Leviticus,  1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 2

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Hannah Prayer of Praise

  1. Naso Hannah pray, con tok sey: “My heart dey jolly for Baba-God; my horn don grow inside Baba-God. I dey make-mouth for bad-belle pipo, becos I dey happy sey you save me.
  2. “No pesin holy like you Baba-God; no pesin dey wey be like you; Rock no dey wey be like awa God.
  3. “Stop to dey make-mouth well-well, no let your mouth dey tok anyhow, becos Baba-God na God wey sabi, and nahin dey weigh wetin pesin dey do.
  4. “Di weapon of di fighters don break, but pipo wey dia leg bin dey fall—con dey get pawa.
  5. Those pipo wey bin chop belleful—don dey fyne work becos dem dey hungry now, and those pipo wey bin dey hungry—dey chop belleful now. Woman wey bin no get pikin don get seven pikin, and di woman wey bin get plenty pikin don dey fade. 
  6. “Na Baba-God dey bring death, and nahin dey make life; nahin dey bring pesin down to grave, and nahin dey raise pesin up.
  7. Na Baba-God dey send poverty, and nahin dey make pipo get moni; nahin dey bring pipo down and nahin dey raise pesin up.
  8. He dey carry poor pipo komot from dust, con carry pipo wey no get shi-shi from yama-yama—to make dem sidon among princes, and to make dem sidon for king-chair of levels. Di pillars of di earth belong to Baba-God and he don set di world on di pillars.
  9. He go guard di leg of hin holy-pipo, but dem go silence wicked pipo for inside darkness. No be by pawa nahin pesin take dey stand.
  10. Those pipo wey dey against Baba-God go scata to pieces. He go send thunder against dem from heaven; Baba-God go judge reach di ends of di earth. “He go give hin king pawa, con raise di horn of di pesin wey he anoint.”

Eli Sons Wey Dey Do Evil Tins

11. So Elkanah go house for Ramah, but di boy con dey serve for Baba-God altar under Eli wey be di priest.

12. Eli sons na evil men; dem no-send Baba-God,

13. or di custom of di priest wit di pipo. Instead, wen any pesin dey give sacrifice, di priest servant go enta wit fork wey get three mouth, as di meat still dey boil.

14. Di servant go use di fork shuuk di meat wey dey inside di pot, or pan, or kettle—con tok sey everitin wey di fork carry come out na for Eli sons. Naso dem dey do for Shiloh to all di pipo of Israel wey dey come there.

15. But even before dem burn di fat, di servants of di priest come tell di man wey dey prepare di sacrifice, “Give di priest some meat to roast, he no go accept di boiled meat from you but only raw one.”

16. If di man con tell am sey, “Make di fat burn first, den you go fit take wetin you want,” di servant to ansa am sey, “No, give am to me now, if you no give me, I go use gra-gra collect am.”

17. Dis sin wey di young men dey commit serious well-well for Baba-God eyes, becos dem dey do Baba-God offering anyhow.

18. But Samuel dey serve for Baba-God house—na boy wey dey wear priest-cloth wey dem make wit linen.

19. Hin mama go make cloth for am everi year, con carry am go give am wen she and her husband follow body go give sacrifice everi year.

20. Naso Eli bless Elkanah plus hin wife, sey, “Make Baba-God give you pikin wit dis woman wey go replace di one wey she give Baba-God.” And naso dem go go dia house.

21. Baba-God bless Hannah; she get-belle, con born three oda boys, plus two daughters. Naso di boy Samuel con dey grow for inside Baba-God house.

22. Now Eli con dey old well-well, and he hear about everitin wey hin sons dey do to all di pipo of Israel, and how dem dey sleep wit women wey dey serve for di doormot of di worship-place.

23. So he tell dem sey, “Why una dey do all dis kain tins? I dey hear from all di pipo about di evil tins wey una dey do.

24. No my pikin, no be beta tins pipo dey tok among Baba-God pipo. Una dey make Baba-God pipo commit sin.

25. If one man sin against anoda man, judge go judge am, but if man commit sin against Baba-God, who go epp am make peace wit Baba-God?” But hin sons no gree listen to wetin dia papa dey tok, becos na di will of Baba-God to kill dem.

26. And di boy Samuel kontinu to grow, and he con dey get favour from Baba-God plus men.

Prophecy Against Eli House

27. Now one man of God come meet Eli, con tell am sey, “Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis: ‘Abi I no show mysef to your ancestors house korokoro—wen dem dey for Egypt under Pharaoh?

28. I choose your papa out of all di tribes of Israel to be my priest, to serve for my altar, to burn incense, and to wear di priest-cloth as he dey serve me. Abi I no give your papa house all di offerings wey di pipo of Israel dey give wit faya?

29. Why you dey use my sacrifice and offerings take dey play—wey I tok sey make pipo dey give to my house? Why you dey respect your sons pass me by letting unasef turn to ororbor—wit di best part of all di sacrifices wey Israel my pipo dey give me?

30. “So Baba-God wey be di Oga of Israel, tok sey: ‘I bin promise sey your house and your papa house go serve for my altar forever.’ But now Baba-God tok sey, ‘Lai-lai, I go respect di pipo wey dey respect me, and those pipo wey do me anyhow, me sef go do dem anyhow.

31. Time dey come wen I go cut your pawa short, and di pawa of your papa house, sote no old man go dey for una family.

32. And you go face palava for inside my house—even though I go bless di whole of Israel. And old man no go ever dey inside your family.

33. Everi one of una wey I no cut komot from di altar—dia eyes to blind, dia hearts go feel pain, and di pikin-pikin-pikin of your house go die like fawo for young age.

34. “And wetin go happun to your two sons, Hophni plus Phinehas—go be sign to you—di two of dem go die on di same day.

35. I go raise loyal priest for mysef, wey go do tins based-on wetin dey for inside my heart and my mind. I go make hin house stand gidigbam, and he go be priests forever—for di kings wey I go anoint.

36. E go happun sey, everi pesin wey remain for inside your family pipo go come bow down for hin front to beg for one piece of silver plus small bread, con tok sey, “Abeg put me for any priest office so dat I go fit get food to chop.” ’


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