsef wit wisdom for everitin wey he dey do, and Baba-God dey wit am.

15. Wen Saul see sey David dey succeed well-well, he con dey fear am.

David Marry Michal

16. But di whole of Israel plus Judah love David, becos he lead dem go fight wars and he carry dem come back.

17. So Saul tell David sey, “Dis na my senior daughter Merab. I go give her to you make you marry her; make you only serve me wit full-mind and fight Baba-God fight.” Saul bin dey reason hinsef sey, “I no go raise my hand against am. Make di Philistines hands dey against am!”

18. But David tell Saul sey, “Who I be? Wetin I get, or which level my papa family get for Israel wey go make me con be di king son-in-law?”

19. E con happun sey wen di time reach for Merab wey be Saul daughter to marry David, naso Saul give her to marry Adriel of Meholah.

20. Now Saul daughter Michal love David, and wen dem tell Saul about am, he con happy.

21. He tell hinsef sey, “I go give her to David, so dat she go be like trap for am, and so dat di hand of Philistine go dey against am.” So Saul tell David sey, “Now you get di second chance to be my son-in-law.”

22. So Saul tell hin servant sey, “Tok to David codedly, con tell am sey, “See, di king dey happy wit you, and all hin servants like you, now make you be di king son-in-law.’ ”

23. Saul servant tell David dis words again and again, but David tok sey, “Abi you tink sey na small tin to be di king son-in-law? I just be poor man wey no get level.”

24. Saul servants tell Saul wetin David tok.

25. Saul ansa dem, “Na wetin una go tell David be dis: Di king no want any oda bride price except one hundred Philistine preek-skin to revenge on hin enemies.” Saul plan na to make di Philistines kill David.

26. Wen di servant tell David dis words, he con happy to be di king son-in-law. So before di time for di wedding reach,

27. David and hin men go out, con kill two hundred Philistines. He carry dia preek-skin go back. Dem count dem for di king so dat David go be di king son-in-law. Naso Saul give David hin daughter Michal to marry.

28. Wen Saul notice sey Baba-God dey wit David, and sey hin daughter Michal love David,

29. Saul con dey fear am more-more, and he kontinu to be David enemy for di rest of hin life.

30. Di commander of di Philistine kontinu to fight as he dey always do. And naso David use hin wisdom take win more-more, pass di rest of Saul officers—sote David name con dey get levels.


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