1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 20

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Jonathan Epp David Escape

  1. Naso David run from Naoith for Ramah, con go meet Jonathan, and he ask am sey, “Wetin I do? Which crime I commit? How I take do bad tin to your papa wey he dey try to kill me so?”
  2. Jonathan con ansa am sey, “Lai-lai, you no go die! See, my papa no dey do anytin big or small wey he no go first tell me. Why he go hide dis tin from me? No be so!”
  3. But David swear, con tok sey, “Your papa know well-well sey you dey favour me, and he don tell hinsef sey, ‘Jonathan must not know dis tin or he go feel sad.’ But as surely as Baba-God dey live and as you dey live, na only one step dey separate me from death.’ ”
  4. Jonathan con tell David sey, “I go do anytin wey you want make I do for you.”
  5. So David tell Jonathan sey, “Look, tomorrow na di new moon festival, and I suppose chop wit di king; but make I go hide for di fields until di evening of di day afta tomorrow.
  6. If your papa miss me at all, tell am sey, “David ask for my permission to rush go Bethlehem for hin home-town, becos he dey go one sacrifice wey dem dey do everi year for dia whole family.’
  7. If he tok sey, ‘No wahala,’ den your servant dey safe. But if he con dey vex, make you just dey sure sey he get bad plan for me.
  8. As for you, show good-heart to me, becos you don make agreement to be my padi for Baba-God eyes. But if I don do bad tin to your papa, den make you kill me by yoursef! Why you wan carry me go give your papa?”
  9. Jonathan con tok sey, “Lai-lai, if I get di smallest tinking sey my papa don zero hin mind to kill you, abi I for no tell you?”

Jonathan Plus David Make Agreement Again

10. So David tell Jonathan sey, “Who go con tell me? Or what if your papa ansa you wit vex?”

11. Jonathan con tell David sey, “Come, make we go out to di fields.” So dem go there togeda.

12. Naso Jonathan tell David sey, “Make Baba-God wey be di Oga of Israel be awa witness. By dis time tomorrow, or latest by di next day, I go follow my papa tok and I go let you know wetin he dey feel about you. I go tell you.

13. But if my papa don zero hin mind to wound you, make Baba-God deal wit me, con even kill—if I no let you know, con send you komot wit safety. Make Baba-God dey wit you as he don take dey wit my papa.

14. And no be only wen I dey alive you go show me di good-heart of Baba-God—so dat I go go die,

15. But make you no ever cut your good-heart komot from my family forever—no be even wen Baba-God don cut all David enemies from di face of di earth.

16. So Jonathan make agreement wit di house of David sey, “Make Baba-God punish all David enemies!”

17. Jonathan make David swear again, becos Jonathan love David like hinsef.

18. Naso Jonathan tell David sey, “Tomorrow na di New Moon Festival. Dem go miss you becos your chair go dey empty.

19. Wen you don stay for three days, dey go di place wey you been hide wen dis wahala start, and hide near di stone of Ezel.

20. I go shoot three arrows for e sides as if I dey shoot sometin wey I target.

21. Den I go send one boy, con tok sey, ‘Go fyne di arrows.’ If I tell am straight sey, ‘See, di arrows dey for dis side of you; bring dem here,’ den make you come, becos as surely as Baba-God dey live, you dey safe and danger no dey.

22. But if I tell di boy sey, ‘Look, di arrows dey for far-far,’ den make you dey go, becos Baba-God don send you komot.

23. And about di mata wey me and you tok about—remember, Baba-God na witness between me and you forever.”

24. So David hide for di field, and wen di New Moon Festival reach, di king sidon to chop.

25. He sidon for hin traditional position near di wall; naso Jonathan stand up, and Abner sidon near Saul, but David space con empty.

26. Saul no tok anytin dat day, becos he reason sey, “Sometin must don happun to David wey make am no clean, he no surely clean.

27. But di next day, di second day of di month, David chair con empty again. So Saul tell hin pikin Jonathan sey, “Why Jesse pikin neva come chop wit us—yesterday and today?”

28. Jonathan con ansa Saul, “David seriously ask me to let am to go Bethlehem.

29. He tok sey, ‘Abeg make I dey go, becos awa family dey do sacrifice for di city, and my broda don send message sey make I come. If you fit show me favour, allow me go see my brodas.’ Nahin make he no fit come follow di king chop.”

Saul Try To Kill Jonathan

30. Naso Saul start to dey vex for Jonathan, he con tell am sey, “You dis pikin of bend-bend ashawo woman! Abi you tink sey I no know sey you want make David take your place as king, to bring shame to yoursef and your mama?

31. As long as di son of Jesse dey alive for dis earth, you or your kingdom no go fit stand. Now send message make dem carry am come meet me, becos he must surely die!”

32. Jonathan con ask he papa sey, “Why you go kill am? Wetin he don do?”

33. But Saul throw hin long-sharp-weapon to am to kill am. Naso Jonathan con sabi sey hin papa true-true mean am to kill David.

34. So Jonathan stand up from di table wit serious vex; on dat second day of di month, he no gree chop, becos he dey feel sad for David, becos hin papa dey do David anyhow.

35. For morning, Jonathan komot go di fields, around di time wey he don set wit David. And he carry one small boy follow-body.

36. So he tell di boy sey, “Run, and make you go fyne di arrows wey I go shoot.” As di boy dey run, he con shoot one arrow far-far from am.

37. Wen di boy reach di place wey Jonathan arrow fall put, naso Jonathan shout to di boy, “No be di arrow dey for front so?”

38. Naso he con shout, “Do fast-fast! Go sharp-sharp! Make you no stop!” Di boy pick di arrows, con go back to meet hin oga.

39. But di boy no know anytin about dis; only Jonathan and David nahin know.

40. Naso Jonathan give hin weapons to di boy, con tell am sey, “Go. Carry dem back to di city.”

41. Afta di boy don komot, David stand up from di south side, for where he dey hide, and he bow down face ground—for Jonathan three times. Naso dem kiss each oda, con dey cry togeda—but David cry more-more.

42. So Jonathan tell David sey, “Make you dey go wit peace, becos we don use Baba-God name take swear to be padi, sey, ‘Baba-God na witness between you and me, and between your pikin-pikin-pikin and my pikin-pikin-pikin forever.’ ” Naso David komot, and Jonathan go back to di city.


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