1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 19

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Saul Try to Kill David

  1. Saul tell hin pikin Jonathan, and all di servants to kill David, but Jonathan like David well-well.
  2. Jonathan con tell David sey, “My papa dey fyne chance to kill you. Make you dey watch for tomorrow morning; abeg go hide for one coded place, and make you stay for there.
  3. I go go out, con stand wit my papa for di field, for di area wey you dey. I go follow am tok about you, and I go come gist you wetin my papa tell me.”
  4. Jonathan tok beta tins about David to Saul hin papa, con tell am sey, “Make di king no do any wrong tin to hin servant David; becos he neva do anytin wrong tin to you, and di tins wey he don do—don epp you well-well.
  5. He put hin life for hin hand wen he kill di Philistine. Baba-God win big victory for all di pipo of Israel.You see am, and you celebrate, why you go con do wrong tin to innocent man like David by killing am for no reason?”
  6. Saul listen to Jonathan voice, he con swear sey: “As surely as Baba-God dey alive, dem no go kill David.”
  7. So Jonathan call David, con gist am everitin wey him and hin papa tok. He carry David come meet Saul, and David con dey wit Saul like before.
  8. War con start again, and David go out to fight di Philistines. He kill dem well-well sote dem run from am.
  9. But evil spirit from Baba-God con enta Saul as he dey sidon for hin house wit long-sharp-weapon for hin hand—as David dey play di music wit hin hand.
  10. So Saul try to shuuk David join di wall wit hin long-sharp-weapon, but David dodge am as Saul throw di weapon enta di wall. Naso David run, con escape dat night.
  11. Saul send men go David house to watch di house, and to kill am for early mor-mor. But Michal wey be David wife warn am, “If you no run for your life dis night, dem go kill you tomorrow.”
  12. So Michal allow David go down from di window, and he run, con escape.
  13. Naso Michal carry one idol, con lie am for bed, she put pillow of goat hair for di head, and she cover am wit cloth.
  14. Wen Saul send men go catch David, Michal con tok sey, “David no well.”
  15. Naso Saul send di men go back to go carry David, and he tell dem sey, “Make una carry am come meet me for hin bed so dat I go fit kill am.”
  16. But wen di men enta there, na image dem see on top of bed wit some goat hair for e head.
  17. So Saul tell Michal sey, “Why you con do me wayo like dis, you send my enemy komot to escape? Michal con ansa Saul sey, “He tell me sey, ‘I go kill you if you no epp me escape.’ ”
  18. Wen David run, con escape. He go meet Samuel for Ramah, con tell am everitin wey Saul don do to am. Naso him and Samuel go Naioth, con stay for there.
  19. So dem tell Saul sey, “David dey for Naioth for Ramah”;
  20. So he send men to catch David. But wen dem see one group of prophets dey prophesy wit Samuel wey dey stand for there as dia leader, naso Baba-God Spirit enta di body of Saul men, and demsef con dey prophesy.
  21. Dem tell Saul about di mata, and he send more men, and dem sef still prophesy. Saul send men di third time, and demsef con still dey prophesy.
  22. Las-las, Saul hinsef go Ramah and he reach di big well for Secu. Naso he ask, “Where Samuel plus David?” So pesin tell am sey, “Dem dey for Naioth inside Ramah.”
  23. So Saul go Naioth for Ramah. But Baba-God Spirit con enta hin body, hinsef con dey waka about dey prophesy until he reach Naioth for Ramah.
  24. He komot hin cloth sef, con dey prophesy for front of Samuel. He sleep naked tru-out di day and night. Nahin make pipo dey tok sey, “Abi Saul sef dey among di Prophets?”


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